Where Was Maybe I Do Filmed? Is it Based on a True Story?

Written and helmed by Michael Jacobs, ‘Maybe I Do’ is a romantic comedy movie that highlights the complications of modern love wrapped around the social norms of relationships. The narrative centers on Michelle and Allen, a couple contemplating their relationship’s next step. They finally meet their parents and seek insight into the benefits of marriage. However, since the parents are already acquainted, their views on the significance of marriage are significantly different than what Michelle and Allen expected. As it turns out, one of the parents has been having an affair with the other’s spouse.

As the get-to-know-you meal begins to break down, the parents must decide how to keep their secrets from their kids best while supporting the kids in making a marriage-related decision. With stellar performances from a stellar cast comprising Diane Keaton, Richard Gere, William H. Macy, Susan Sarandon, Emma Roberts, and Luke Bracey, the rom-com contains all the elements and themes that make for an enthralling watch. This begs the question — is ‘Maybe I Do’ based on actual events? Besides, many might even wonder about the beautiful places it was shot in. If you are also riding this sleigh of curiosity, here are all the details!

Maybe I Do Filming Locations

‘Maybe I Do’ was filmed entirely in New Jersey, specifically in Montclair. The principal photography for the romantic movie seemingly commenced in late February 2022 and wrapped up within a month, in March of the same year. Let us take you through all the specific sites that appear in the movie without further ado!

Montclair, New Jersey

All of the sequences of the romantic-comedy film were shot in Montclair, a township in Essex County. Most of the indoor scenes of the film featuring a beautiful home where the cast interacted were shot in the house of Jennifer Snyder, owner of the Little Daisy Bake Shop, who lives across from Montclair’s Edgemont Park. While talking about her experience, she said, “There was a lot going on.“ Jennifer added, “neighbors were amazingly gracious and understanding,” and she claimed it was a great experience to see Richard Gere shooting scenes in her kitchen.

Though the family wasn’t present for the length of the shooting, they sometimes visited to be a part of the whole experience. The movie also features The George Hotel, the MC Hotel, and another local house used for filming. Offering top-notch educational possibilities, Montclair is frequently regarded as one of New Jersey’s greatest suburbs. People value the fantastic downtown area because it offers culture and nightlife without requiring frequent trips to the city. Some popular productions shot in the location are ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘Stepmom,’ ‘Delilah,’ and others.

Maybe I Do is a Fictional Story

The movie ‘Maybe I Do’ is not inspired by real events. The romantic and wholesome narrative is penned by Michael Jacobs, known for writing enthralling screenplays for rom-com movies. It was initially written as a script for the play, ‘Cheaters,’ by the 22-year-old, who attempted to portray the themes of love as an uncomfortable conversation that requires people to be vulnerable around each other. He has made a beautiful piece of art revolving around the different ideas of love and marriage and how the terms are not interchangeable.

In an interview, Michael Jacobs reveals his perspective on the idea of the film. He said, “…it’s not a romantic comedy. It really is an observation. It’s an observation about people of a certain age and what they’re going to do to their children with their behavior and how they’re going to end up themselves. And that’s not terribly romantic. And a lot of it is funny, but I think it’s much more of a seriocomedy. I think it’s much more….”

The narrative revolves around two completely different individuals in love who grown in similar families and who have taken different ideas of love. While one (Allen) is scared of commitment because his parents are bitter toward each other, the other (Michelle) is desperate to marry and have a life completely different from her parents. Another theme the director talks about is how the story contrasts sharply with what people think the concept of love is. He paints the reality of love, not what you see in fairytales and films, with happy endings.

Most of us who have been in a committed relationship knows how difficult conversations of love can be and how it is different from what we watch on-screen. Even cheating in marriage is seen as a very negative thing in society. Though the film has not attempted to exalt the idea of cheating, they have beautifully portrayed the concept of “love is love.” Given the film’s realism, it is understandable why you may think the narrative is based on actual events. However, the truth is that the movie is just a work of fiction rooted in social settings.

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