Does Sally Die in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)? [Spoilers]

David Blue Garcia’s Netflix slasher film ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ revolves around the reawakening of Leatherface, the cannibalistic mass murderer who terrified the state of Texas with his gruesome murders and human skin mask. Garcia’s film, the ninth film of the franchise, also follows Sally Hardesty, the sole survivor of Leatherface’s killing spree in 1974.

When Sally comes to know that the murderer who killed her brother and friends has returned, she commences to track him down. Sally’s long wait to face Leatherface ends when she confronts him with a shotgun. However, her fate takes a wild turn upon her much-awaited meeting with him. If you are curious about the result of Sally’s confrontation with Leatherface, we have got you covered! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Sally Die?

Sally presumably dies. When Sally comes to know that unusual events are occurring in Harlow, she leaves her abode to find out what’s happening in the ghost town. She comes across the police officials and Virginia’s dead bodies. When she realizes that the facial skin of Virginia is peeled off, she understands that Leatherface has returned. She goes to Harlow and gets welcomed by Lila and Melody, who try to escape from the mass murderer. Rather than helping the two women, Sally jeopardizes their safety to exact vengeance on Leatherface. She confronts him with a shotgun and asks him whether he remembers her.

Even though Sally holds Leatherface at gunpoint to kill him, the traumas and memories of her past weaken her mind. She gets stuck and watches him walk away from her. Sally realizes the gravity of the situation only when she sees Leatherface attacking Lila and Melody and tries to shoot him dead. However, the murderer cunningly relishes his second chance at killing Sally. He stabs Sally with his chainsaw and holds her in the air with his favorite weapon running. After bathing in her blood, Leatherface throws her into a garbage pile and leaves her there to die.

On the brink of death, Sally tries to kill him with her gun one last time, but she fails to send him to hell. Upon realizing that there isn’t anything she can do anymore to kill Leatherface, she asks Lila to take the gun and kill him. She convinces Lila that she cannot escape from Leatherface or the trauma he inflicted on her if she survives without killing him. Sally presents herself as the best example to make Lila understand that the only way to overcome Leatherface and the trauma she will suffer is to kill him.

Sally asks Lila to not live a life immersed in survivor’s guilt and disappointment. She passes her gun to Lila before accepting the death in front of her. Although Sally’s death is not explicitly shown, the severity of her injury and the improbability of anyone saving her make it evident that she dies. After years of waiting, Sally tries her best to see the end of Leatherface. However, the human monster’s strength and monstrosity defeat her and leave her to die. Even though she fails to kill him, she does her best to lead Lila to another pathway, only for Lila to become “the next Sally Hardesty.”

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