Is Pico Dead? Did Zachariah Rogers Leave P-Valley?

In Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley,’ rapper Lil Murda and his companion Big Teak are part of a gang named the Hurt Village Hustlas. The gang has an immense history of having troubles with other gangs in the region as well. In the third episode of the second season, Big Teak even engages in a little fight with Pico and his gang when the latter teases him and the rapper. When Big Teak kills himself, Pico emerges with a disrespectful act that ends up threatening his own life. Naturally, the viewers must be wondering whether he is dead for good. Well, let us provide the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Pico Dead?

Yes, Pico is dead. When Big Teak kills himself by shooting at his head, Pico and his gang take it as an opportunity to proclaim their supposed superiority over the Hurt Village Hustlas using a lie. They release a video saying that they had killed Big Teak to project their gang as mighty as well. During the funeral of Big Teak, a few members of the Hurt Village Hustlas shows the video to Lil Murda, who gets enraged to see Pico disrespecting their gang and most importantly, Big Teak. He sets out to exact vengeance on Pico.

Lil Murda confronts Pico concerning the latter’s claim that he killed Big Teak. Pico apologizes for what he had done and requests Lil Murda to not kill him. He tries to influence the rapper by talking about how his family needs him but Lil Murda doesn’t care about the same. He repeatedly shoots at Pico to ensure his death. Lil Murda kills Pico for disrespecting his former lover and expresses his anger and sadness concerning his companion’s death as rage against Pico. After killing Pico, the rapper walks away before anyone could catch him.

As Pico’s death is confirmed, the viewers must be wondering whether they have seen the last of Zachariah Rogers in the show. Well, let us share what we know.

Did Zachariah Rogers Leave P-Valley?

Even though neither Starz nor Zachariah Rogers has announced the actor’s departure from ‘P-Valley,’ the death of Pico indicates that Rogers’ time in the show had most likely come to an end. Pico’s death seemingly concludes the story arc of the character, without leaving much scope for the actor to continue featuring in the show. Considering the unlikeliness of flashback scenes featuring Pico, we believe that Zachariah Rogers did most likely leave ‘P-Valley.’ In the upcoming episodes of the second season, we may see the consequences of Pico’s death as the potential conflicts that arise between his and Lil Murda’s gangs.

Through Pico, creator Katori Hall has been able to portray the tensions that arise between gangs and their consequences. Although Zachariah Rogers’ time in the show most likely had ended, we can look forward to seeing his performance in the upcoming TV movie ‘In Living Horror.’

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