Does Shingo Umoregi Die in Akuma Kun? [Spoiler]

Netflix’s supernatural anime ‘Akuma Kun’ charts the journey of Ichiro Umoregi, the latest in a line of child geniuses who emerge once every thousand years known as “Akuma-Kuns.” Where Ichiro excels at logic and complex subjects, he fails to grasp humanity and its many emotions despite being human himself. Ironically, given his position as Shingo Umoregi’s adoptive descendant, Ichiro is burdened with the task of creating a paradise for humanity, a job previously assigned to Shingo.

As such, Shingo, the former Akuma-Kun, attempts to help his son understand his purpose and responsibilities. However, the complicated relationship between the duo continues to halt their progress. Nevertheless, Shingo remains dedicated to bonding with his son, even helping him out with the mystery cases he and his partner, Mephisto III, take on as supernatural detectives. Consequently, given the crucial role Ichiro’s father plays in his life, the life-threatening, precarious situation Shingo finds himself in raises the stakes for the audience as they wonder about Shingo’s ultimate demise. SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happened to Shingo Umoregi?

In his Akuma-Kun days, Shingo comes across a threat inside his Invisible School’s walls after a red-winged angel, Strophaia, attempts to free a heavily detained being with the help of a young boy, whom he calls Aeshma. Backed by his trusted demon aide, Mephisto II, Shingo is able to stop Strophaia, and the kid inadvertently locks him up after using Solomon’s Flute. From that day onward, Aeshma, now Ichiro, becomes Shingo’s adoptive son, and the former helps the kid hone his skills and prepare for his greater destiny.

However, Ichiro’s complicated past continues to drive a wedge between his relationship with his father. Still, regardless of their delicate relationship, the two remain in each other’s orbit, with Shingo visiting Ichiro on Earth and vice versa. As such, Ichiro reaches out to Shingo when he first comes across a relic of his past, a demon nail left behind by Strophaia, but is unable to recall his memories about the angel. For the most part, Shingo’s advice constitutes a reminder that some stones are better left unturned.

Nevertheless, Strophaia becomes a bigger problem as he continues to loom over Ichiro and Mephisto’s crime cases, all of which consist of people displaying humane emotions of friendship and loyalty. After enough exposure to the same, Ichiro begins to remember his past, particularly Strophaia, which finally frees the angel from his previous entrapment.

Once unchained, Strophaia goes after Shingo’s Invisible School in search of the magical item that has the ability to entrap him for eternity, Solomon’s Flute. Yet, the flute is a tricky object and can’t be used or dismantled by anyone. Nonetheless, with his first-hand experience with the same, Strophaia knows that Ichiro has the ability to utilize Solomon’s Flute to his will. Furthermore, since the flute developed a crack after the first time Ichiro used it, the angel knows that the item is prone to damage when Ichiro loses his loved ones.

Therefore, Strophaia targets Shingo during his attack, knowing Ichiro will undergo substantial grief if he loses his father. The angel puts a curse on the building that gradually spreads over the place as it keeps Shingo shut away from the outside world. Although Mephisto II arrives on the scene with his son, Mephisto III, to rescue his old friend, they fail to break through the angel’s wards. Strophaia even tries to trick them by sending out a demon disguised as Shingo, but Ichiro, arriving in time, sees through the trick and shoots the fake Shingo in the heart with holy water.

With Ichiro’s arrival, the tide turns a little in their favor as Strophaia’s wards weaken. However, while Ichiro rushes to find his father, Shingo attempts to reach Solomon’s Flute and ends up falling victim to the curse. Near the end, after Strophaia has overpowered Ichiro’s friends, Shingo remains lifeless on the ground, nearing death. His loss becomes insurmountable as it follows Mephisto II, Ichiro’s best friend’s sacrifice. As a result, the flute breaks, freeing Strophaia once and for all.

Nonetheless, Ichiro refuses to give up. Despite their tumultuous relationship, the kid knows his father loves him dearly and wants to see him succeed in life. Thus, in his moment of need, he remembers a lesson Shingo taught him about Solomon’s Flute and how one needs only one’s heart to play it. Consequently, recalling his happy moments with his loved ones like Shingo, Ichiro manages to bring the flute back into existence and uses it to defeat Strophaia.

With the angel gone, everyone who fell victim to his curses reverts to their original state, including Shingo. In the end, Shingo manages to escape near death and remains alive and well, ending the show surrounded by his and Ichiro’s friends.

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