All Fleabag Sex Scenes, Ranked

Just recently, season 2 of ‘Fleabag‘ wrapped up with a devastating conclusion and we just can’t get over this unique sitcom. The show has not only been appreciated for its comedy, but has also received acclaim for its honest representation of emotions and sex. Even if characters of the show are not always likable and have the most eccentric personalities, still there is something very relatable and lovable about all of them.

When it comes to its dark sexual comedy, Season 1 has a lot more of it compared to the sequel. But if we consider its portrayal of realistic human relationships, Season 2 just sets the bar so high that you can’t but nod at everything that its storyline throws at you. That being said, even the sex scenes, for the most part of it, play a crucial role in defining the personality of the main titular character, Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge). And not to mention, it’s the last sex scene that has made “the sexy priest” a topic of conversation. So we’ve made a list of all the Fleabag sex scenes that are present in the show and we have ranked them chronologically based on their significance to the overarching plot.

12. “Pretty Standard Bouncing” (Season 1 Episode 1)

Fleabag‘ has literally no chill and right off the bat, it starts with a sex scene where the main character, Fleabag, breaks the fourth wall and starts describing how she got a text, from a guy she likes, in the middle of the night. For obvious reasons, she didn’t have a choice and had to gulp down a bottle of wine, take a shower, get ready and then pretend that she’s been waiting for him. With just a brief moment of kissing that follows, the two of them get right to it. The next scene shows them having sex and as awkward as all of it may seem, it just gets weirder when Fleabag starts talking while having sex. Quite blandly, she labels the moment as “pretty standard bouncing” and shows no concern towards the fact that the guy actually wants to take her from behind.

While most T.V shows would show a lovey-dovey moment of cuddles and kisses after the sex scene, ‘Fleabag’ again gives you nervous laugh with somewhat of a realistic yet hilarious representation of what usually happens after sex. The guy she just had sex with, just sits there gazing at her and then expresses how last night was special for him. And all this while, Fleabag keeps expressing her pervy, angry and downright outrageous thoughts to the camera. The scene fades away and Fleabag just sits there sipping coffee while she wonders “if she has a massive ….”. Season 1 of ‘Fleabag’ starts off with a bang (pun intended).

11. Getting off to the President (Season 1 Episode 1)

Fleabag later meets a stranger on a bus who asks if she has a boyfriend. To this, she explains how she just broke up with him. When the stranger asks her how her boyfriend managed to mess things up with her, she goes back to the exact moment when it all happened. In this flashback, Fleabag sits in her room and tries to get off while watching a video of Obama. Her boyfriend, who has been lying next to her all this while, suddenly wakes up and notices what she’s doing. Assuming that they just had sex, he gets really offended by her “act” and he proceeds to leave her. The guy from the bus comes off as a complete douche bag and thankfully, she later rejects him.

10. The Rejection (Season 1 Episode 1)

After her disappointing encounter with the man on the bus, she tries to seduce a drunk woman and asks her if she would come home with her. Unfortunately, the drunk woman rejects her proposal and to please herself, Fleabag finally decides to do it all by herself in a cab. She takes one last look at the camera and as her lips form a subtle wicked grin, the first episode of Fleabag comes to an end.

9. “Reliable, Utterly Inaccessible and Relentlessly Profound” (Season 1 Episode 2)

Fleabag meets the first “####hole” guy all over again and calls him “reliable, utterly inaccessible and relentlessly profound” because out of all the other guys she meets, this guy is rather simple and rarely complicates things. He only gets her in the bathtub and asks her weird questions like “What is her biggest fear?” or “If she ever feels lonely?” They have sex again after leaving the bathtub and this time things get really awkward. The guy gets a sudden outburst where he starts obsessing over Fleabag’s bust size and even claims “that they’re almost not there”. He then takes her from behind all over again and that’s when she starts thinking of her ex, Harry, again as he seems to be more of a “safe place”.

8. “I’m Not Just Going to Come Running Right Back” (Season 1 Episode 2)

Fleabag ends up meeting her ex-boyfriend again and the two start expressing how they’ve been having a hard time without each other. This takes you back to how Harry had told her that he will never come running back to her again. And before he almost says the same thing again, the scene abruptly moves to another where the two of them are lying in bed and making love. But Fleabag seems to have a problem with her boyfriend’s “lovemaking” as she really just wants him to go hard on her. She even claims that she still gets off thinking about an old man who “breathed with every thrust”. She then asks Harry to move to the side and starts to touch herself, while he just sits there all disappointed. The next day Harry surprises her by announcing that they stop masturbating and even tells her that has hidden all of their vibrators. He clearly gets insecure by the incidents of the previous night and Fleabag just helplessly agrees with him.

7. The Guy from the Bus Gets Lucky (Season 1 Episode 3)

Episode three is a little less provocative as it only has one sex scene somewhere around its end. In this episode, she helps her brother-in-law find a gift for her sister, Claire and while she’s at it, she reconnects with that awkward toothy guy from the bus. The toothy guy finally gets lucky and the two of them have a quickie inside Fleabag’s Cafe. During this sex scene, Fleabag claims that he’s surprisingly bony and having sex with him is like screwing a protractor. The toothy guy gets all insecure when Fleabag tries to fake things with him and episode three comes to an end.

6. When Blood Rushes to the Heart (Season 1 Episode 6)

Episode 4 and 5 have absolutely no sex scenes and have more of a serious undertone that creates links between Fleabag’s past and present. But they’re basically just the lull before the storm as episode 6 starts with yet another graphic sex scene and the “####hole guy” is back. Just like all the other sex scenes between the two characters, this one starts off with some intense action but takes a very unexpected turn. When the guy tries to get on with her from behind again, he loses his erection and at this moment, Fleabag realizes that he is in falling for her. She even labels it by calling it a middle ground where a man’s mind is confused and all of his blood starts rushing to his heart. This time again, the episode starts off with a bang. Unfortunately, it later turns out that he was actually in love with someone else and that’s why he lost his erection. In the events that follow, everything starts falling apart and Fleabag is reminded of some really tragic events of her past.

5. The Introduction of the Priest (Season 2 Episode 1)

Exactly after 371 days, 19 hours and 26 minutes, the second season begins. Now there are no sex scenes in the first episode of Season 2 but the introduction of “the sexy Priest” deserves to be an entry in itself. In this episode, Fleabag explains how she’s been trying to make her life a little better and lately, she is also pretending to be in good terms with a family. During a family dinner, Fleabag meets the Priest for the first time and is instantly drawn to him. There is a scene where the Priest also acknowledges her presence by asking her “What do you do?”. This right here is the first hint that there could be some chemistry between them later. The family dinner does not end too well and Fleabag even ends up getting a bloody nose. But in the closing scene, she and Claire have a moment when they both agree that that the Priest is “so hot!!”.

4. The Realization (Season 2 Episode 2)

Unlike the first season, season 2 is not packed with sex scenes but it all just seemingly builds up to one major event. In the second episode, Fleabag starts to realize that she fancies a priest and she even tries to look up online if it’s possible for her to have sex with him. She later visits a counselor and ends up telling her that she wants to have sex with a priest. To this, the counselor asks her if she wants to “f**k the priest” or she actually wants to “f**k god”. After understanding where she’s going with it, she asks the counselor to help control her urges. But the counselor just replies by claiming that she already knows what she’s going to do. She wants to feel powerful by having sex with the priest and though she’s a little reluctant about it right now, deep inside she knows that she’ll do it anyway.

3. The First Kiss (Season 2 Episode 4)

A lot goes on in the events that follow episode 3 and the Priest slowly starts warming up to Fleabag. The two of them even start drinking together from time to time. One night, when both of them are drunk, the Priest takes her to the confession booth and makes her confess all of her sins. But Fleabag gets all emotional and starts talking about how she really craves being loved by someone. The Priest somehow gets carried away by this and asks her to kneel down. He then walks to her side of the booth and starts kissing her. They make out passionately but before they can take things any further, a huge portrait in the church falls down with a thud and this opens up their eyes. The Priest suddenly realizes what he’s doing and with guilt-ridden face, he walks away. Their growing sexual tension finally breaks in this scene, but they still have a long way to go.

2. The Priest Returns (Season 2 Episode 5)

Fleabag goes back to her old lifestyle and starts sleeping with a “Hot Misogynist”. Meanwhile, the Priest tries to stay away from her and even asks her to never visit the church again. One day, Fleabag invites the Hot Mygonist to her place and as she waits for him at her doorway, the Priest shows up. He then starts ranting about how he cannot be physical with her and how is his life will be f**ked if he has sex with her. He tells her that he won’t literally burn into ashes if he has sex, but it will just make him fall in love with her which is enough to screw up his whole life. After this fit of rage, he calms down for a moment and accepts the situation saying: “We’re going to have sex aren’t we?” And that’s when we get to see the moment we have all been waiting for.

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1. The Bittersweet End (Season 2 Episode 6)

Episode 5 abruptly ends with the two characters making out and the final episode jumps to the aftermath of their sex where they lay in bed together. The reason behind this is that unlike other sex scenes of the show, this one is not the main character’s way of coping with her life problems, but instead, she’s actually in love with the Priest. So to contrast all the other casual sexual encounters that Fleabag indulges in, this one has been completely toned down and is solely for the portrayal of the romantic relationship between the two characters. There are no sex scenes in the final episode, but Fleabag and the Priest do end up sharing a few kisses here and there. But in the end, it all comes to an end and the two are forced to move into two very different directions. A show that started off as a black comedy leaves you with some tears and a big void in your heart, but at the same time, it also makes you realize that no matter what happens, life still goes on.

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