Does Lila Die in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)? [Spoilers]

Directed by David Blue Garcia, Netflix’s slasher film ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ centers around Melody and Dante, two entrepreneurs who arrive at a Texan ghost town named Harlow with Melody’s sister, Lila, and Ruth. The four outsiders’ arrival reawakens Leatherface, the brutal mass murderer. When Leatherface regains his chainsaw for a murder spree, Lila confronts the monstrosity of the cannibalistic killer. She comes in between Leatherface and the life of her sister Melody, which is chased by the former’s blood-stained chainsaw. If you are curious about Lila’s fate, we have got you covered! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Lila Die?

No, Lila does not die in ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ When Melody gets stuck in the orphanage, unable to leave due to Leatherface, Lila starts to look for her sister. She finds her in the basement of the orphanage and drags her out. However, Lila’s actions to save Melody lead Leatherface to spot her as well. Upon escaping from the bus, Lila and Melody encounter Sally, who jeopardizes the sisters’ safety for her vengeance. When Leatherface leaves Sally to die upon seriously injuring her, the ranger woman asks Lila to kill Leatherface with her gun to not let him haunt her.

Lila, an activist who advocates against the use of guns, is forced to pick up the shotgun to kill Leatherface. She chases him into an establishment with the gun and tries her best to kill the cannibal, only to fail. Leatherface overpowers her with his physique and drags her into a water pool to kill her. Lila miraculously escapes from drowning and defends herself from the strength and viciousness of Leatherface. She tries to get a hold of the gun but fails to do so.

As Leatherface walks to Lila to kill her, Melody arrives unexpectedly and uses Leatherface’s chainsaw to kill him. The sisters leave him in the pool to die and get into their car; he comes back and drags Melody out of the car and kills her. Lila can only look at her sister’s decapitated head helplessly as the car moves forward.

Lila sees Leatherface — holding Melody’s decapitated head in anger — while also being disappointed at leaving Lila alive. Like Sally, the sole survivor of Leatherface’s killing spree in 1973, Lila is forced to witness the death of her loved ones. Although she leaves Harlow alive, she carries the trauma of Leatherface’s murderous wrath in her. Lila, who survived a school shooting, confronts the enigma of using a gun as she comes across a homicidal maniac in Leatherface.

The trauma of witnessing her friends die in the shooting and her anti-gun advocacy make Lila hesitant to pick up the gun. However, she realizes the inevitability of killing Leatherface and accepts Sally’s gun when the latter offers it to her. As Lila leaves Harlow without killing Leatherface, she may face the traumas of her sister and friends’ deaths along with the rage of leaving their killer alive.

Lila’s escape from Harlow alive doesn’t necessarily mean that she escapes Leatherface. The memory of the murderer may haunt Lila for years like it haunted Sally until her presumed death. If that’s the case, she may be forced to pick up the gun once again to exact vengeance on her sister’s killer.

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