Do Max and Elizabeth Wilder Get Together in New Amsterdam? Theories

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The fifth season of NBC’s medical seriesNew Amsterdam’ follows a new chapter of Dr. Max Goodwin’s life. He tries his best to deal with his and Dr. Helen Sharpe’s breakup after the latter stood him up at the altar without giving an explicit reason. Lauren Bloom, Floyd Reynolds, and Ignatius “Iggy” Frome take turn spending time with Max so that he will not be alone. But more than Lauren, Reynolds, and Iggy’s companionship, Dr. Elizabeth Wilder’s presence affects Max positively. Naturally, the admirers of the character may want to know about the prospects of their union. Well, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Max and Elizabeth Wilder Get Together?

Ever since Max and Helen’s breakup, Elizabeth tries her best to cheer the former up. Although she doesn’t always succeed, she manages to bring a sense of warmth and companionship to Max’s existence which gets severely affected by Helen’s separation. The fifth season depicts how Max and Elizabeth’s bond gets stronger and more significant. The medical director starts to learn sign language so that he can talk to her without anyone’s help. When Max knows about the severe pain Elizabeth suffers from, he manages to bring the best hand surgeon available in Manhattan to treat her. Even after the surgery, Max becomes her designated “hands” since she cannot use hers to communicate.

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The fourth episode of season 5 ends with Max and Elizabeth sharing a hug after the latter’s surgery. As they become intimate with each other through gestures of affection, their romantic union cannot be ruled out. Ryan Eggold, who plays Max, confirmed that the endearing bond between Max and Elizabeth isn’t a superficial detail. “When she [Elizabeth] first met Max, I think there was a real closeness there immediately,” Eggold told NBC Insider. However, even while revealing the existence of a connection between the two characters, the actor is unable to reveal whether they will unite.

“I think they have a real connection, and I’ve had an absolute blast playing these scenes. Where that goes, I truthfully don’t know and I’m excited to see it,” Eggold added. Since Helen has started to move on from Max, forcing him to do the same, the latter’s union with Elizabeth is possible. The hug they share in the fourth episode of season 5 shows how they are breaking the walls between them to get closer and be more intimate. As he moves on from his wife Georgia Goodwin’s death to be with Helen, Max may be able to move on from Helen’s separation outrightly to build a new relationship with Elizabeth.

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Max starts to nurture a bond with Helen when he deals with one of the toughest phases of his life in the form of his cancer treatment. He may repeat the pattern to build a relationship with Elizabeth as he deals with another unbearable period of his life. As far as Elizabeth is concerned, she may gladly welcome Max into her life. Elizabeth displays a certain sort of vulnerability while she spends time with Max. She even changes her decision to not move forward with her impending surgery when Max proposes the need for it. She accepts bandages on both of her hands because she knows that Max will be there for her.

Such a display of vulnerability and trust indicates that Elizabeth may not think twice about accepting Max as her partner. Thus, we believe that Max and Elizabeth may get together in ‘New Amsterdam.’

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