Does Max End Up With Aki and Audrey in Gossip Girl?

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Gossip Girl‘ reboot carries forward the legacy of its predecessor by introducing some complicated interpersonal relationships between its main characters. In the first season of the show, good friends Max, Aki, and Audrey find themselves mulling over their feelings for each other. Aki’s exploration of his sexuality opens the door for a very unconventional yet rewarding relationship for the trio. However, there’s plenty of obstacles in their path to forming a real throuple. If you are wondering whether Aki, Audrey, and Max overcome these difficulties, here’s everything you need to know about the trio’s fate in ‘Gossip Girl’ season 1! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happened Between Max, Aki, and Audrey?

In the early episodes of ‘Gossip Girl,’ Max pursues Audrey and Aki individually despite the fact that the two have been dating and in a steady relationship for a long time. However, there is something missing from the couple’s relationship, and the two realize that they are also attracted to Max. Sexual tension begins to rise between the trio, but Max instead hooks up with his teacher, Rafa.

Image Credit: Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Later, Audrey’s mom is hospitalized due to an overdose. Max and Aki help Audrey through this difficult phase. After her mom recovers, Audrey plans a thank you dinner for Aki and Max, leading to a threesome between them. However, soon Max finds himself isolated while Aki and Audrey try to be in an open relationship. Drama at Max’s home leads the teenager on a downward spiral, and he distances himself from his friends.

Does Max End Up With Aki and Audrey?

In the eleventh episode of season 1, Aki and Audrey seek couple’s therapy to find out what is missing from their relationship. However, after some soul searching, the two realize that they do not need a third person in their relationship other than Max. However, when they express their feelings to Max, he tells them off and cuts the couple out of his life.

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After learning of Max’s parents’ divorce, Audrey realizes that Max must be in a bad place. She convinces him to come to Aki’s dad’s house for their traditional New Year’s party. During their stay at the luxurious house, Aki and Audrey put the moves on Max, but he is disinterested. He explains that he wants a real relationship with them, not just a hookup. Moreover, his parents’ divorce has made Max question whether relationships are worth a shot. He also feels he has more to lose if things do not work out between them.

Considering all of Max’s feelings and their romantic feelings, Aki and Audrey offer to break up with each other if the three of them cannot make things work. Thus, by putting their own relationship on the line, Aki and Audrey convince Max to be in a three-way relationship with them. In the end, Max commits to Aki and Audrey while all three of them have agreed to be equals. However, given Max’s emotionally volatile nature and lack of experience in serious relationships, things could go down very fast for the trio in season 2.

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