11 Must Play Shooter Games Like Overwatch

When Overwatch came out in 2016, it became the biggest name in gaming with millions of users hopping in to try Blizzard’s new IP. The game saw tremendous growth since its launch due to its accommodating nature that allows players who are inexperienced at FPS games to join in on the fun as well. Not all heroes require mechanical skill, and it’s more about teamwork, ability, management and coordination, and that’s what makes Overwatch great for anyone who is new to FPS games.

The game has given birth to some of the most iconic video game characters of all time. Flagship character Tracer made it to the movie Ready Player One, and we have animated shorts, comics and a multi-million-dollar Overwatch League that is redefining eSports globally. The game has become a cultural phenomenon for its millions of fans. However, like all games, it is okay for players to feel burnt out of Overwatch after putting in hundreds of hours into it. If you are looking for a fresh experience, then these are some of the best games you can pick up to fill the void. Here is the list of video games similar to Overwatch that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Overwatch on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

11. Team Fortress 2 (2007)

As soon as Overwatch came out, everyone called it a Team Fortress 2 clone, and while it is true that there are a few things in common, both games continue to co-exist. Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular games on Steam till date. If you are familiar with Overwatch, you will feel right at home when playing Team Fortress 2 due to the team-based gameplay. It has been 12 years since the release of the game and matchmaking is still as quick as ever. Coordination and strategy are crucial to success, and if you want to get good at the game, you need to learn and understand the playstyle of all the different characters. If you are not into super serious old-school shooters like Call of Duty and want something more innovative, Team Fortress 2 is a great choice.

10. Battleborn (2016)

Available for PC, Xbox One and the PS4, Battleborn is a popular first-person shooter that you will love if you are already a fan of overwatch. The game has a massive roster of characters and each of them have their own unique playstyle and abilities. Unlike Overwatch which is a multiplayer version of an FPS mixed with a MOBA, Battleborn does have a single player game mode. There is a lot more in common with League of Legends and DOTA than with Overwatch. If you are looking for a deeper gameplay experience compared to Overwatch, you will definitely find it here. You have to put in a lot of time to understand and learn the mechanics of all characters, which is a great experience as you explore what each hero is capable of. The best part is that it’s a free to play game, so anyone can hop on without investing a dime.

9. Warframe (2013)

Warframe is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The game is a “looter shooter” that mixes elements from traditional MMORPGs and combines them with ability-based FPS games like Overwatch. Unlike Blizzard’s FPS title, Warframe is a PVE-focused game that relies on ability usage, a large arsenal of weapons and a variety of mission types. The game by Digital Extremes has been around since 2013, and it is still going strong with a number of major updates coming in every year with news bosses, Warframes, game modes and more. The developers also put in a lot of effort into making the story content great as well with some of the best writing you will ever find in video games.

The best thing about the game is how well movement is implemented; you can chain a number of movement abilities together to go traverse the map in the fanciest way possible. You have Eidolon fights which are multi-stage boss fights, open-world areas, constant new content and a whole lot more to look forward to. The game has been one of the top free to play games according to Steam statistics, and you’ll know why only when you delve deeper into it.

8. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (2016)

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 offers cartoonish graphics similar to Overwatch, but it has its own mission types and mechanics that you will need to learn. The arena shooter game is as close as it gets to Overwatch but in a more fun setting. The game is ideal for kids, and unlike the original title, you can actually side with the Zombies this time around. Unlike Plants vs. Zombies which was a side scroller game that involved placing the right units at the right time and managing your resources, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 puts you right in action. The game is very lighthearted, and unlike Overwatch which can get too intense at times, GW2 never loses out on the fun side of the game, and its toxicity-free environment is a fresh change. The game’s player base is not particularly active on PC, so you are better off trying it out on Xbox or PS4.

7. Apex Legends (2019)

Battle Royale games can be considered to be the successor to hero shooters the same way hero shooters like Overwatch succeeded arena shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament. It is the current “in” genre in the gaming world and for a good reason. Unlike other battle royale games that allow you to hop in solo, Apex is very much a team-based game. You have to go in as a team of three, use abilities and work around strategies and teammates to secure wins. It is far more tactical than any other battle royale game out there. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may have been the game to popularize the genre while Fortnite got the formula right with its content, Apex is the third major contender in the BR race with its impeccable gameplay and style. The abilities, character design, and gameplay, are just top notch and Respawn released a Battle Pass on March 19, 2019 to make things even more exciting.

6. Dirty Bomb (2015)

Dirty Bomb is one of the most fun class-based FPS games that you can play right now, and it plays very similarly to Overwatch. Team play is very important just like Overwatch, and you need to figure out the abilities of each of the ‘mercs’ to fully grasp the mechanics. Unlike Overwatch which is a game that can be played by gamers of all ages, Dirty Bomb is a far more mature game and is meant for adults only. There is use of offensive language and things get really dirty in-game just like the name suggests. However, the gameplay is much slower paced than Overwatch, which is something that might be a little polarizing. If you love the constant stress of ultimate enemy management, ability usage and awareness in Overwatch you will feel slightly disappointed. However, if you want something slower and methodical, Dirty Bomb will be far more accommodating.

5. Brink (2011)

Brink is an FPS game by Bethesda that offers a very stunning package with a ton of customization available to players. While the game did launch with a number of graphical bugs, the Skyrim studio and Splash studio have managed to resolve all of the issues soon after launch. Overall, the game does lack a bit of depth when you compare it to the likes of Overwatch. However, if you find Overwatch a bit too much to handle and want something more casual, then Brink is the perfect game to kill some time every day after work.

The parkour-based movement is what sets it apart from other games of this genre, and you will love being able to traverse the map in style. The online servers can accommodate up to 16 players, and you can choose to either co-op with your friends or random players, or even go solo if you are feeling a little adventurous. There are a number of classes to choose from and depending on what role you want to fulfill you will be able to choose from a detailed cast. You can also buy loadouts to customize your character, something that is lacking in Overwatch.

4. Gotham City Imposters (2012)

Gotham City Imposters came long before Overwatch did for the PSP, PS3, PC and Xbox 360. The game is one of the best titles available for Batman fans, and it is one of the better arena shooters from the previous generation of consoles. The game seeks to settle the dispute between Batman fans and Joker fans once and for all. While we do not have the actual characters in-game, it’s all about fighting for your favorite character as a fan. There are a number of movement and maneuvering techniques that you will need to pick up, a number of skills that each character has, and you need to learn them to wreak havoc against the opposing side. If you are looking for fast-paced action similar to Overwatch, this is the right game for you. A small community is still active, so finding matches aren’t as terrible an experience as you might think it would be.

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3. Paladins (2016)

Even though Paladins went into development long before Overwatch, it is still considered by many to be an Overwatch clone. Unlike Overwatch, Paladins is a free to play title, and of course, there are micro-transactions in-game to keep the game alive. However, there is no competitive advantage to buying in-game items like many other predatory games. The developers did try to implement gameplay-affecting items, but community feedback forced the company to retract on that decision.

Players can also earn in-game currency by simply playing the game, and if you do not want to unlock one character at a time, you can purchase the hero pack and get all characters immediately. There are a number of unlockable cosmetics and more that keep players coming back. The game’s balancing is on point most of the time it has a great roster of characters with unique abilities. If you’ve always wanted to try out Overwatch but got put off by the asking price, Paladins is a great hero shooter that you can pick up and play for free.

2. Block N Load (2015)

Block N Load is the perfect mix of Minecraft and Overwatch. While it offers a similar premise as Overwatch with a number of unique characters battling it out against each other in an objective-based environment, it also has Minecraft-like graphics, which makes things look simplistic. There is a lot of humor embedded in the game, and it’s great for casual gamers who are looking for something that’s heavily focused on fun more than anything else.

Despite the simplistic graphics, the game does pack a steep learning curve. You need to understand ability usage and how best you can leverage your skills to outplay your opponents. There are special abilities in play as well similar to Overwatch’s ultimate abilities, which can swing team fights in your favor. Unfortunately, finding games can be quite troublesome as the game is fairly old now, which means that you would need a bunch of friends and play custom games if you really want to experience what Block N Load has to offer.

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1. PlanetSide 2 (2012)

If Overwatch’s 6v6 game modes are not enough for you, and the gamer in you wants something of more epic proportions, then PlanetSide 2 is the perfect title to check out. The maps are ridiculously large, and you get to control a large number of vehicles as well as you fight for domination. There are three armies battling it out at all times, and you are constantly in the middle of the action. With over 50 players playing on each map, things can get really fun. While it does not share much in common with Overwatch, it is the perfect game for players who want a larger than life experience that Overwatch fails to offer, with its fairly small team size. The game is free to play, and the community is still quite active, so you will find games fairly easily. In the world of battle royale games, the game manages to stand out, and it has a healthy and active community that supports the game.

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