Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Recap: Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen

The seventh episode of Apple TV+’s medical drama ‘Five Days at Memorial,’ titled ‘Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen,’ centers around Assistant Attorney General Arthur “Butch” Schafer and Special Agent Virginia Rider’s attempts to find conclusive evidence that unravel Dr. Anna Pou’s involvement in the several deaths that happened in New Orleans’ Memorial hospital building. The duo interviews people who worked in both Memorial Medical Center and LifeCare Hospitals and returns to the hospital building with a search warrant. Since the episode ends with startling developments that rewrite the fates of Pou and her colleagues, we have taken a detailed look at the same. Here are our findings! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Recap

‘Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen’ begins with Schafer and Rider interviewing Emmett Everett’s wife Carrie Everett, who emphasizes the need of solving the case to do justice to Emmett’s memories. They search Memorial to find out the state of the hospital and discover enough stock of water and canned food unused. After searching the hospital, they meet coroner Frank Minyard, who lets them know that the dead bodies are severely decomposed for him to garner blood samples to run drug tests. Schafer and Rider push him to collect the samples upon making him realize the significance of the case.

While Schafer and Rider move forward with the interviews of LifeCare staff members, Dr. Bryant King steps forward and contacts them to talk about what really happened in the Memorial hospital building during the flood. He informs the duo that he heard from his colleague Kathleen Fournier that Pou and Dr. Ewing Cook had implicitly discussed euthanizing patients. King adds to Schafer and Rider that he saw Pou with many syringes. The media broadcast stories about the alleged involvement of Pou in the deaths continuously, making it hard for her to step out in the public. Walker Shaw, her boss at LSU, asks her to not do surgeries for a while.

Even though Pou has to follow the order for a few days, she later convinces Walker to retract the same. Richard T. Simmons, Jr. informs Pou that Schafer’s case is shaping up against her as the prominent suspect. To get a better picture of the facts, Simmons, Pou, Cheri Landry, and Lori Budo visit Memorial while Schafer and Rider are at the hospital building with Ken Nakamaru. They inspect the pharmacy to find out that there isn’t any stock of two drugs Pou asked Nakamaru. Upon checking the records, they discover that Pou is the last person who entered the pharmacy and took the drugs.

Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Ending: Why Does Dr. Anna Pou Get Arrested? Will She Get Released?

After doing their best to push Minyard to go forward with testing the samples of dead bodies found in the Memorial hospital building, Schafer and Rider get toxicology reports that prove the presence of morphine and/or midazolam (Versed) in the dead bodies of nine LifeCare patients. Upon considering the testimonies of LifeCare employees like Diane Robichaux, Therese Mendez, Kristy Johnson, and Ken Nakamaru and the toxicology reports, Schafer and Rider realize that the prominent suspects are Pou, Landry, and Budo. Rider, several months after meeting Pou at Memorial, arrests her.

In reality, Pou was arrested and charged with four counts of being a principal in a second-degree murder, specifically the murders of Emmett Everett, Rose Savoie, and two other LifeCare patients, as per Sheri Fink’s eponymous source text of the show. She was taken to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison in Scotlandville, Louisiana, to be booked as a fugitive. After preliminary procedures, she was then taken to the Orleans Parish Prison. However, she wasn’t imprisoned after the arrest. As per Fink’s book, Pou “signed a property bond for $100,000 and was given a subpoena requiring her to return with that sum of money and her passport” in three days. She was then released after midnight, forty-five minutes after being booked, on her own recognizance.

Are Cheri Landry and Lori Budo Arrested?

After Nakamaru has identified the two nurses who accompanied Pou while injecting LifeCare patients as Cheri Landry and Lori Budo, Rider and Schafer also plan their arrests. In reality, Landry and Budo were arrested the same day Pou was arrested. They were also charged with four counts of being a principal in a second-degree murder, the same charges as Pou. They were eventually served subpoenas by the district attorney along with a letter, which informed them that they are not being prosecuted by the DA. However, they were asked to testify without counsel before the grand jury that was sworn in to consider Pou’s case for him to “find out what they knew about Anna Pou,” as per the source text.

Landry and Budo challenged the subpoenas through an appeal but Louisiana Supreme Court judges denied the same, leading them to testify before the special jury in return for immunity in the case.

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