10 Games You Must Play if You Love Uncharted

Uncharted is a game that has a bit of something for everyone out there and hence the series has managed to gain immense popularity in the recent years. The game has been praised by many for its puzzle and platformer mechanics that is seamlessly bound around a shooter. Later, we did some research and came up with some other games that are similar to the Uncharted series. I’m sure fans of the Uncharted games will find something in similar to most of these games, so if you are looking for a new game to play, maybe you could try one of these. Here’s the list of video games similar to Fable that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Fable on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

10. Lego: Jurassic Park (2015)

If you have played other Lego games, then you will find yourself familiar with the mechanics of this game. It plays in the Jurassic era when huge majestic dinosaurs roamed freely around the world. The graphics too are reminiscent of the original Lego games, so if you are looking for a fun bright adventure, then Lego: Jurassic part won’t disappoint you. There are more than 100 unlockable characters in the game which you can play with including a variety of dinosaur species, each having its own special ability. It is definitely a game that has been overlooked over the years and we highly recommend it to everyone reading this list.

9. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (2010)

‘Enslaved’ is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been devastated by war and only a handful of human survivors remain in camps huddled together for survival. The war has left the whole race completely prone to the outer elements and as one of the few survivors left in earth; you are required to fight for resources against other survivors. The war machines are still intact though, abundant, as some ode to the devil that has braced the land with its grace and you are required to solve puzzles in order to unlock their secrets. Don’t break your back lifting Moloch to heaven in this action adventure title developed by Ninja Theory and published by Bandai Namco in the year 2010 for the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 3 platforms. The game was later ported to Windows PC in the year 2013. Fans of the Uncharted universe will find a lot in common with the world of Enslaved, so maybe you might wanna check this out.

8. Quantum Break (2016)

Quantum Break was a game that was to be originally developed by Remedy as a sequel to their popular horror franchise, Alan Wake but the development of the game was shifted to an independent release due to Microsoft wanting new intellectual property. The horror theme for the game was dropped for a more ‘sci-fi’ approach to things and frankly speaking, with the result we got, we are not complaining. Quantum Break follows the story of Jack Joyce who learns to manipulate time after a failed scientific experiment. He comes to learn the inner secrets and tries to make his friend and adversary understand about an apocalyptic event but his friend just does not see it. It’s up to him to hold true to the basic laws of science and bend them according to his will in order to evade this cataclysmic event.

Throughout the game, you will need to use this power to solve puzzles and traverse through extensive mazes which allows you to access newer areas of the map. You have both offensive and defensive tactics at your disposal in order to take down enemies and depending on the situation, you need to use the apt weapon to take down your opponent. Whether it’s melee attacks or guns, defense still plays an important role in the overall combat system of the game.

You also have the ability to trap your enemies in a time bubble stopping time around them and immobilizing them and if you happen to shoot at enemies in this state, the power of your bullets will increase instantly killing them when the bubble disappears. It is a fun little action game that is sure to appeal to fans of the Uncharted series, so if you are looking for an unique action adventure, pick up Quantum Break.

7. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (2010)

Prince of Persia is a series that has defined the better half of our gaming lives and we long for the day when Ubisoft will announce the next title for the series as it has been pretty devoid of updates for the last 9 years. The Forgotten Sands stands as the latest installment in the long running action adventure video game series released in the year 2010 and is sort of a finisher for the Sands of Time storyline, though we are not satisfied.

We also wanted to mention the earlier games in the Sands of Time trilogy as they are all beautiful games and have managed to redefine the face of gaming over the years, but decided to put in The Forgotten Sands as it is the latest release and also the most accessible one nowadays. But if you are stuck with a potato PC and do not have access to the latest gaming consoles and are looking for games similar to the Uncharted series, then you cannot go wrong with any of the earlier Prince of Persia games. The games allow you to traverse through extensive mazes and puzzle sequences using acrobatic maneuvers while battling with the shadows of the past.

6. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016)

Deus Ex tells the story of an alternate universe where humans are fitted with mechanical constructs called augments that allow them to enhance their powers to superhuman levels. You play as Adam Jensen, the main protagonist of the story who has access to the latest augments that allow him to enhance his senses and strength. You are able to detect enemies and track them while using your instincts to take down enemies in stealth-based environments.

The game takes place in the year 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution, the previous installment in the game. It is a time of anarchy and war as humans are descending into a state of cultural divide on the basis of their augments. People who stand against the augments are deemed as conservatives and are looked down upon by people who are already augmented or are pro-augmentations. This has divided the society to the brink of chaos and the cities too have been divided with a lower city and an upper city with the people living in the upper quarters generally avoiding areas underneath or the lower city. Deus Ex is a brilliant portrayal of all things that can go wrong despite making the right choices and we highly recommend this game to fans of the Uncharted series.

5. Tomb Raider (2013)

Tomb Raider is a name that has become a global phenomenon now with a huge Hollywood film release played by Angelina Jolie that has made the franchise immensely popular even among non gamers. However, if you are a gamer, then we are willing to bet that you have probably played at least one of the Tomb Raider games since it is one of the longest running adventure series of all time. The 10th title in the series, named just Tomb Raider, marks the 15th year of the game’s presence in the video gaming industry and completely reboots the title for new generation devices with a more diverse plot and character development. It also changes the origins of Lara Croft, the protagonist of the story, for the second time, eliminating any doubt that the developers are scared of experimenting with a long established storyline.

The game was delayed from 2012 to 2013 increasing the hype for the game but also expectations from fans and boy did Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic manage to deliver. The game was released to overwhelming positive response with critics pointing out seamless gameplay and brilliant graphics as the best takeaways from the game. If you are a fan of the Uncharted series, then you are bound to love Tomb Raider and its platforming mechanics which are pretty similar to Uncharted 3.

4. The Last of Us (2013)

The Last of Us is an enchanting story set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world, where a certain fungus has rendered half of humanity into zombie like creatures and have turned them against their own race. The game story is told through a beautiful narration between the players which take place either in the form of long cut scenes or in between gameplay, both of which add immersion to the overall experience. Whoever said that video games cannot ever be a story-telling medium needs to play through The Last of Us. The game manages to capture the emotions of the characters perfectly and portrays the utter chaos that would ensue as a result of such a pandemic.

You need to make your way through the levels while keeping to the shadows and using stealth to your advantage. You also have a ‘hearing’ mode where you can stop and listen for other signs of lifeforms, and also the enemies that are nearby, will be highlighted on your screen. The game is played from a third person perspective allowing you to have a better view of your surroundings and react to situations accordingly. Fans of the Uncharted series will find this game very inviting due to its intriguing environment and we had a blast playing through the campaign of this one.

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3. Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)

Horizon Zero Dawn is a gripping story set in a lush post-apocalyptic world where humans have been wiped out once due to a cataclysmic event and now a new race of humans have come up from the ashes of the old race. The old race has still left its mark on the world though as their giant and advanced AI creations roam around the world freely without boundaries. These ‘new’ humans that have come up are unaware of the creations and inventions of the past race and have mistaken the mechanical AI creatures as another of nature’s constructs. The story is very well designed around the campaign and allows the player to explore all nook and crannies of the storyline at their own leisure. Horizon Zero Dawn is a world that you should explore on your own and we will leave you with the rest to figure out. However, the gameplay is not similar to the Uncharted series, so some heads up there!

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2. The Borderlands 2 (2012)

Well, we had to mention the wide sprawling world of Borderlands when we mention the world of Uncharted. The gameplay mechanics are not exactly the same but the similarities in the quests and the missions are quite striking, especially in the multiplayer co-op format. The game has been considered by many as one of the best co-op campaigns created for modern consoles and if you are planning a weekend with your friends, then this is the game you should look out for. The selection of weapons provided in the game is quite crazy and though there are no puzzle based mechanics in this one, some of the fights can get pretty intense.

1. Batman: Arkham Origins (2013)

Nothing much needs to be said about Batman, the superhero we all need in our lives that has managed to create a sensation all over the world. The Batman games are pretty popular too and highly rated by people who have played the game. It allows players to take control of Batman as he takes care of Joker’s maniac plans. It is the third major instalment in the Batman series of video games and just like its predecessors, you need to use the gadgets provided to him in order to take down thugs in stealth based environments. There are various platformers and puzzle mechanics in the game that are sure to appeal to a lot of Uncharted fans and hence, Batman: Arkham Origins finds its place at the top of this list.

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