Does Red Notice Have a Mid-Credits or End-Credits Scene?

In today’s world of franchise filmmaking, mid and post-credits scenes have become a vehicle for the filmmakers to let the audience know that even though the film has come to an end, the story will continue. ‘Red Notice’ stars Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds, three of the biggest franchise megastars, and tells an extremely entertaining heist story filled with action, adventure, and plot twists. If this has made you wonder whether ‘Red Notice’ has a mid-credits or post-credit scene, this is what you need to know.

Does Red Notice Have a Mid-Credits or Post-Credits Scene?

No, ‘Red Notice’ has neither a mid-credits nor a post-credits scene. While the film seems to exhibit some sequel aspirations, they are limited to the post-climactic scenes. The Bishop (Gadot), Hartley (Johnson), and Booth (Reynolds) escape with the third egg of Cleopatra from Interpol inspector Urvashi Das (Ritu Arya). Booth thinks that the FBI profiler Hartley will now arrest the Bishop, and he will finally become the best art thief in the world. However, much to his surprise, Hartley kisses the Bishop, revealing that they are partners. The Bishop is actually a team of two, and the real name of the character that Gadot portrays is Sarah Black.

It was a long and intricate con job for Hartley and Black. To fool someone from their own line of work was not an easy task, but they masterfully managed it. Hartley convinced Booth that he was nothing but a tenacious lawman whose sole objective in life is to catch criminals. And we, the audience, don’t question this assumption because we are accustomed to seeing Johnson in similar roles. So, when the big reveal comes, we are as surprised as Reynold’s character.

Before Black and Hartley depart, they leave Booth handcuffed to a tree for Das. The film could have ended there, but that would have been quite an unbalanced conclusion to this seemingly three-way cat-and-mouse game. As the Bishop duo proceeds to deliver the three eggs to the Egyptian billionaire and then double-cross him, Booth escapes from custody, finds the presumably secure Cayman Island account where Black and Hartley have stored the $300 million they got for the eggs and gives its details to Das.

As Black and Hartley celebrate their victory on a yacht off the shores of Sardinia, Booth appears and announces what he has done. When Hartley checks the account, he discovers that there is nothing there. Although Booth ultimately emerges as the winner, none of them has anything to show for it. Booth then proposes that they work together in the next score, which he declares will have “double the payout, triple the challenge.”

Hartley wants nothing to do with Booth, but even Black has realized that the two men work exceptionally well together. She convinces Hartley, and the two of them agree to Booth’s terms. When Das and her agents finally reach the boat to arrest Black and Hartley, they find it empty. Das subsequently issues Red Notices on all three of them. Hartley, Booth, and Black are seen in Paris in the ending sequence, walking together toward the Louvre Museum, presumably their next target.

While ‘Red Notice’ doesn’t have an end-credits scene, as the credits finished rolling, the Bishop/Sarah Black’s voice is heard, asking the (likely the audience) not to miss her too much. She said the same thing earlier to Booth and Hartley before leaving them in the Russian. This is a fun way to end the film, and it fits perfectly with its tone.

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