Drops of God Season 1 Finale Recap: Who Wins the Competition Between Issei and Camille?

Created by Quoc Dang Tran (‘Marianne‘), ‘Drops of God’ is an Apple TV+ drama series based on the manga of the same name written by Tadashi Agi (a pseudonym used by the team of sister and brother Yuko and Shin Kibayashi) and illustrated by Shu Okimoto. The story revolves around two individuals: Camille Léger (Fleur Geffrier) and Issei Tomine (Tomohisa Yamashita). Following the death of renowned sommelier Alexandre Léger, Camille’s father and Issei’s mentor, they find themselves competing against each other to determine who will inherit Alexandre’s legacy, which includes a $7 million house in Tokyo and a $148 million wine collection.

In the series finale, titled ‘All or Nothing,’ Issei and Camille face what is supposed to be the final test at the Chassangre domaine. When the result is inconclusive, they are told that Alexandre has predicted this and devised a sudden death round. Meanwhile, Yurika Katase (Azusa Okamoto) continues her search and eventually finds Hirokazu (Satoshi Nikaido). Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Drops of God’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Drops of God Episode 8 Recap

The series finale begins with Thomas (Tom Wozniczka) knocking on Camille’s door in the middle of the night. The relationship between the former childhood friends has flourished throughout the season, even though Thomas has a fiancée. On this night, they try to be extra careful not to make any noise so that the other occupants of the house will not be alerted. The Chassangre home is a French rural house from the previous century. The walls are not necessarily thick, and most of the furniture creaks. So, Thomas and Camille have to be additionally cautious as they make love.

The following morning, sitting across a table with a divide, Issei and Camille replicate the wine they tasted for the third test. When the lawyer, Mr. Talion, comes to remind them that only one hour is remaining, Camille suddenly feels nauseated and has to rush outside. Eventually, their wine concoctions are ready and poured into thick test tubes marked as “No. 1 and “No. 2.”

Although Philippe (Gustave Kervern) doesn’t seem like a person who will cheat in favor of one of the contestants, he does have a personal connection with Camille. He effectively blind-tastes the two samples and writes down the points for each contestant. That evening, Issei prepares a meal with the fish he catches from a nearby stream with bare hands. As the group celebrates the supposed end of the competition, Philippe brings out photos taken when Issei’s parents visited the domaine.

Drops of God Episode 8 Ending: Who Wins the Competition between Issei and Camille?

The competition initially seems to have three rounds, and the third round is split into three tests. Issei wins the first round, Camille the second, though Camille was almost correct in the first round, losing it because she was second-guessing herself, and Issei chose to lose purposefully in the second round because he felt that the discovery he made about the source of the second wine was entirely by luck.

The third round is divided into academic questions, food and wine pairing, and the preparation of the correct variety of wine at the Chassangre domaine. Issei wins the first test 70-30. Camille wins the second 65-35. With Camille winning the third test 45-35, the result is a tie, and Issei and Camille couldn’t be happier about that. Issei told Camille the truth about his parentage while they were still in France, making Camille believe that Alexandre had come up with the test, hoping his two children would form a bond.

However, the reality seems to be something else. Mr. Talion tells them that Alexandre guessed that the competition might end up in a draw and left a video message for if that scenario came to pass. In the video, Alexandre declares that there has to be a single winner because his wine collection cannot be broken. As a stunned Camille realizes that her mother wasn’t entirely wrong about Alexandre, the two competitors are taken to the cellar to determine what the Drops of God are. Camille briefly considers quitting the competition, and Issei states that if she quits, he will as well. But then, they learn the inheritance will go to Luca if that happens, and that’s the last thing Camille wants.

So, Camille and Issei continue to play Alexandre’s game. Eventually, Camille realizes that Alexandre rigged at least this part of the competition in her favor. Despite the name, the Drops of God is something natural. She writes down what it is on a piece of paper and wins the competition.

What is Drops of God?

Like in the manga, the main part of the competition ends in a draw, leading to a sudden-death round where the competitors have to find something Alexandre referred to as the Drops of God. Camille is proven categorically wrong in her belief that her father came up with the competition so that his children would get to know each other. She recalls a childhood memory with her father, out in the field, watching the flashes of lightning and listening to the rumbles of thunder just before the rain. She realizes this is what the Drops of God is – the rain. Her father used to tell her that without rain, there is no wine and no life and connected the sudden-death test to that very personal memory shared between them.

Does Camille Find Out That She and Issei Are Half-Siblings?

Yes, Camille finds out that she and Issei are half-siblings. Issei speaks to her about this in Japanese while having dinner with Thomas, Philippe, and Talion at the Chassangre domaine. By then, the relationship between them has already become friendly. But the revelation of blood relation elevates it to a different level.

Although the characters aren’t entirely sure about this, the viewers know that Alexandre was aware that Issei was his son. He gave Issei a fair chance to win the competition in the first three rounds, though he completely rigged the sudden-death round in Camille’s favor, perhaps concluding that if Camille had come this far, she deserved the inheritance. Even though Issei was his biological son and protégé, there was always a distance between them, maintained by Alexandre himself, likely to respect Honoka’s wishes.

Ultimately, it seems that he cared more about the collection than his two children. Issei effectively served as a litmus test and the backup plan in a competition designed for Camille to prove she was worthy of her father’s legacy. Ironically, after winning the competition, Camille offers to make the news of Issei’s parentage public and take the Léger estate to court. However, Issei declines, not to uphold the reputation of his mother and grandfather or to keep Alexandre’s collection intact. As he tells Honoka in a phone call, Hirokazu is his father in every aspect that matters.

Camille still sends half of the collection to Issei along with a note, where “brother & sister” is written in Kanji. Camille also auctions off at least a part of her half of the collection. Given that she appoints Miyabi and Lorenzo as the new editors of Léger Guide, it’s safe to assume that she now owns the controlling share of the publication. Thomas, who earlier broke up with his fiancée, and Camilla end up together, as do Issei and Katase. Getting the address from Katase, Issei also reunites with Hirokazu.

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