Does Space Jam: A New Legacy Have a End-Credits Scene?

In 1996, one of the whackiest comedies hit theatres in the form of ‘Space Jam’ featuring basketball legend Michael Jordan and everyone’s favorite goofy cartoon characters, the Looney Tunes. The family-friendly comedy with a sports element has its skeptics to date, but the film has generated a massive fan base in the years since its initial release. Nearly 25 years later, a much-awaited follow-up has finally materialized and arrived on our screens, one that has little to do with its predecessor in terms of plot but firmly carries the original’s legacy.

The aptly titled ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ features basketball superstar LeBron James in the lead role as a fictionalized version of himself who teams up with the Looney Tunes to defeat the rogue AI known as Al-G Rhythm and rescue his son. The live-action/ animated film, directed by Malcolm D. Lee, is breezy fun for all ages that occasionally falters but is still a joyride.

Considering the air of anticipation around the movie and the modern-day tradition of attaching an end-credits scene to tease future installments in the franchise, fans must be curious to find out whether there is a bonus scene after the credits they should stick around for. In that case, allow us to help you. Here’s a definitive answer to whether ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ has a post-credits scene or not.

Does Space Jam: A New Legacy Have a Post-Credits Scene?

In ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy,’ LeBron finds himself stuck in the Serververse, the domain of the notorious Al-G Rhythm, an AI, who manipulates LeBron’s son, Dom, into playing for his team. Simultaneously, Al-G Rhythm challenges LeBron to a basketball match. The consequence of losing will be remaining in the Serververse forever. After a lot of whacky gags, an impromptu rap battle, numerous cameos from Warner Bros characters, and looney antics, LeBron manages to win, and he and Dom return to the real world.

The ending is well-rounded and not only concludes the central conflict between Al-G and LeBron but also the more emotional conflict between Dom and LeBron. Dom understands why his dad pushes him so hard, and LeBron realizes that he must let Dom be his own person. It is a well-deserved happy ending for all as even Bugs Bunny gets his wish of reuniting with his family, the Looney Tunes, on the Toon World.

As the credits roll, a pretty fun set of images appears that show Bugs, LeBron, and the rest of the gang enjoying some vacation time as well as the Tunes competing in some professional sports in the real world. The credits end with a trademark stuttering voice-over of Porky Pig saying his classic line – “that’s all folks,” and that is that for ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy.’ There is no post-credits scene attached. The movie ends on a high emotional note, and adding an after-credits stinger would have likely negated the gravity of that ending. While the absence of a post-credits scene doesn’t necessarily mean a sequel won’t happen but this is likely the last we see of these characters for now.

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