Does Omar Navarro Die in Ozark Season 4?

Ozark‘ season 4 feels like a slippery slope, with all the intricate structures and multiple moving parts assembled by the Byrdes in the previous three chapters beginning to collapse into each other. The couple has reached new heights of power (and notoriety) and is now attempting to forge an immunity deal for their cartel-leader boss, Omar Navarro. This also means that Wendy and Marty finally have a real chance of getting out of the cartel.

However, they’re not out yet and things are quickly beginning to go sideways. Everything rests on Navarro’s successful immunity deal and the Byrdes have to time their escape perfectly. Only, what happens if the cartel boss himself is killed? For all his vicious cartel power, Navarro is in a precarious position. Season 4 has some shocking deaths of long-running characters. Does Omar Navarro also make the list? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Omar Navarro Die?

Omar Navarro, the head of the Navarro Cartel, has pulled the puppet strings since the beginning of the show and remains in the shadows (though ominously present) for the first two seasons. It seems as if Navarro’s vulnerability is directly proportional to the amount of screen time he gets. When a brutal cartel war threatens him and his entire enterprise in season 3, we begin to see more of the cartel boss.

By season 4, Navarro’s is a frequently seen face on the show. Fittingly, he also becomes aware that his ambitious and violent nephew is waiting to overthrow him. However, what really puts Marty’s boss’ life in danger is the potential deal with the FBI. In order to prove his worth to the federal agents, Navarro secretly begins to divulge details of his operation, leading to the capture of multiple gun and cash shipments. As anyone who’s ever seen a mafia movie will know, what Navarro is doing — despite being the cartel boss — will invite instant death from his gang members were they to find out he’s colluding with the FBI.

In case you thought Navarro’s death might be a good thing for the Byrdes, it’s worth remembering that the cartel boss is the only one standing between our favorite criminal family and the murderous Javi, who can’t wait to kill Marty. Navarro, though vicious himself, is also a shrewd businessman who understands the value of the Byrdes and has shielded them from death on multiple occasions. If Navarro dies, any semblance of his protection also disappears and Javi will become the first in a long line of ruthless criminals waiting to confront Marty and Wendy.

Till the end of season 4 part 1 (episode 7), Omar Navarro is still alive. Arrested by FBI Agent Maya Miller, he finds himself in custody and has given the Byrdes forty-eight hours to get him out. Just how important Navarro is for safety becomes abundantly clear when Marty finds himself staring at the business end of Javi’s gun moments after the cartel boss is arrested. Though it is unlikely he will be killed while in custody, Navarro will be in more danger than ever if and when he is released, mainly because suspicions about his collusion with the FBI are growing. Javi remains the biggest threat to Navarro and the Byrdes, and the impulsively violent nephew of the cartel head desperately needs to be reeled in. Fortunately, Ruth has Javi in her crosshairs, and the young Langmore might just end up (indirectly) saving Navarro’s life.

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