Fate The Winx Saga Season 2 Ending, Explained: Why Does Bloom go to the Realm of Darkness?

Netflix’s ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ is set in a place called the Otherworld where a young girl named Bloom attends a school for fairies, called Alfea. Despite displaying great potential for magic, Bloom remains unaware of her true origins and the fact that the coveted Dragon Flame that burns inside her makes her more vulnerable to unknown threats. One of the key things in the show is trust, and we see Bloom constantly struggling with it. With everyone concocting their own version of events to manipulate her, she doesn’t know whom to trust, and it’s all because of her obscure past. In the end, she decides to dive head first into those murky waters, but it clouds her future with worrying uncertainty. Here’s what that major decision, in the end, means for her. SPOILERS AHEAD

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 Recap

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A lot has changed since the events of the first season. There is a new regime in town, and Rosalind wields all the power, mostly because she knows more than most. Wanting to get things back to the way they were, Bloom and her Winx club decide to free Silva, who is to be exiled to the harsh wintry wasteland from where no one comes back. Meanwhile, mysterious creatures called scrapers start surfacing around Alfea, attacking fairies. Rosalind connects these attacks with the Blood Witches, who seem to be intent on opening a door that can end the Otherworld as we know it.

While trying to find out Rosalind’s secrets and the things that she’s keeping close to her chest, Bloom also grapples with the discovery of the Dragon Flame and what it means for her. More details about her past come out from unlikely sources. In the end, she decides to go straight to the source to find out who she really is.

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 Ending: Why Does Bloom go to the Realm of Darkness?

There are a lot of things that motivate Bloom, but the most important of them is to find out who she really is and where she comes from. The identity of her parents has been an elusive secret for her since the beginning, and everyone who promises to answer her either dies before they can do so or give the half-truths that lead her nowhere. In the end, Sebastian tells her that she’d been going about the search for her parents all wrong.

Bloom knows that she has the Dragon Flame, which had been lying dormant for a thousand years. Sebastian tells her that it wasn’t just the flame but Bloom herself who’d been in stasis all this time. Turns out that her mother also had the Dragon Flame, but she started to lose control of her powers which turned her destructive. In order to save the world and everyone else around her, she decided that it would be best if she was removed from it. She knew that Bloom had the fire too, so she put her in stasis and removed herself to the Realm of Darkness where no one could get her and she couldn’t hurt anyone else.

Sebastian wanted to open the portal to the Realm because he wanted access to an entity called Shadow that could allow him to resurrect his people, all of whom were killed in Aster Dell. Opening the portal requires a lot of energy which is why Sebastian had been abducting fairies and siphoning their magic. He wanted the Dragon Flame because it would provide him all the magic he needed in one go, rather than taking it from low-level fairies. While his eyes were on the prize, he didn’t pay attention to the fact that dealing with Shadow can destroy the very world that he lives in.

In the end, Sebastian is defeated by the Winx group, with Stella, Terra, and Aisha transforming into winged fairies. Still, Sebastian had managed to open the door, even if slightly. Knowing how dangerous it could be for their world, Bloom decided it should be her who closes the door, but it couldn’t be done from the Otherworld. She would have to cross over to the other side, to the Realm of Darkness, and close the door from there. While it is very noble of Bloom to do so, she has another reason to take the risk of entering dangerous, uncharted territory.

Sebastian said that her mother had also crossed over to the Realm of Darkness when she lost control of her Dragon Flame. Now that Bloom knows exactly where her birth mother is, she can’t help but go there. Even if there was another way to close the door without going into the Realm of Darkness, Bloom never intended to find it because she needed to see her mother. She knows that no one knows the whole truth about her parentage and her past, and all anyone has ever done in the name of telling her the truth is either string her along or manipulate her for it. She decides to put an end to it, find her mother, and find out everything that she needs to about her family and the reason behind all the things that have happened to her since her childhood.

The Realm of Darkness is clearly not as she’d pictured. It is not a lightless wasteland full of dangerous creatures but looks somewhat like the world that she comes from. Still, she knows that there is danger on every corner. The only person that she finds there is a mysterious woman whose face is not revealed to us, but Bloom calls her “mom”. Considering that her mother is the only known person to have gone to the Realm, there is a good chance that this woman really is Bloom’s mother. However, all of that had happened a thousand years ago, and we don’t know who else crossed into this place in the time before and after her mother. While there is a good chance that Bloom has finally found her mother, she might still have to wait for all the answers she’s been seeking.

What Does Bloom’s Vision Mean?

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Just when Bloom thinks she has figured out her powers, something new comes up and forces her to reconsider the true extent of the things she can do. In the final episode, she has two premonitions, both of which pave the way for the things to come in the next season. The first vision comes while discussing the plan to defeat Sebastian with her group. In it, she sees an unknown building, Sebastian opening the door to the Realm of Darkness, and Shadow looking at her. In the next vision, Sebastian is gone, but the building and Shadow are seen again. This comes full circle in the final scene when Bloom is in the Realm of Darkness.

Bloom’s first vision confirms that Sebastian had succeeded in opening the door even before Bloom agreed to give him the Dragon Flame. This means that Bloom probably had the vision around the same time that Sebastian opened the door. In the second vision, Sebastian is missing because he’s dead by then, but there’s still the building and Shadow. Part of the vision comes true when she finds the same building from her visions and walks in through the same door she’d seen before. However, instead of Shadow, she finds a woman waiting for her. Bloom believes that this is her mother, but it wouldn’t be wise to jump to a conclusion so early.

In Otherworld, when Stella visits Beatrix’s grave, she leaves a flower for her. As she leaves, we see the darkness come out behind her and find Shadow standing over Beatrix’s grave. This means that perhaps, it managed to come out of the portal when everyone else was distracted. A door is still open even if just by an inch, and Sebastian seems to have managed that without the Dragon Flame. Shadow found space enough to wriggle out of it and now it is let loose in Otherworld.

Still, Bloom saw Shadow in her vision, but as per her previous vision, it is not necessary that she was looking into the future. Maybe she went into the past and saw someone else meeting Shadow, who is now out of the Realm of Darkness. The building in her vision looked more desolate and empty with Shadow in it. But when she actually walks into it, it is fuller, like someone has been living there for some time. There is also more light, which doesn’t suggest that a dark entity like Shadow has had something to do with it. However, looks can be deceiving, and perhaps, this is Shadow’s way of meeting Bloom without scaring her to death. Maybe it plans to win her trust before it tries to get its hands on the Dragon Flame.

Alternately, the woman could very well be Bloom’s mother, especially if Shadow is already out and about in Otherworld. This would mean great news for Bloom, who’ll be meeting one of her parents for the first time, and maybe she’ll finally get some answers, including about her newfound ability to look into the future as well as the past.

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