Does Saul Goodman Die in Better Call Saul? Theories

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Created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, ‘Better Call Saul’ is a riveting tale of how seemingly mild-mannered Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) becomes Saul Goodman, the sleazy lawyer for the criminals from ‘Breaking Bad,’ of which ‘Better Call Saul’ is a prequel and a spin-off. The series also depicts what happens to Jimmy/Saul in the post-Breaking Bad era. Long away from his former stomping ground in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jimmy leads a miserable existence as Gene Takavic, a Cinnabon store manager in Omaha, Nebraska. As ‘Better Call Saul’ races toward its ending, its timeline overlaps with that of ‘Breaking Bad,’ and one of the most prevalent questions that come forth is the fate of the main protagonist, Saul Goodman. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Will Saul Goodman Die?

Saul Goodman has led a life almost parallel to that of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the protagonist of ‘Breaking Bad,’ up until a certain point. What is Jimmy’s gradual transition into Saul Goodman, if not another example of breaking bad? However Jimmy always had Saul Goodman within him. As the series progresses, driven both by his circumstances and needs, he embraces the alter ego. In the penultimate episode of the series, titled ‘Waterworks,’ Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) returns to Albuquerque to sign the divorce papers and discovers what Jimmy has turned into.

This episode also makes a startling revelation. Caught outside Saul’s office due to the heavy rain, Kim meets Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). It turns out that Jesse knows Kim from before. She actually helped one of his friends after they stole a Jesus statue from a nativity scene. Jesse is now at Saul’s office with Emilio Koyama, Jesse’s original partner in the meth business, whose body Walt and Jesse dissolved using hydrofluoric acid in the first season of ‘Breaking Bad.’ When Jesse asks Kim whether Saul is a good lawyer, she says that he was when she knew him, effectively creating a sense of reliability for Saul in Jesse’s mind. One can even argue that she plays an accidental role in Saul’s downfall.

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If we have been hoping for a modicum of happiness for Saul at the end of ‘Better Call Saul,’ it seems that the show has veered away from that for good. What we are heading towards now will probably be the complete undoing of Saul Goodman. It remains to be seen whether that will include the death of the character, but it is definitely a legitimate possibility. After hiding away for years in Omaha and ignoring those urges of criminality, Gene is forced to become Saul again after he is recognized by Jeff, a local taxi driver who saw his ads. And then, he learns from his former secretary, Francesca, that all the money he had stashed away in various locations is gone. The authorities have found most of it. This prompts Saul to emerge completely from deep within Gene, and he begins committing a series of identity thefts on wealthy financiers. Eventually, Jeff is caught by the police, and Jeff’s mother, Marion, discovers Sauk’s real identity and tells the authorities. As the penultimate episode ends, Jimmy/Saul/Gene is once more on the run.

After her explosive phone call with Saul, Kim returns to Albuquerque in search of redemption. She visits the court and gives an affidavit of her confession of what happened to Howard Hamelin before visiting Howard’s wife Cheryl and giving her a copy of the aforementioned affidavit. She also tells Cheryl that it is unlikely that she will be prosecuted, as Saul, the sole witness of the incident, is still on the run. As she goes back to Florida, Kim breaks down, the enormity of her actions finally overwhelming her.

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Unfortunately, Saul might not get the chance to do the same. He doesn’t seem to be repentant, nor does he seek redemption. He even demonstrates violent tendencies as he becomes more and more afraid and desperate. If he does get caught, it will mean that Kim will be prosecuted as well. There are very few options now available for Saul Goodman. No matter which path he takes, his story is coming to an end for good.

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