Emma Roberts and Geoffrey Rush’s Verona Spies to be Filmed in Los Angeles and Orange County

Emma Roberts and Geoffrey Rush-starrer action comedy film ‘Verona Spies’ is scheduled to be filmed in Los Angeles and Orange County. The movie revolves around a woman named Verona, who is a lovable but chaotic individual. She is mistaken for an assassin-cum-escort and is given the task of seducing a pharmaceutical executive to steal the formula for a groundbreaking new drug with world-changing potential. However, when she encounters her target, she finds him charming and attractive, leading them to devise a plan to form a team and escape. They must contend with the threats posed by Big Pharma and hired assassins who are hot on their trail, trying to capture them.

The movie is directed by Frank Coraci, a seasoned filmmaker renowned for his work in the comedy genre. Coraci’s portfolio includes popular works such as ‘Around the World in 80 Days,’ ‘The Waterboy,’ and ‘The Wedding Singer.’ His films have achieved both commercial success and critical acclaim, making him a promising choice for this project. The screenplay of the film is written by Zaike LaPorte Airey and Bryan Okamoto, who added their creative talents to bring the story to life.

Roberts will play the titular character Verona, while Rush is set to portray the head of the pharmaceutical company. Rush is a renowned and accomplished actor who has received numerous accolades, including an Academy Award for Best Actor for his outstanding performance in ‘Shine.’ He has also earned nominations for his roles in ‘Quills,’ ‘The King’s Speech,’ and ‘Shakespeare in Love.’

Roberts, known for her work in the TV series ‘American Horror Story‘ and her recent appearance in the movie ‘Maybe I Do,’ has risen to fame in the entertainment industry. The role opposite Roberts, the pharmaceutical executive with whom Verona escapes, has not been cast yet. Further details about the rest of the cast members are also currently undisclosed.

Los Angeles has long been a favored filming location, often referred to as the epicenter of the country’s entertainment industry. It has hosted numerous popular comedies, including recent productions such as ‘Dumb Money‘ and ‘Old Dads.’ Orange County is also gaining recognition as a top shooting destination for filmmakers, thanks to its accessibility and the welcoming nature of its residents. Recent films like ‘Hollywood Stargirl‘ and ‘The Accidental Getaway Driver’ were shot in the region, showcasing its growing appeal in the industry.

While no specific start date for filming has been confirmed, it is anticipated that production for ‘Verona Spies’ will likely commence once the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike concludes. The prospect of witnessing this action-comedy come to life with talented actors collaborating on the project is certainly an exciting one. While fans may need to exercise patience in waiting for teasers to offer a glimpse of the movie, it’s safe to say that the wait will be worthwhile.

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