12 Games You Must Play if You Love Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a game that changes with age. You really don’t play it the same way in college as you probably did when you were young. This is because the motive of the game shifts with age. When you are young, the main aim is to win the game and tag the other players as lying bums. However, as you grow up, the motive shifts from competition to one of cooperation. This is when you don’t desire to win but play the game for completely different reasons. Now, we are not going to delve further into what those reasons are but what we are going to delve into are the games that are similar to ‘Truth or Dare’ in some aspect of the other. Here is the list of video games similar to ‘Truth or Dare’ that are our recommendations. You can play these games like ‘Truth or Dare’ on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

12. Genius Quiz

‘Genius Quiz’ is a gauntlet styled quiz game developed and published by indie developer Andre Birnfeld for android and iOS devices. As soon as you start your journey, the game puts you in a gauntlet styled arena where you need to answer one question after the other. There are 100 questions in total and if you manage to answer the first 99 questions correctly, you are awarded with the 100th legendary question. This is the main aim of the game, and you win if you manage to answer this final question correctly.

In addition to this gauntlet mode, you are also able to challenge your friends to matches. A leaderboard is present in the game that allows you to view the leading players both in a global as well as local aspect. ‘Genius Quiz’ is a game that is very similar to ‘Truth or Dare’ in the community aspect of things. It can get a conversation started, if that’s what you are looking for and also rewards you for the same.

11. Skribbl.io

‘Skribbl.io’ is a very simplistic game where you need to draw certain objects on a blank canvas and then let others take guesses at what you have drawn. It is completely browser based, so there is no need of downloading an external app on to your phone or computer. You can just visit the website, log in and start playing the game right away. Now the matchmaking mechanic of the game is a bit botched, so sometimes it pitches you up in a match where players have already accumulated points, making it very hard for you to catch up.

However, if you wait a game or two, then the players generally tend to stabilize and everyone starts off on the same ground. Once you get to know the people that are playing along with you, the game can get quite interactive and fun. Then, there are these trolls who enter the servers and wreak havoc by drawing random stuff all over the canvas and these experiences are more fun than annoying. You can play this game to pass time at home, or in the office by eluding the eyes of your boss; however way we won’t judge but it will surely manage to keep you hooked. Like ‘Truth or Dare’, you can whip out the game at parties and have a fun time figuring out the monstrosities scooped up by other people.

10. Spin the Bottle

‘Spin the Bottle’ is another fun party game that you probably have played before. It is immensely popular among high school kids and college goers as it gives them a chance to get close to their potential love interests. The game starts out with a group of friends sitting around in a circle and then spinning a bottle in the middle. The one that the bottle points to needs may choose to kiss the person who spun the bottle. By choosing to kiss and not to kiss, you can get closer to people you like and convey your feelings to them. And now, there is an online digital version of the game where you can join online rooms and then start playing the game.

Similar to the real world game, you can choose to kiss and not to kiss, thus building relationships with your potential interests. In addition, you are also able to send several gifts to your interests, furthering your chances to build relationships with them. The community aspect is pretty similar to ‘Truth or Date’ and it is a great game to pass some time at alone at home when you don’t feel like socializing in real life.

9. Truth or Dare: Teen Edition

‘Teen Truth or Dare’ is exactly what the name says it is. It is an online social multiplayer rendition of the massively popular game that is targeted towards teenagers. During the course of the game, you will be given various options one by one and you need to answer truthfully in order to progress. The questions get more personal as the game goes on but if you don’t feel like disclosing your secrets, then you can choose the dare option. This requires you to complete a specified task which is usually embarrassing or challenging. This is a perfect game to bring to a Saturday sleepover with your friends or to a party as the interactive aspect of the game is out of the charts. In addition, you don’t need a bunch of phones to play this game. You just need one phone that you pass around the entire group. As the name suggests, this game is very similar to ‘Truth or Dare’ and just turns down the mischief notch just a bit in order to market it to a relatively younger audience.

8. Truth or Dare? Dirty!

This is the dirtier version of the ‘truth and dare’ game and a certain level of discretion is advised when you play through it. The questions in this one are a bit more on the personal side and if you do not know the people in your group that well, then expect a few uncomfortable silences. The dares are relatively more chill relatively and revolves around kissing and getting intimate with your partners. If there are potential partners in the group, then this can turn out to be a fun experience. However, if there is one in the group that does not manage to connect with a potential interest, then it can turn out to be a very tiring experience. So we highly recommend that you whip this one out with caution but if you do manage to find the right circle for it, it can turn out to be a very interactive experience. .

7. Truth or Truth

If you don’t like getting up for the various dares in ‘Truth or Dare’, then this is the perfect game for you. Chill out with your group of friends as you take turns passing the phone around and answering personal questions. This is also a good game to play as a couple if you want to get to know your partner better. There is a large collection of questions in the game, and they are randomly selected. You also have the option to skip questions if you think they are too personal or not right for the setting. The best thing about this game is that you do not need to get up. So if you are laid back like me and finds every excuse to stick to the couch, then my friend, this is the game you have been looking for.

6. Logo Quiz

This is a fun and interactive spin on the trivia and quiz up games where you are given a bunch of logos and you need to come up with the name of the company. You start off by creating a profile and then choosing a bunch of different activities that you are interested in. There are packs of logos bundled together – like one might contain all the food chains and one might contain all the car brands, so you can choose according to your mood. Now there is a huge selection of logos in the game, so don’t feel flustered if you don’t get the first few ones right. Eventually, you’ll come across ones that you are familiar with. In addition, there are several modes in the game such as the ‘Guess the color’ mode where you are required to guess the color of popular logos. With over 3000 logos in the game, you will not run out of content in the foreseeable future. Similar to ‘Truth or Dare’, you are able to play with your friends online and compete in tournaments.

5. Trivia Crack

‘Trivia Crack’ is one of the more polished quizzing experiences out there and allows you to put your knowledge and logical skills to the test. Similar to ‘Truth or Dare’, this is another game that can be made extremely fun at parties in conjunction with some other mechanic. Perhaps the player needs to take a shot or perform a dare if they fail to answer the question correctly. Honestly, this is how we always play the game instead of its online multiplayer mode, and we can say that it is more fun this way.

The game becomes instantly addictive and interactive once you get your friends involved in the mix, so we highly recommend that you get a group before you start playing this one. If you don’t happen to find one, that’s completely fine as well as the game allows you to test your skills against your friends online in a multiplayer mode. This is where you challenge them to matches and gather points. In addition, there are events in the game where you can participate and earn points in a timed format.

4. Gartic.io

‘Gartic.io’ is another fun interactive draw and guess game developed and published by Gartic for android and iOS devices. The game is extremely simplistic and instantly drops you off in a table where you can play the game. This is completely random and hence allows people to connect with new people while playing the game. The beauty of the game is that it manages to transcend all barriers of language, caste, creed and race. There are no complex human factors involved in the game; it’s just your will to participate that is required. At the start of the game, a player is randomly chosen and given a topic that they need to draw on a blank sheet while the other try to guess it as fast as possible. The faster one manages to guess, the more points they accumulate.

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3. SongPop

‘SongPop’ is another interesting take on the social interactive games where the focus is on your knowledge of music. There are a bunch of playlists in the game grouped according to their genre, each containing a snippet of a popular song. There are several playlists for you to choose from and some of them are actually pretty obscure, so be prepared to face a brick wall if you don’t have a grasp over a particular genre or an era of music. You accumulate coins in the game as you progress and win tournaments with which you can buy more playlists.

2. Akinator

If you have played the game ’20 Questions’, then you are probably familiar with the gameplay of this one. ’20 Questions’ is a game where two teams take turns in providing each other with popular characters that their team needs to guess. However, they get to ask only twenty questions through which they need to figure out the character. These may range from real life ones such as Adolf Hitler to fictional ones as well such as Batman. The art of the game is to provide your team with a popular yet obscure name that is not easily decipherable or is confused with other character. ‘Akinator’ is basically the digital version of this which you can play solo while competing against your friends or other people online. If you are at a party and bored with ‘Truth or Dare’, then we highly recommend this game to you.

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1. QuizUp

QuizUp’ is the definitive quiz game and is one of the most popular social interactive games out there. The game allows you to play the basic quiz game against your friends online and compete for the top score. The variety in topics and questions is what sets this game apart from all the other entries on this list. Also, the wide popularity of the game ensures that there is always an active playerbase to play with. Unlike ‘Truth or Dare’, you are able to actually learn some new facts and trivia in addition to building relationships and competing with your friends.

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