Does Robot Die in Lost in Space Season 3?

‘Lost in Space’ season 3 brings us the explosive conclusion to the years-long adventure of a group of human space explorers. As they brace for a final showdown against the Alien Robots, the human settlers are helped by one of the robot species’ own members. Simply named “Robot,” the loyal sentient machine has been a constant companion to Will since the beginning and now stands against his own in support of his human “family.” He has sacrificed himself in the past to save the Robinson family, only to be rescued. But does Robot end up paying the ultimate price in ‘Lost in Space’ season 3? Let’s take a look at the fate of this intriguing being. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Robot Die?

In season 2, we see Robot jump out of a spaceship while battling SAR, allowing the Robinson family to escape. Ever since he and Will first meet, the two characters share a penchant for sacrificing themself for the other. In fact, the initial connection between Will and Robot is formed in season 1 when the former tries to sacrifice himself to save the latter, only to have Robot then repay the favor almost instantly. Thus, Robot shares Will’s dangerous inclinations to frequently take on life-threatening missions.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, Robot does sacrifice himself for Will at the end of season 3 and technically dies. After an unsuccessful attempt to convince his fellow Robots to join the human cause, Robot forms a protective shield around Will and exposes himself to lightning, which disintegrates his metallic form. Will also mourns the loss of his close friend but realizes that the Robot has fixed his failing mechanical heart in his dying moments.

At this point, with his body destroyed, Robot can be considered dead. However, as is later revealed, a part of his consciousness remains alive in the piece he puts into Will’s heart. When SAR subsequently stabs the young boy in the chest, the piece of metal protects him, and Robot’s consciousness travels through the weapon and into the murderous Alien Robot, taking over its body. Thus, it is a subtle but masterful plot turn — Robot’s sacrifice is also his revenge plan — and SAR’s body essentially becomes Robot’s new body.

Thus, Robot survives in the end, as do most of the members of his species that are eventually able to shed their programming with the help of the human colonists. For a time, many of the other characters also have their own Robot companion (like the one Penny christens Sally). However, now aware of their free will, most of the Alien Robots leave to make a new life for themselves, while Robot stays back with Will, and the two are last seen exploring undiscovered planets in the galaxy.

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