Are Farrah and Melissa From Buying Beverly Hills Still Friends?

If there’s one thing nobody can deny, it’s that although the core base of reality productions such as Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ is its beautiful estates, the interpersonal connections matter most. After all, they’re the reason people from across the globe get invested and watch season after season after season — it’s the personal experiences as well as the drama that attracts them most. Therefore, of course, the tumultuous friendship between Farrah Aldjufrie and Melissa Platt in season 2 is one of the most talked about sub-plotlines of the entire show — and here’s what we know about it.

Farrah and Melissa Were the Best of Friends

It was reportedly back when Farrah was just starting out in her career as a real estate agent that she came across fellow realtor Melissa, only for them to soon develop an unwavering bond. It thus comes as no surprise that even though the former is very private about her personal life and prefers to deal with any issues on her own in a quiet manner, the latter is almost always aware of it. However, that’s not to say their bond has been smooth sailing because of it – in fact, this level of trust has only caused misunderstandings between them over the years despite each of their best intentions.

The prime example of it is from season 2, wherein Melissa makes it clear that although she’ll stick by Farrah no matter what she decides to do in her personal relationship, she didn’t believe her then-fiance, Alex Manos, was the one for her. Farrah subsequently came to know of this comment and felt as if this only raised public doubt and suspicion over Alex’s character when they were trying to make things work, but the truth is her friend said this simply because she wanted what was best for her. It hence took them a little while to see eye to eye, yet they were able to understand one another to a tee.

Thus, of course, Melissa was one of the first individuals to know when Farrah called it quits with Alex owing to a gut feeling she’d been ignoring for a while, and that’s despite all their recent fighting. We say recent fighting because Melissa had recently conducted herself in such a manner she’d crossed both Alexia and Sophia Umansky – Farrah’s sisters – and the latter obviously picked her sisters’ sides. That’s especially because she was rude to the former while she was learning the ropes of the business and had embarrassed the latter by going after the same guy she’d tried to open up to during a night out.

Farrah and Melissa Are Still Tight

Despite everything Farrah and Melissa have faced and fought over in recent years, their friendship has persisted in every way, shape, and form, owing to the simple fact they care, love, and respect one another. Sometimes, their actions may not make it obvious, but their intentions are always positive and of support; even when the latter ended up being rude to Alexia (in season 1), it came from a place of support and a view that tough love might make her better in the long run. It’s hence safe to state they’re not just friends to this day but also genuinely consider one another family, which is actually evidenced through their respective social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Not only do Farrah and Melissa still mutually follow one another, but they also constantly feature on each other’s feeds, as seen above, making it clear they truly have a lasting, pure connection. Whether it be open houses, parties, work trips, or vacations, this duo is almost always seen together too, so it goes without saying that these realtors have a special place in their hearts for one another.

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