Do Miguel And Yasmin End Up Together In Summer Heat?

With Ricardo Tiezzi, Michel Carvalho, Ana Pacheco, and Natalia Piserni at the helm of development, Portuguese-original coming-of-age teen romance telenovela ‘Summer Heat’ (Original title: ‘Temporada de Verão’) is eye-candy in more than one way. Six strangers come at a crossroads when the heated summer season descends upon the Maresias Hotel on Shell Island. With feelings, identities, and secrets coming into daylight, the story muddies, all for a bittersweet finale. However, what happens to the duo of Maresia and Yasmin? Also, where does Maresia fall in the spectrum? Let us find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Miguel And Yasmin End Up Together?

Miguel and Yasmin have had unmistakable spark since the beginning of the series. In retrospect, they seem perfect for each other. Yasmin is a city girl who takes on the job of Maresias Hotel to confront Maresia, her biological father. Her social media activism almost makes her leave the position on the third day. But Maresia manages to get her back on board as he accepts Yasmin as his daughter. Yasmin initially opposes her father since she thinks of him as a land-usurping capitalist evil.

Yasmin soon realizes her mistakes when she gets to know how much Maresia cares for the locals. The prime example of Maresia’s generosity is Miguel. To help out Miguel, who is poor of fortune and has an ailing father, Maresia has kept him on duty. As the month progresses, the employees start getting familiar with each other. Activist Yasmin is naturally attracted to the grounded atheist of Miguel, but the presence of Conrado complicates the situation.

While Yasmin reattaches with her old flame Chai after a chance encounter, Conrado has dreams of kissing Miguel and being thrown off a cliff. While Conrado has a crush on Miguel, Miguel thinks Conrado is inclined to Yasmin. Meanwhile, Miguel gives Conrado the power to speak up for himself, and Conrado gifts Miguel a rekindled belief in God. When Conrado comes out of the closet and attempts to kiss Miguel for real, Miguel gets awkward — despite his metrosexuality, Miguel is primarily straight.

The situation takes a turn for the worse when Conrado discovers Miguel and Yasmin kissing in the background of Rodrigo’s live social media feed. When they wake up the following morning with a hangover and a bad rep, Maresia seeks to terminate Miguel from the job. To Maresia’s dismay, good boy Conrado leaves the job, keeping the window open for the couple without making it too awkward for the rest.

Boosted by spirited words from Yasmin, Conrado leaves for home, but he comes back at the end. On the other hand, Miguel and Yasmin start having their own rifts. Yasmin’s relationship with hometown boy Chai looks pretty solid since she goes to the extent of faking her liking for whales to get a signal on her phone. She takes the trouble to text her boyfriend, whom she meets by the jetty towards the end of the season.

Miguel catches Yasmin and Chai making out and has a panic attack. Yasmin also gets a happenstance chance at surfing when Maresia showcases her skills to a sponsor. Yasmin has more ambitions than Miguel, and when she sees Miguel through the lens of a city girl, he only becomes a fascinating subject for her. Miguel and Yasmin have a brawl, but they make amends in the end. When Yasmin leaves for her college years, she takes the fond memories of Miguel and the idyllic family along with her. Most importantly, both keep the dreams burning and the struggle alive.

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