Do Max and Wilder Break Up or End Up Together in New Amsterdam? Theories

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NBC’s medical seriesNew Amsterdam’ revolves around Max Goodwin, who arrives in New Amsterdam as the medical director of the same to implement reforms and regulations that make the establishment one of the best medical institutions in the country. In the fifth season and series finale episode, Max decides to leave New Amsterdam since his “mission” to transform the hospital completes with flying colors. He decides to leave for Geneva, Switzerland, to be a part of the World Health Organization (WHO) with his daughter Luna.

As Max departs, he hands over the reins of the hospital to his partner Elizabeth Wilder. Although Max and Wilder discuss the future of their togetherness, they do not reach a conclusion regarding the same on-screen. So, does that mean they are breaking up or staying together? Let us clear your doubts and concerns regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Max and Wilder Break Up or End Up Together?

After deciding to leave for Geneva, Max meets Wilder and hands over the medical director position to her. When Wilder says to him that he cannot go for good from New Amsterdam, he replies that if he will come back, it will be for her. He also expresses how he is hopeful that Wilder will be waiting for him as well. As far as the possibility of a long-distance relationship is concerned, Max and Wilder do not discuss the same on-screen. Does that mean they are breaking up for good? The writers of ‘New Amsterdam’ have conceived what really happens to the couple or what their decision is concerning their togetherness but they want the viewers to be in the dark about the same.

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“We definitely made a decision about what happens between them [Max and Wilder] and then we cut it out of the show,” creator David Schulner told TVLine. Schulner and his team want the viewers to fill the gap with their own interpretations. “The audience is left with wanting to know, [and] the audience is left with, ‘I’m saying they stick to together,’ or, ‘Dammit, Max, why did you do that? But I understand you want to be with Luna.’ The audience gets to participate in a way that they wouldn’t have had… We made one small trim and it kind of opened up a new door for us, which is great,” he added.

Although the series doesn’t offer an explicit answer concerning Max and Wilder’s togetherness, there are enough reasons to believe that they may remain together. Leaving for Geneva is a hard decision Max makes to prioritize spending time with his daughter Luna. He doesn’t have any other reason to part ways with Wilder, which may lead them to a long-distance relationship. Over the years, Wilder hasn’t encouraged many people even as a casual date since she wants someone who is extremely committed to her. In Max, she finds the same and if there is a way she can remain in their relationship, she most likely will choose such a relationship over separation.

In addition, Max is someone who has uprooted himself from his home country to move to London for the sake of Helen. Such a person may not mind traveling to New York frequently if it means he can continue sharing his life with Wilder. He has proven that the last thing that can come between him and his partner is the distance between them. If Max can make arrangements to frequently meet Wilder, it is unlikely that they may choose to break up over staying together.

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Furthermore, as a member of WHO, Max may not be working in Geneva for good. Considering his expertise in the American medical system, the WHO may want him in the United States to boost the organization’s activities in the country. If that’s the case, the chances of Wilder and Max staying together are indeed high. Since Max acknowledges how “perfect” they are as a couple in the twelfth episode of the fifth season, it is safe to assume that they will only consider breaking up as the last resort. If his stay away from the US will not lead him back to Helen Sharpe, he may share his future with Wilder.

Since the series has concluded its run with the fifth season, the viewers must be wondering whether we will ever get to know about Max and Wilder’s decision. As far as Schulner is concerned, never say never. “‘Criminal Minds’ was canceled and then rebooted two years later. In our reboot, we will give you that answer,” he told EW when asked whether Max choose to end up with Wilder.

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