All Upcoming Movies Based on Video Games

If there is one new art form which has proved to be the next best thing after movies, it is none other than video games. With the advent of this industry, audio-visual storytelling has gone through a completely new paradigm shift, where the viewer himself becomes a direct participant in the events of the story. It is true that video games do follow certain specific steps to reach the conclusion of the storyline, but never before did we have the opportunity to guide the central character across all the challenges and hurdles he faces.

Moreover, with the growing technological advancements in terms of graphics, video games are now offering almost life-like experiences, thus bringing them closer to movies. Some of the best video games at the moment also have finely written stories. We already have a number of films based on video games like ‘Resident Evil‘ (2002), ‘Hitman’ (2007), and ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu‘ (2019), all of which have managed to garner interests not only from the video gaming community, but also from the general movie-going audience. With all that said, here’s the list of upcoming video game movies set to release in 2019 and 2020:

6. Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)

‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ is an immensely popular video game franchise owned by Sega games. It is a platform-based game which started way back in 1991 and then kept on evolving itself to stay relevant even after 28 years since its launch. The central character of this game is the eponymous anthropomorphic blue hedgehog which possesses the special ability to run at extremely high speed. The story of the film follows Sonic as he tries to escape the clutches of the law with help from Tom Wachowski, a police officer. Besides saving himself from the police, Sonic’s objective is to defeat the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik and prevent him from spreading his domination throughout the world.

Ben Schwartz is reported to give his voice to the leading character while the legendary Jim Carrey plays Dr. Robotnik. Notably, when the makers of the film dropped their first trailer in April 2019, fans were not that appreciative of the product, which made the makers postpone the release date to February 14, 2020, to give them some time to rework on the film.

5. Monster Hunter (2020)

It came as a surprise when a film version of this popular game was announced, as ‘Monster Hunter‘ is not essentially a story-based game. ‘Monster Hunter’ is what we can call an action role-playing game where the player controls the character of Hunter who goes from town to town slaying monsters and collecting loots to have better resources for their next fight. Fans of movies inspired by video games have already raised concerns over the fact that the director of the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise, Paul W.S. Anderson, has bought the rights to the film version of ‘Monster Hunters’. Anderson’s efforts with ‘Resident Evil’, especially the last installment, ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’, drew unanimously negative reviews from all corners. Be that as it may, it has been reported that the film version of ‘Monster Hunter’ will have a connection between the magical realm of the game’s universe to that of the real world, wherein a regular guy gets pulled into the game’s universe and has to fight and defeat the monsters.

4. Gears Of War (Unconfirmed)

Despite being announced almost three years ago, the cinematic adaptation of this Epic Games’ franchise is still mired in uncertainty. The game focuses on a war between humans and the Locust Horde, a group of mutated hominid beings which possess reptilian features. The Coalition studio has said that the plan is to make a standalone movie free from the narrative of the game so that audiences who have not played the game can still watch the film and relate to it. The leading character in the war against the Locust Horde is Marcus Fenix, who works for the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Fenix is assigned the duty to lead the charge against these evil humanoids, and it is his journey and fight that drives the game’s narrative. Dave Bautista has admitted to his interest in playing the character, and has even said that he has knocked on the doors of Universal Studios numerous times to get his hand on the role.

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3. Uncharted (2020)

Among the best action-adventure games out there, ‘Uncharted‘ boasts of masterfully written storylines for each of its games. Nathan Drake is the story’s protagonist, and it is his adventures across the world looking for various treasures that we follow throughout the game. Since ‘Uncharted’ itself is like a film where you play the main character, it was a challenge for the producers (Sony) to come up with a story that would manage to stand on its own outside the realm of the games. Keeping this in mind, the story that we shall see on the big screens will focus on the origins of Nathan Drake when he first starts out in one of his epic adventures. Tom Holland has been cast to play the leading character. If you are a lover of action/adventure movies like the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise, then you should check out ‘Uncharted’.

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2. Mortal Kombat (2021)

‘Mortal Kombat’ is one of the first game franchises to release a film adaptation, having done so way back in 1995. After the immense success of the first movie, the franchise continued with an animated and a live-action series. Now they plan to revive the franchise with another movie set to premiere in 2021. Greg Russo is serving as the project’s writer, and he says that being a lifelong fan of the franchise, it is his aim to bring an authentic experience to the millions of fans the franchise has garnered over the years. Although he has not revealed any plot details, Russo has announced that the new film will definitely be R-Rated. Acclaimed horror filmmaker-cum-producer James Wan is producing the film with Simon McQuaid serving as the director. Only one cast member has been announced as of now — Joe Taslim, who will play the character of Sub-Zero.

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1. The Last Of Us (Unconfirmed)

This iconic action/adventure game surely deserved a movie of its own, and lovers of the game are now all excited, with the film looking like a possibility in the near future. When the movie version was announced earlier, acclaimed director Sam Raimi was to produce the project. Since then, not much has been heard about the movie, probably owing to the fact that Sony is now eagerly working on developing the second game of the franchise. With the ‘Uncharted’ movie now looking like a concrete possibility, we can presume that once that happens, ‘The Last Of Us‘ will get the nod to go ahead. However, it must be stated here that it was earlier reported that the story of the film was facing an impasse due to creative differences between writer Neil Druckmann and Sony.

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