Does Melody Die in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)? [Spoilers]

Netflix’s slasher film ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ follows Melody and Dante, two entrepreneurs who arrive at Harlow, a Texan ghost town, to renovate and sell the establishments of the town with their friends and investors. Upon their arrival, Melody and Dante argue with Virginia, an orphanage owner, about the ownership of her establishment.

In between the arguments, Virginia suffers from a heart attack and eventually dies, reawakening the murderous wrath of Leatherface. Melody, along with her sister Lila, comes across Leatherface and his terrifying chainsaw. As the film ends astoundingly, one must be perplexed about Melody’s fate. So, does Melody die or stay alive? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Melody Die?

Yes, Melody dies in ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ When Ruth informs Melody that Virginia died, she starts to feel guilty about her arguments. She goes to the orphanage building with Dante to find out whether the establishment is the old woman’s. By the time she finds the deed, Leatherface returns and kills Dante. Melody tries her best to hide from Leatherface but the cannibal eventually sees and attempts to kill her with his chainsaw. When Melody gets trapped in the basement, Leatherface tries to kill her with his chainsaw through the floors.

Lila’s timely intervention saves Melody from the basement of the orphanage building and Leatherface’s chainsaw. The sisters’ attempt to escape from Harlow using Sally’s truck fails due to an accident and Melody gets injured. She asks Lila to leave and tries to distract Leatherface to buy time for her sister. But Lila does the opposite and tricks Leatherface to attack her to save Melody. When the mass murderer succeeds in overpowering Lila to kill her, Melody arrives unexpectedly and injures Leatherface with his own chainsaw.

The sisters leave him in a water pool to die. Although injured, Leatherface comes back alive from the pool and captures Melody as the sisters’ car moves forward. He decapitates Melody and hangs her head in one hand for Lila to see. With Melody’s death, Leatherface’s vengeance on people who pave the way for his caretaker Virginia’s death gets completed. Upon asking Lila to leave, Melody accepts death and sacrifices herself for her sister.

Melody apologizes to Leatherface upon realizing she has played a part in Virginia’s heart attack and eventual death. Such a pang of guilt makes it easier for Melody to face Leatherface. Lila, however, saves Melody by distracting the killer. Upon escaping from death once, Melody makes her second chance at life count by saving Lila. When Leatherface approaches Lila to kill her, Melody intervenes with a chainsaw and injures him.

However, Melody’s failure to injure him fatally allows Leatherface to return and kill her. Even though Melody mentally prepares for dying, her death happens in the most unexpected time. On the brink of her journey back, she becomes Leatherface’s victim, seconds before her car moves away from Harlow. Melody’s death provides closure for Leatherface with regard to the death of Virginia. On the other hand, Melanie’s decapitated body may start to haunt Lila as she is forced to see her sister’s death helplessly.

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