Does Wesley Die in The Rookie? Theories

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The fifth season of ABC’s police procedural showThe Rookie’ depicts the return of Los Angeles-based crime lord Elijah Stone, who was arrested by the LAPD with the help of Wesley Evers. The attorney gets into Elijah’s team as his lawyer but turns against him when he gets immersed in the guilt of protecting a cold-blooded criminal, only for him to team up with his wife Detective Angela Lopez to send the latter to prison. After getting freed from the charges against him with the help of Monica, Elijah threatens Wesley, making one concerned about the character’s fate. So, does the lawyer die? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wesley Joins Forces with Angela

After deciding to turn against Elijah Stone, Wesley teams up with Angela to build a solid case against the crime lord. Elijah, to counter the same, hires the former’s ex-fiancée Monica as his new lawyer, who establishes that Wesley and Angela’s joint investigation against her client is compromised since they are married. Monica invalidates Angela’s hard work to capture Elijah by saying that the police officer was trying to protect her husband. The authorities get forced to drop charges against Elijah, who also garners a public apology from Wesley. After the apology, Elijah makes it clear to the lawyer that the latter’s life is indeed under threat.

Image Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

In the seventeenth episode of the fifth season, Monica turns against Elijah, especially after the crime lord threatens to kill her. She joins hands with the LAPD to capture the criminal while pretending to be helping the latter in front of him. Elijah plans a significant trade of drugs believing that Monica has diverted the cops. He also sends one of his men to Wesley’s house to kill him. Wesley stays away from death despite the attack on him with the help of Charlie Bristow, who kills Elijah’s hired killer. Wesley believes that Elijah’s chapter is closed for good and starts his wait to welcome his unborn baby.

However, Elijah’s chapter may haven’t ended as Wesley thinks. The seventeenth episode of the season ends with the LAPD capturing Elijah. But the crime lord expresses his desire to exact his revenge on Wesley and Angela even before he gets settled in at the prison. If Elijah manages to get released from prison, he may not wait to put an end to Wesley and Angela’s lives. As a crime lord, Elijah has built a scary image in the City of Angeles and he may want to regain the same by killing the two individuals who played the most significant roles behind his arrest. Thus, Wesley’s life is still under threat.

Image Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

Having said that, Wesley may not need to worry about his death right away. Although Elijah wants to kill him, it is unlikely that he will be able to do the same while he is in prison. Since he gets arrested amid a drug trade, the police have enough evidence to lock him up for a considerable while. In addition, multiple crime lords in Los Angeles want to acquire Elijah’s throne. It is also their need to assure that the crime lord is locked up in prison for the near future for them to establish their crime/drug empire in the city. Thus, their ill motive may turn out to be favorable for Wesley.

Elijah is a man who finds amusement in the crimes he does. Even if he wants Wesley dead, he may not let one of his men kill him after getting arrested twice due to him. The crime lord may want to kill Wesley with his own hands, even if it means waiting for a while. By then, Wesley may find a way to increase the charges against Elijah to put him behind the bars for good.

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