10 Best Sex Scenes in the TV Show ‘Girls’

‘Girls’ as a TV show has constantly tried to push the envelope and succeeded every single time, given the associated unsimulated sexual encounters, a group of single women trying to get by in the NYC, and the “getting along” with life part, which has catapulted ‘Girls’ ratings to the top. Moreover, this Lena Dunham’s TV show has also been mired in controversies despite being the recipient of the Golden Globe Award, among other accolades.

The TV series primarily revolves around a group of six friends, Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, Ray, Shoshanna, and Adam, along with Elijah, Desi, and Jake who drop by frequently. Hannah is roommates with Marnie. Hannah is a struggling writer who’s trying to get a hold of herself, Marnie finds it difficult to deal with relationships, Jessa’s an addict who’s trying to cope with life and tries wooing Adam, Hannah’s ex. Shoshanna is a wary virgin (until the first season), Adam is a happy-go-lucky chap as it is, Elijah is Hannah’s ex, who is also gay, initially unbeknownst to Hannah and Desi is Marnie’s partner, who later marry each other before their eventual fallout.

As complicated as it sounds, the advent of adulthood, combined with the naiveties and the nuances of sexual relationships are the drivers of this acclaimed TV show, which is layered and impeccably enacted by all the actors in the most realistic manner. The funny moments are plenty a dozen, with each episode of the six-season TV show having its own dosage of laughter, coupled with ample practicality. This young-women-trying-to-deal-with-the-world series is perhaps one of its kind and is unrelenting in it’s each and every frame. By the means of this list, we bring to you the various sex scenes a.k.a. the “encounters” its characters go through and the associated awkwardness given the situation when or how it happens and how it influences the story going forward. Though most of the sex scenes are cringe-worthy yet honest, some of them are just a meek reminder of how sexual portrayals in cinema boast of realism even when they’re not. Here goes the list of best HBO Girls sex scenes.

10. Season 2 Episode 1, “It’s About Time”

As Elijah and Marnie reconcile after a party, with piling ego from both of their ends, as he calls her names while she tries to dominate him, the sex scene would’ve been one helluva ride if not for the no-boner situation Elijah has, as Marnie tries to roll her eyes in exasperation. The buildup is great, but the fallout is even the more disappointing – in a good way. The ensuing scenes convey the message that despite the provocations of Elijah being bisexual, which he might be, the hookup between a drunk Elijah and Marnie was a little uncalled for.

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9. Season 1 Episode 1, “Pilot”

Hannah calls upon Adam, wherein the former is clearly interested to have some casual fun on a lazy afternoon on Adam’s couch. Things escalate quickly and while Adam is “okay” with going doggie as he grabs a condom, Hannah clearly confronts and asks him to switch positions. All this, amidst their incessant chatter when Adam insists on playing the “quiet game” instead. Perhaps not exactly a “choreographed” sex scene and brutally honest in terms of enactment, the funny, weird moments in between take away the prize.

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8. Season 1 Episode 2, “Vagina Panic”

Yeah, well, you would’ve gotten the gist of it. In this very second episode of the entire show, Hannah and Adam have a go at each other the missionary way, and just when you seem to think you could get over it, hold on, the worst is far from over. A clueless, emotionless, and motionless Hannah responds to Adam’s dirty talk and role plays in a weird way before he tears his condom and masturbates all over on her chest. Again, bordering with funny weirdness, this sex scene portrays the direction and the character development that’s ensuing for the remaining episodes of the series.

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7. Season 5 Episode 5, “Queen for Two Days”

The scene is about Hannah’s first encounter with lesbian sex (as far as this particular TV show is concerned), while she’s out on a retreat with her mother on a weekend. She casually chats with and goes down on a yoga instructor Holly before bailing out and saying “it’s too hot in here..” even when Holly insists otherwise. Perhaps the only same-sex encounter this TV show has, “Queen for Two Days” has all the queening you can see.

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6. Season 1 Episode 4, “Hannah’s Diary”

In an attempt to lose her virginity, Shosh has a go with her old camp friend Matt who’s visiting her. As the temperature rises between the two, amid compliments from Matt about Shosh’s hot bod and how city girls are better than long island girls as he goes down on her, she reveals to him that she’s a virgin which is when Matt stops saying virgins aren’t his thing. Shosh has to wait until the fag end of the season to lose her v-card but anticipatory sex makes this particular scene even the steamier without any explicit nudity.

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5. Season 2 Episode 3, “Bad Friend”

Booth Jonathan, the boastful, pretentious crush of Marnie raises the temperature, apparently, when he takes her to his “lair” which has some weird BDSM kind of artefacts. He locks Marnie inside a “torture” chamber with a TV playing some disturbing videos and then they proceed to “do it” in a star-fish like position, with Booth on the top and Marnie beneath him. The so-called “dirty talk” doesn’t help, nor does the Christian Grey kind-of a portrayal, yet Booth “successfully” proves to Marnie the “man” he pretends to be.

4. Season 1 Episode 6, “The Return”

As Hannah is out indulging herself in awkward sexual encounters and meeting weird people herself, her parents Tad and Loreen make use of the opportune moment to have a run at shower sex, which doesn’t end well for Tad, as he slips and falls out of the shower on the floor. Hannah returns home to find her father naked and now unconscious and helps her mother nurse him back to business again. Talk about things one cannot unsee!

3. Season 5 Episode 4, “Old Loves”

Jessa and Adam have been, from the very beginning, trying to avoid any explicit sexual encounter between them on account of Hannah’s feelings. The simultaneous masturbation in episode 2 of the fifth season kind of portrays their exasperation of not to “touch” each other but themselves, as they go down the path of self-pleasure. In this particular episode, their frustration is seemingly brimming and overflowing when they finally give in and desperately try out all the positions, but guess what? None works the way they had imagined. “Is this what bad sex is like?”, says a struggling Adam towards the end of it.

2. Season 2 Episode 9, “On All Fours”

I guess the episode’s title gives you a fair idea of what this is all about. Although, most of this particular scene seems to be bordering with “forced” sex and misogyny, yet, the darker setup makes it look sexier as it happens – in a “Fifty Shades” kind of a way. Adam, who’s now seeing Natalia has the latter visiting his apartment who calls it depressing. After which, Adam asks her to crawl to his room on all fours, picks her up, performs doggy-style sex and masturbates on her chest while she’s reluctant and uncomfortable throughout, and also wary of Adam soiling her dress, yet she somehow plays by. The overall weirdness and Adam’s sexual desire confront each other in this one, resulting entirely in a different level of creepy.

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1. Season 4 Episode 1, “Iowa”

The “analingus” is riling and ravishing in this one. Though many would call it disgusting to start with, Marnie and Desi seem to be enjoying themselves in the scene, through and through. Perhaps one of the most famous scenes of butt-motorboating as it is popularly called, Desi sinks his face into Marnie’s butt as both enjoy the ensuing indulgence. All of this, while Desi seemingly is cheating on his girlfriend with Marnie.

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