F*ck Love Too Ending, Explained

Dutch-original romantic comedy movie ‘F*ck Love Too’ (‘Fck de Liefde 2’) eschews travel drama, ‘Sex and the City‘ style chick flick, and a feel-good attire to deliver its delectable platter. Appie Boudellah and Aram van de Rest teamed up to helm the Netflix original movie. While chronicling several story arcs, the movie seeks to illustrate the meaning of love through different perspectives. While some embrace the new, discarding the old, some try to make their long-term relationship work. While some jokes remain inappropriate, the diverse characters make the celebration worthwhile. If you mean to follow the movie’s finale from closer quarters, allow us to dissect the outcome. SPOILERS AHEAD.

F*ck Love Too Plot Synopsis

After sparing some snippets about the sprawling world tour of Jim and Lisa, the movie opens at Omie’s funeral. After dropping the cell phone into Omie’s coffin, Said mixes up the USB. As a result, he ends up playing a video of Said and Bo having a steamy session. After the mishap, Bo breaks up with Said. Meanwhile, Lisa introduces us to other characters – Angela, Kiki, Cindy, and Jack. After cheating on Lisa, Jack ends up with Cindy, impregnating her. Jack takes leave from his other consort, Monica, to head to the funeral. Lisa disapproves of his presence.

At the funeral, Lisa also meets Noah, her old buddy at school, who, according to Kiki, looks like a snack. Noah runs a resort in Ibiza, Spain, and he invites the women to spend a holiday at his hotel. After Kiki’s engagement, she is looking forward to having a grand bachelorette party. Therefore, Kiki, Angela, and Lisa head to Ibiza to have a lifetime trip. They experience bumps initially, as the cabbie takes Lisa’s luggage when she negotiates the price.

Noah suggested picking them up from the airport, but Lisa declined the offer. Although without her bag, Lisa has all the spirit to find love and settle down with Mr. Right. While Said plans to convince Bo to give him another chance, Jack juggles between Monica and Cindy, both of whom are pregnant. Angela finds some luck in Javier, who turns out to be a sex worker. On the other hand, Kiki reassesses her decision to marry and take the giant leap.

F*ck Love Too Ending: Do Bo and Said Get Back Together?

The story arc of Bo and Said remains one of the most memorable in the movie, thanks to the dynamic of both the characters. Said is a well-meaning husband who takes care of his family, but he is too prone to mess-ups. Therefore, when Said accidentally plays the sex tape in the place of Omie’s slideshow, it is seemingly the final string for Bo. Like that, Said has to say farewell to his 11-years long affair with Bo. After the break-up, Said ends up in Jack’s orbit, and shenanigans ensue.

Looking at the complicated life of Jack, filled with lies and obstacles, Said is more inclined to make things better with Bo. Said even agrees to go to couples’ therapy with Bo. In the meantime, Bo’s company has acquired Mooie Max, a budding rap artist who is good with children. Max shows feelings for Bo, kissing her in public near a parking lot. Although Bo dissuades Max after the kiss, a paparazzi reporter captures the moment. Later, Jack shows Said the photo, suggesting that Bo has moved on.

However, Said is ready to give Bo the benefit of the doubt, moving forward with the therapy session. As Said progresses in the therapy, Bo allows Said to have lunch with the family twice a week. In the meantime, thanks to Jack’s suggestion, Said sends an unsolicited dick pic to the therapist, who happens to be lesbian. Later at night, they attempt to delete the photo by breaking into the therapist’s house. The drill goes wrong. To make things worse, Jack ends up kissing a police officer and getting locked up.

During the weekend, Said is at Bo’s place, who is gradually impressed with Said’s conviction. However, Max, who also comes to dine with the family, has to head to the hospital after an allergic reaction. Mayhem unleashes in the hospital as both Cindy and Monica are admitted for their deliveries around the same time. Jack tries to pass Said as Monica’s father, although he blurts out the truth later. Impressed with Said’s impeccable handling of the situation, Bo asks him to return to the house. Therefore, we conclude that they end up together.

Who Does Lisa End Up With?

Lisa has several suitors in her life. After breaking up with Jack under unsavory circumstances, Lisa embarks on an affair with Jim. From Brazil to Italy, they tour the world, but Lisa eventually breaks up with Jim. At the funeral, Lisa meets Noah, and another romance begins to brew. As they arrive at the resort in Ibiza, sparks erupt between Lisa and Noah. They get intimate, but Lisa still has doubts in her mind. From a tarot reader, Lisa knows that she is heading towards a storm before everything becomes calm again. Her life is at a crossroads, but she may overlook the diamond in choosing gold.

Miraculously after the tarot session, Lisa finds Jim in the hotel. Jim comes with an offering of love, and they also share a kiss. However, shortly after, Lisa returns to Noah, who has made grand decorations to enamor Lisa’s heart. Jim sees Noah kissing Lisa and retreats from the resort. Lisa meets Jim again at the hospital, where he has begun his residency. Ultimately, Lisa takes a chance on Jim after he helps deliver Cindy and Monica’s babies. Therefore, weighing all the suitors, Lisa’s connection with Jim seems the strongest. As they share the final kiss by a cliff, we conclude that Lisa ends up with Jim.

Do Angela And Javier End Up Together?

Angela and Javier form another story arc in the sprawling drama about finding love. Javier is the bar owner near the beach, and he flirts with Angela by offering her an exotic cocktail named “screaming orgasm.” It is a real cocktail made with milk, Irish cream, and vodka, for those of you wondering. The cocktail leads the pair to have a raunchy liaison. The problem, however, arises as Angela comes to know from Kiki that Javier is a gigolo, a hire for sex. Kiki paid him a lot of money to entice Angela.

The revelation happens when Javier is busy seducing another older woman. After the exposition, Angela does not find it cute anymore. Even when Javier comes clean to Angela that he has to do the side hustle to keep the bar, Angela cannot stand the fact that he is a sex worker. Ironically, the police arrest Angela as she is looking for a cab, suspecting her to be a woman of the night. Afterward, Kiki gets way too drunk worrying about her decision to settle down, and she ends up on the beach with Javier.

Jim discovers them on the beach, but Javier assures him that they did not get it on since Kiki was too drunk. Angela returns the following morning after spending a night in jail, and Noah gets a scolding from the police. In the end, it seems that Javier has left the job, as he spills the bit to Angela. She is happy to hear that he has got the loan. Angela promises to meet Javier next week, and with the upbeat ending, we conclude that they end up together.

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