Elizabeth Olsen Confirmed to Star in Marvel’s Vision Quest

Elizabeth Olsen is not bidding adieu to Wanda Maximoff anytime soon. The actress will reprise the character in Marvel Studios/Disney+’s upcoming series ‘Vision Quest,’ alongside Paul Bettany. The project, a spin-off of ‘WandaVision,’ starts filming in the United Kingdom in the fourth quarter of this year. Jac Schaeffer serves as the showrunner, along with Megan McDonnell and Peter Cameron on board as writers.

Following the ambiguous conclusion of ‘WandaVision,’ many questions lingered regarding Vision’s fate. In the original series, the Scarlet Witch AKA Wanda attains immense power and resurrects Vision, creating a tranquil life in Westview. Concurrently, S.W.O.R.D. crafts White Vision, intended as a weapon against Wanda and Vision. Surprisingly, White Vision absorbs the other Vision’s memories and departs Westview, declaring himself as Vision. The series left White Vision’s fate uncertain, setting the stage for ‘Vision Quest’ to explore his journey and unravel the mysteries surrounding his existence.

The spin-off is poised to diverge from its comic book counterpart, especially considering its pivotal elements are already addressed in the MCU. While the comic storyline taps into Vision’s struggle against government scrutiny and his realization of his artificial family, ‘WandaVision’ laid the groundwork for potential narrative twists. The series might incorporate Bruce Banner, given his integral connection to Vision’s creation. Considering Tony Stark’s demise and the Mind Stone’s destruction, Vision’s exploration of his identity may lead him to Banner for answers. Furthermore, the show may introduce Marvel Champions, particularly Vivian, Vision’s daughter.

In her career, Olsen has taken on diverse roles such as Christina in ‘His Three Daughters’ and Candy Montgomery in the miniseries ‘Love & Death.’ Recognized for her portrayal of the Scarlet Witch in both ‘WandaVision’ and ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,’ Olsen also tackled the role of Leigh Shaw in ‘Sorry for Your Loss,’ which examines the aftermath of her husband’s unexpected passing and its repercussions on her connections. Apart from her MCU roles in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ the actress also appeared in projects like ‘Kodachrome,’ ‘Wind River,’ and ‘Ingrid Goes West.’

Bettany’s recent roles include Dr. Oh in the comedy series ‘Funny or Die’s High Science,’ in which he embarks on mind-bending experiments alongside Matt Klinman and Zack Poitras. He also appeared as Ian Campbell in the historical drama series ‘A Very British Scandal,’ which depicts the events surrounding the notorious divorce of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll in the 1960s. In Alan Ball’s comedy-drama ‘Uncle Frank,’ Bettany took on the character of Frank, who navigates a road trip with his 18-year-old niece Beth to attend a family funeral in South Carolina.

Schaeffer previously created ‘WandaVision’ and the show’s first spin-off ‘Agatha,’ which follows Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness. She also co-wrote the story of ‘Black Widow’ and was involved in the screenplay of ‘The Hustle.’

The United Kingdom continues to serve as one of the best shooting hubs for Hollywood productions. The region previously hosted the filming of shows such as ‘Masters of the Air‘ and ‘The Regime.’

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