Does Lisbon (Raquel Murillo) Die in Money Heist Season 5 Part 2?

Of all the characters in ‘Money Heist,’ Raquel Murillo perhaps experienced the most drastic transition throughout the seasons. She begins as an inspector of the National Police Corps, handling the Royal Mint heist case. At the end of season 2, she leaves the force, finds the Professor in Palawan Island, Philippines, and enters a relationship with him.

In season 3, after Rio is taken, Raquel becomes an active member of the crew under the alias Lisbon. She later gets captured and then released and eventually ends up inside the Bank of Spain. When Tokyo dies, Lisbon isn’t that far from her. If you are wondering whether Lisbon survives in ‘Money Heist’ season 5 part 2, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Lisbon (Raquel Murillo) Die in Money Heist?

No, Lisbon doesn’t die in ‘Money Heist’ season 5 part 2. In the final scene of the series, she is shown to be flying out of the country on a helicopter along with the others. Part 2 of the fifth season picks up where the first ended. She and the others of the bank crew barely have the time to grieve for Tokyo when they realize that Sagasta and some members of his unit are still alive. As she and Palermo negotiate for their surrender, Rio arrives with a rocket launcher, intending to blow the soldiers to kingdom come. However, Lisbon disarms him and helps him calm down.

With the Professor busy correcting his own errors, Lisbon leads the bank crew with Palermo’s help. Everything initially goes smoothly on their part. The 90 tons of gold are melted and then turned into gravel-like pieces before being transported through miles of pipes to the stormwater tank. But then, the Professor makes a grave mistake, erroneously believing a rival crew to be police, and hands the gold over to them. When they finally discover what has happened, the Professor can only blame himself. He, Lisbon, and Palermo quickly and correctly deduce who are responsible — Rafael and Tatiana.

Lisbon reminds the Professor that he likes to talk about the plan in bed. Berlin most likely did the same and told Tatiana, his then-wife, who told Rafael, Berlin’s son and her current lover. Right after they have figured this out, a member of Sagasta’s unit deactivates all the explosives placed on the entrances and lets the military and police in. All members of the bank crew are subsequently apprehended, including Lisbon.

When the Professor arrives, Tamayo tries everything to force him to reveal the location of the gold. But nothing works, as even the Professor doesn’t know it at this time. After Tamayo agrees to the Professor’s terms, it is revealed that there is a part of the plan that even Lisbon didn’t know. The Professor gives brass ingots back to the government instead of gold ones, and they have no choice but to accept it, knowing that Spain avoided a financial crisis when the world saw ingots arriving at the bank.

As with the rest of the crew except Denver, Lisbon’s death is faked, and she is given a fake passport. Earlier, Sergio proposed to her, and she accepted. The series ends as they fly towards their new lives and complete freedom with their friends.

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