Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The fifth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 8, titled ‘More Time Than You Know,’ revolves around Morgan Jones‘ attempts to save his partner Grace from a walker bite. He seeks the help of June to cure her, only for Shrike to come in between the “fugitive” and the assistance of the nurse. Dwight and Sherry put their lives on the line for Morgan and Grace, especially when Shrike’s forces try to hunt them down. The engrossing episode ends with a heartbreaking development and if you are up for a detailed take on the same, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 5 Recap

‘More Time Than You Know’ begins with Morgan, Mo, Dwight, Sherry, and Finch taking Grace to June. Shrike intercepts their communications with the nurse and sends troops to hunt them down. June asks the group to bring Grace to the train car, the makeshift “hospital” where June conducts experiments. Shrike offers to help the group but asks for Morgan’s help in return. The one half of PADRE needs Morgan to kill over a thousand walkers trapped at the shipyard for Shrike to gain access to the containers at the place. Morgan strikes a deal with Shrike and asks for Daniel and his group’s help to kill the walkers.

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Shrike then informs Morgan and Daniel that they cannot use any ammunition to kill the walkers since the same may destroy the contents of the containers. Daniel, who doesn’t want to put the lives of his group members on the line, backs off from helping Morgan. Dwight and Sherry join Morgan and they attack Shrike’s soldiers to run away from captivity. Morgan, Grace, and Mo separate from Dwight, Sherry, and Finch as the latter family tries to attract the soldiers chasing Morgan and his family. Dwight and Sherry find out that Finch’s infection has returned as the kid suffers from a burning fever.

June rushes to Finch to treat him. Grace asks Morgan to take her to the station where she worked since she has made a “home” at the place for her to live with Morgan and Mo. She wants to spend the rest of her life, however short it is, at the place with Morgan and Mo. However, Mo doesn’t accept Grace and Morgan’s decisions. She finds the same wrong, just like their decision to hand her over to PADRE. Dwight, Sherry, and Finch end up in Grace’s station as June treats the little boy.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 5 Ending: Is Grace Dead?

Yes, Grace is dead. Even when Grace and Morgan accept that the former is going to die in no time, Mo doesn’t. She doesn’t want to lose her mother right after reuniting with Morgan and Grace as a family, which makes her take the latter to the train car against her parents’ wishes. After getting into the train car, she communicates with June, who instructs the child to expose her mother’s wound to a high amount of radiation. Since Grace already has cancer, June doesn’t worry about the amount of radiation she instructs the little girl to administer to her friend. Unfortunately, even after relying on radiation, Grace’s fever only increases.

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June realizes that there isn’t any other way to save Grace. She asks Mo to spend whatever time Grace has with her before the latter dies. Grace also convinces Mo to put an end to her efforts since she has done absolutely everything she can to help her mother. She also asks Mo to put an end to her life when she turns into a walker since the former doesn’t want to hurt her own daughter. Grace turns into a walker in no time and sets out to hurt Mo, who fails to kill the former as she was told. Fortunately, Morgan arrives at the place soon enough to kill Grace before the latter could hurt their daughter.

Morgan is someone who had to witness his wife Jenny killing their son Duane once. He was haunted by the same for years and he recently buries the hurt and guilt associated with the death of Duane upon returning to King County. He doesn’t want to suffer from the same guilt by letting Grace kill Mo. Morgan doesn’t want to repeat the mistake of being immobile whenever he sees his turned partner trying to hurt his child. He let it happen once and he doesn’t want it to happen again, which leads him to kill Grace, regardless of how painful it is to be the one killing his beloved.

Will Mo Kill the Walkers at the Shipyard?

After Grace’s death, Morgan and Mo leave the train car, only to get surrounded by Shrike and her forces. She still wants the walkers at the shipyard to get eliminated. Shrike tells Morgan and Mo that the containers are essential for the expansion of PADRE to convince them to kill the undead for her. She projects PADRE as the only potent entity that can save mothers like Grace in other regions, through the experiments the community conduct, which affects Mo. She sets out to kill the walkers at the shipyard with the prefects, a group of soldiers formed by the kids abducted by the collectors of PADRE.

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It most likely will be impossible for Mo and the prefects to kill over a thousand walkers at the shipyard without any help. Since Shrike locks down Morgan in the train car, surrounded by walkers, he may not be able to help her soon as well. Having said that, Mo and her team may succeed in eliminating the walkers with the help of Daniel and his group. Since Daniel’s group may include the parents of the kids who joined Mo to kill the walkers, they may join the group of young to make sure that their kids won’t die at the shipyard. Daniel doesn’t want his group to die for Grace but he is expected to allow the same to die for their children’s safety. If that’s the case, Mo may surprise Shrike with what she will likely do at the shipyard.

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