11 Games You Must Play if You Love FTL

FTL has become synonymous with futuristic space-based strategy games due to its polished gameplay mechanics and in depth strategic decision making options provided to its players. The game is a success story right from its inception, having created a reputation for itself among gamers even in its infancy. As players who tested the game realized its potential, the developers decided to open a kickstarter campaign for its development. It managed to generate 20 times the intended amount and the developers were overwhelmed with the success of the program and used the excess amount to develop new artwork and storylines for the game. It is regarded as one of the most successful crowdfunding stories of all time and ‘FTL’ has managed to create its own space in the gaming industry. So with all that said now, here is the list of video games similar to FTL that are our recommendations. You can play these games like FTL on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

11. Battle Brothers (2017)

‘Battle Brothers’ is a roguelike tactical turn based strategy video game developed and published by Overhype Studios in the year 2017. This is actually one of our favorite turn based strategy video games and if you like playing games like ‘FTL’, then you can definitely give this one a go. There are various gameplay elements that you will find similar to ‘FTL’ but the setting for the game is completely different. It is set in the medieval era and you are required to hire a group of mercenaries, train them and lead them in combat in a procedurally generated map. There are a few expansion packs released for the game along with several DLC packs which provides you with a lot of content during gameplay. You have a variety of quests or contracts to choose from and you need to make this decision depending on the types of troops you control. It requires quite a bit of strategic decision making in order to successfully play this game. If you liked ‘FTL’, then you will definitely like this one.

10. Thea: The Awakening (2015)

‘Thea: The Awakening’ is a beautiful tactical turn based strategy video game with rogue-like elements. The game is set in a dark fantasy world heavily influenced by Slavic mythology where you need to control a group of demoralized survivors and lead them to their destiny. Their world is being taken over by ‘The Darkness’, an unknown enemy without a face or figure, and you must do everything in your power to save the world. It seems quite overwhelming when you begin to play the game, but it gets easier once you master the combat mechanics. It is a turn based combat style set in a hexagonal honey-comb like field.

‘Thea: The Awakening’ is quite unique for the style of games and can get quite addictive if you manage to get some of the more powerful combos. Your decisions will have an overall impact on the lives of the survivors and also on your overall gameplay since the game has various endings depending upon the choices you made. The game was developed and published by MuHa Games in the year 2015 to major critical acclaim.

9. Abandon Ship (2018)

The most inspiring part of ‘Abandon Ship’ is its oil painting influenced art style that is extremely pleasing to look at. Even if you don’t like the gameplay of the title, you will find yourself staring at it for hours on end. The game was developed and published by Fireblade software in the year 2018 to overall positive reviews. I had checked out the game when it was on early access and felt that it had immense potential. However, I was a bit disappointed with the final release of the game due to its lack of in-depth gameplay mechanics. The aim is to control a naval ship and maintain its crew. You have a procedurally generated world at your disposal and you must explore the seas for loot and resources. However, you will encounter various enemies on your way that challenge your vessel and you must lead your crew strategically towards victory. The gameplay is very similar to that of ‘FTL’ but set in the golden era of ships rather than futuristic space.

8. Endless Sky (2015)

If you have played the ‘Escape Velocity’ games, then you will definitely find the gameplay of ‘Endless Sky’ similar to it. ‘Endless Sky’ is kind of a middle line between ‘Escape Velocity’ and ‘FTL’ where you are given charge of a small spaceship and you need to work your way up the ladder. There are various upgrades that you can add to your ship to make it stronger and take down more powerful enemies. However, combat is not the only option in the game. You can choose to progress through trading and diplomacy tactics but there is a bit more strategy involved if you take such measures.

The whole campaign takes about 15 hours to play through and you can choose to restart the game in order to play through another ending. The rogue-like aspects of the game make sure that you are invested in it like no other. It is also an open source program, so expect the game to be updated as new content gets added by developers. The game is available on PC, Linux and Mac and you should definitely check it out if you are looking for titles that share gameplay mechanics with ‘FTL’.

7. Convoy (2015)

‘Convoy’ is a hardcore tactical strategy video game developed by indie development company Convoy Games and published by Indietopia in the year 2015 for the Microsoft Windows PC and the Mac. It is often regarded as ‘FTL’ on wheels so you can understand that the game borrows a lot of mechanics from ‘FTL’. You are in charge of a convoy containing troops which you need to control efficiently in order to take down enemies. Strategy plays a huge role and you need to make your decisions efficiently because the game is extremely unforgiving once you fall behind the AI. It becomes really difficult to manage your enemies once you are behind the curve as the game provides very little options to players who are at a disadvantageous position. This one is for the hardcore gamers out there who are looking for games that are similar to ‘FTL’ but are more challenging.

6. Rebel Galaxy (2015)

Ever dreamed of being a space-cowboy? Well, here’s your chance! ‘Rebel Galaxy’ is a Western themed futuristic trading and combat simulator where you need to control your fleet of spaceships and take down enemies in space. It is one of the best space combat simulators we have played in a while and if you are a fan of ‘FTL’, you should definitely go check this one out. The setting for both the games is eerily similar and though there are variations of gameplay mechanics, we feel fans of both the games will enjoy the other.

You are required to control the mothership while there are various other spaceships that are controlled by it. You will not be directly controlling the other ships but they engage in combat automatically. However, your mothership is limited to a 2 directional movement plane but the other ships in your fleet can maneuver in any way they like. This forces you to use your broadside guns in order to take down enemy ships — a fun little variation in the gameplay. The game was developed by a two man development company named Double Damage Games and was released in the year 2015 for the Microsoft Windows and OS X and in 2016 for the PS4 and the Xbox One. If you liked the world setting and design of ‘FTL’, then you will definitely find your place in this one.

5. Sword of the Stars (2006)

‘Sword of the Stars’ is a tactical turn based strategy video game developed by Kerberos Productions and was initially published by Lighthouse Interactive in the year 2006. However, Lighthouse Interactive lost the rights to the game and was picked up by Paradox Interactive who are its present publishers. It is a roguelike game where each playthrough is different from the other due to variations in the availability of technology and the threats present on the map. The main goal of the game is to choose a race out of a total of six and then build and expand a colony in order to establish yourself as the most powerful force in the universe. To achieve this, you must explore the surrounding regions, gather resources, train and develop an army and then take out your enemies.

The gameplay is very similar to that of the ‘Total War’ series and feels like a mashup of the ‘FTL’ world and ‘Total War’ gameplay and combat mechanics. It is completely adapted for multiplayer scenarios, allowing players to join and drop out of the game at their own will. Each of the races you pick has their own form of ‘faster than light’ travel and you can use this to reach the farthest ends of the universe as exploration is the key to winning the game here.

4. Renowned Explorers: International Society (2015)

‘Renowned Explorers: International Society’ allows you to relieve the dawn of modern technology when people all over the world were exploring their neighboring territories in search of treasure and new technology. It is a roguelike game where you need to lead a team of 3 explorers to locations such as Egypt and the Caribbean and unlock their secrets. All the choices you make within the game have an overall impact on the storyline and the rewards generated at the end of the quest.

There are various ways you can thwart your enemies using tactics such as diplomacy or insults which affect your relationship with that tribe. Each one of the explorers you choose within the game has their own abilities and these are the ones that will be used when you engage in combat. Melee explorers take on their enemies head on and attempt to solve the situation through combat while you also have the option to hurl insults at your enemies and scare them away. It is also possible to win them over by charming them; so whatever your approach might be, definitely prepare yourself to deal with the consequences. The roguelike aspects of the game are very similar to that of ‘FTL’ and hence we highly recommend it to fans of ‘FTL’.

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3. Everspace (2017)

‘Everspace’ is a 3D space shooter that shares various gameplay elements with ‘FTL’. It was developed and published by ROCKFISH games in the year 2017 to overall positive reviews. We feel that this is one of the hidden gems in the genre and the game definitely deserves a bit more appreciation from gamers due to its polished gameplay mechanics and roguelike elements. The interesting aspect in this game is the fact that you are expected to die but whatever credits you earn during that run can be used to purchase upgrades for your future runs.

Therefore, the game’s difficulty is always progressing with the player itself and you need to invest cautiously as you don’t want to lag behind in one attribute while you invest in others. Maintaining a proper balance between the upgrades is an extremely important aspect in the overall campaign and affects your progress significantly. The player needs to progress through various sectors, each increasing in difficulty while taking down enemies and surviving in outer space, much like ‘FTL’. There is a non linear storyline as well that slowly develops as you reach certain points in the game.

2. Slay the Spire (2019)

Slay the Spire’ is one of my most favorite video games of all time and even though it is not exactly similar to ‘FTL’, there are a lot of recurring elements that we feel fans of the game will enjoy. It is a deck building game with rogue like elements where you are given a basic deck of cards and you need to upgrade the cards and improve the overall deck throughout the course of the game. There are various ‘pathways’ that you can take throughout the playsession and this allows you to face encounters and other items which help you on your journey. The deck of cards contain basic attack and defense cards which you must use to defeat your opponents and doing so will provide you with loot. There are various shops in game where you can use this loot to buy specific powerful cards for your deck.

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1. Space Rogue (2016)

Space Rogue’ finds the top spot on this list simply because of its similarity to ‘FTL’. If you are looking for a game that plays exactly like ‘FTL’, then ‘Space Rogue’ is the one for you. This is the game that managed to scratch my itch once I was bored with ‘FTL’, but I found myself quickly going back to ‘FTL’ for long term gameplay. It is a pretty decent title and has quite the roguelike elements in it, but somehow the game falls short of the experience it strives to deliver. This is, however, not something that a few patches can’t fix, so we still have a lot of expectations from the developers on this one. The potential of the game is off the charts but somehow it gets overshadowed by the popularity of ‘FTL’.

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