Does Lil Murda Die in P-Valley? Theories

The second half of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ season 2 follows a tumultuous phase of Lil Murda’s life. He struggles to cope with the death of Big Teak, his former lover and constant companion. Even though Uncle Clifford offers her lover comfort and shelter to cope with the death of Big Teak, the rapper takes time to recover from the shock of the same. Meanwhile, Pico and his gang claim to have killed Big Teak, infuriating Lil Murda. Pico’s actions pave the way for tragic consequences and those consequences end up threatening Lil Murda’s life. So, does the rapper die in the series? Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Lil Murda Die?

When Big Teak kills himself, Pico and his gang find it as an opportunity to proclaim their superiority over Big Teak and Lil Murda’s gang the Hurt Village Hustlas by creating a false narrative that they killed Big Teak. The claim infuriates the members of HVH as they get ready to bid farewell to their “brother for life.” Lil Murda sees Pico’s claim as disrespect towards his former lover and companion. As someone who has witnessed Big Teak’s emotional distress and suicide by sitting right beside him, he fails to tolerate Pico’s actions. Thus, he kills Pico even though the latter begs for his life.

Although Lil Murda kills Pico without revealing his identity to anyone, Pico’s fellow gang members do not take much time to deduce that Lil Murda killed their brother. While Lil Murda performs with Tina Snow on the re-opening night of The Pynk, Pico’s gang members arrive at the place and fight with the local gang. They target Lil Murda for killing Pico, infuriating the rapper, who hasn’t yet gotten over the anger of seeing Pico and his fellow gang members disrespecting Big Teak. Realizing that her lover’s life is under threat, Uncle Clifford intervenes and prevents Lil Murda from getting into the fight and possibly getting killed by Pico’s gang members.

Lil Murda killing Pico has paved the way for a gang war between the HVH and Pico’s gang. Pico’s gang members, by targeting Lil Murda in the ninth episode of season 2, make it clear that they want to exact vengeance on the rapper by killing him. Even though they may try their best to put an end to Lil Murda’s life, we may see the rapper surviving the same. Uncle Clifford may succeed in protecting her lover from Pico’s gang members. After Big Teak’s death, the Hurt Village Hustlas may not want the death of another member. Thus, we can expect them to shield Lil Murda from Pico’s gang members as well.

More than threatening his life, the gang war between the HVH and Pico’s gang members may change Lil Murda’s life and approach to his art. In an interview given in June 2022, creator Katori Hall revealed that Lil Murda’s final song of the season is the result of the rapper questioning hypermasculinity. The masculine war between the gang members, that includes himself, may inspire him to question the hypermasculinity present in himself and the men around him. Lil Murda takes revenge on Pico without caring about Pico’s wife and son, who have become victims of the rapper’s display of masculine superiority.

As the gang war that threatens Lil Murda’s life continues to threaten the lives of the wives and children of many members, he may realize his mistake and express the same through a song.

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