Family Switch: Is Lucy Jones an Actual High School in LA?

In Netflix’s comedy movie ‘Family Switch,’ CC Walker and her brother Wyatt are the students of Lucy Jones High School, located in Los Angeles. Their father Bill Walker teaches music in the same school as well. A major portion of CC and Wyatt’s storylines unfolds in the high school as the former excels in the establishment’s soccer team while the latter tries his best to get into Yale University. Since the Christmas movie offers an authentic depiction of high school life, Lucy Jones appears as a real institution that exists in the City of Angels but that’s not really the case!

Fictional High School But Relatable Experiences

Lucy Jones is a fictional high school conceived for ‘Family Switch’ as there isn’t a high school with the same name in Los Angeles. Although the establishment is fictional, CC and Wyatt’s experiences as students of the high school are relatable and rooted in reality. Every real high school arguably has someone like Wyatt, who excels in academics but gets picked on often due to their soft nature. In the film, he gets targeted by a bully, which can be paralleled with real-life bullying occurrences that happen in high schools situated across the world. Fearing getting targeted, Wyatt has to hide himself from his peers, which happens in reality as well.

CC, on the other hand, represents the popular sect that can be seen in high schools. She is a soccer superstar who singlehandedly leads her team to victories. She even has an unofficial fandom in the establishment, whose members cheer for her when she appears at the high school day after day. For CC, like it is for countless students, high school is the place where she can chase her dreams. She tries her best to get into the national soccer team to fulfill her ambitions. Even when Jess and her daughter’s body swap challenges her dreams, CC fights hard for the same to materialize. Such determination can be seen in a group of students attending high school globally.

The scenes that feature Lucy Jones High School were shot in and around El Segundo High School, a public school located in the city of El Segundo, California. Originally built in 1927, the five main buildings of the establishment have served as a filming location for several films and shows, including The CW’s teen series ‘90210,’ Jonah Hill and Michael Cera-starrer ‘Superbad,’ Netflix’s slasher film ‘The Babysitter,’ FOX’s drama series ‘Boston Public,’ etc.

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