12 Best Game of Thrones Sex Scenes

Disclaimer Warning: If you have not seen ‘Game of Thrones’ and wish to change the status quo, please don’t read this. It has already been established as one of the best shows of contemporary times. Its huge production scale and the popular cast are the driving forces behind its unprecedented success. One of the lesser talked about phenomenons which is equally, if not more, responsible for its popularity is the raw and sensual sex scenes. These often require actors to bare it all with great confidence. The expertly performed and shot scenes are often the talk of the internet and make for popular memes.

‘Game of Thrones’ has a rich history of featuring the hottest sex scenes ever put on TV. Embracing diversity, the show encompasses a number of eclectic individuals on the wide spectrum of sexuality indulging in perhaps the most natural acts of all. Here we list down and rank the hottest scenes from ‘Game of Thrones.’ top sequences featuring sex and nudity from the series include lesbian scenes and explicit gay scenes.

12. Tyrion and Shae (S1, E9)

Shae is a stunning and witty sex worker who ends up in an exclusive relationship with Tyrion without the knowledge of anyone else. Tyrion is head-over-heels in love with Shae, who seems to reciprocate his feelings. They share the most secretive and bizarre aspects of their lives with each other. This love scene between Tyrion and Shae comes when the war is going on at King’s Landing. Later in the series, Shae is put on trial for the assassination of King Joffrey. Moreover, she attempts to kill Tyrion, forcing him to kill her in self-defense.

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11. Jaime and Brienne (S3, E5)

As the show progresses, we get to see various layers of Jaime’s character, and we learn that he may be more kind-hearted and vulnerable than he comes across. Brienne is one woman we all would’ve wanted to see him with. They share a love-hate relationship right from the moment they get to know each other. And just like everyone, Brienne perceives him as a kingslayer and an oath breaker. It is then that they are both in a bath tub and he opens up in front of her how he resents all the accusations. At first, she is extremely uneasy being naked in front of him, but she sees through him as he continues revealing his true self.

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10. Robb and Talisa  (S2 E8)

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The Red Wedding is perhaps the greatest moment in GoT history. The sheer magnitude of killing and the surprise element truly humbled and filled us with unbridled excitement. Robb Stark, the King in the North at that time, successfully marches South and almost succeeds in exacting revenge on the brutality committed against his family. The only thing missing is a companion to share his burdens. He finds that in Talisa, a caring midwife caught in the tumultuous war-mongering between the Starks and the Lannisters. Their coming together is one of the most soothing moments of the season, with the two beautiful actors also being easy on the eyes.

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9. Melisandre and Gendry (S3 E8)

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Well, this was less of a sex scene and more of the Red Priestess’ devilish tricks to win the war. GoT was at a crucial time when this scene took form. The inclusion of magic and superstition made matters complicated and thus required the blood of Robert Baratheon. Gendry, the latter’s bastard, became an easy target for the Red Priestess and her conniving partners. She successfully seduced him in, carefully executing her plan to perfection, and indulged in pseudo-passionate love-making. She soon tied him to the bed and released her minion army of blood-sucking leeches. Believe me, you don’t want to hear more.

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8. Jaime and Cersei (S4 E10)

The incest part is a bit disturbing, to be really honest. It’s quite bizarre to see blood-related sister and brother get physically involved.  Setting the tone for the same since the first episode, GoT again surprised us and blew away our minds with this scene. Even by the show’s standards, it was a bit too extreme. The brother-sister-cum-romantic lovers had just lost their beloved son Joffrey and were mourning his death. Instead of bidding adieu and weaving eulogies, the two engaged in some rough and tough action, right in front and on the body of their dead son. That’s when we get an insight into how obsessed these two are with each other. It was again a testament to their undying love and strength to face the world. Even though it wasn’t (sigh).

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7. Greyworm and Missandei (S7 E2)

We all are very well versed with the process of a male and female engaging in sex. But ‘GoT’ sure challenged that and forced us to think deeper and beyond the physical confines of the body. In this episode, Missandei and Greyworm consummated their long-seething romance with a gentle sex scene. The union of Greyworm and Missandei finally opened the doors for another love story to blossom, only this time, the main challenge was the former’s mutilated genitals. But the passion with which they held each other and Missandei put Greyworm to work; it was quite a spectacle. And one of the highlights of the season. They finally act on their feelings, and it is a rare scene in a gratuitous violent show like GoT. Throughout the series, Missandei portrays a composed and poised front. However, it is in this moment we finally get to see a more vulnerable side to the character. Among the grimness this show serves, this scene is soothing to watch.

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6. Daenerys and Jon Snow (S7 E7)

Even if we couldn’t see it all, this was the one we were all waiting for. The two biggest characters on Game of Thrones finally came together in the last scene of season seven, and boy were we happy. The glaring and obvious signs that the two are made for each other almost got us pulling our hair out. The scene became an internet sensation as soon as it hit the screens. Probably the most important scene in the history of the show, it paved the way for the North to unite with Daenerys’ army and dragons. The upcoming season promises to surprise and exhilarate.

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5. Sam and Gilly (S5 E7)

This on-screen pairing remains one of the favorite among fans. Amidst the White Walkers breaking walls and Cersei blowing up domes, Sam and Gilly managed to bring a smile to our faces and show us the true power of love. Their coming together brought much positive attention and praise to the makers of the series, who had been criticized for making the narrative “too dark.” It is also worthy to note that the actors playing the two characters are also a couple in real life, which makes this scene even more satiating.

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4. Ros and Armeca (S1 E7)

Again, the first season of the show has more action than the original source material. Indeed, it was used as click-bait to draw the attention of the audience. The rich and lavish lifestyles of the Kings and Queens in ancient times required a certain degree of vulgarity and boldness. The power-wielding authoritarians viewed women as sexual objects and nothing more, and thus glorified the idea of brothels. Ros is a pivotal character in the initial stages of the show, and this particular scene drew a lot of attention from viewers across the world.

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3. Theon and the Threesome (S3 E7)

According to me, Theon has been the luckiest bloke on the show. His endless litany of partners in bed is impressive and will elicit envious eyes. This particular time, the two wonderful ladies above were with him and the scene was nothing short of extraordinary acting. It got the dark knight rising like nothing else. A glaring snare for Theon, set up by the evil Ramsay Bolton, the scene turned out to be a visual treat for the audience and stands out for its artistic and aesthetic flavor. A true masterpiece of a scene!

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2. Daenerys and Drogo (S1 E2)

Women have it tough in the world of GoT, and Daenerys is definitely the toughest one. She has mental and emotional endurance like no other. In season 1, her power-hungry brother Viserys marries her off to hulking warlord Drogo. Daenerys lays the first stone of her immaculate and commanding personality with this scene in the episode. She truly becomes the Khaleesi, the unflinching and proud queen of Khal Drogo. Defying traditions and the dogmatic and materialistic treatment of women at the hands of the Dothraki, Daenerys reigns supreme, rather demanding that the Khal “face her tonight.” The experience eventually becomes more enjoyable for both, and Daenerys earns newfound respect from her newly wedded husband.

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1. Jon Snow and Ygritte (S3 E5)

Right from the moment Jon Snow and Ygritte’s eyes cross, there was an unspoken spark between both. They are perhaps the most ‘lit’ pairing in the show’s history. A real-life pair off the screen as well, the intense and passionate consummation of their relationship is set against the beautiful backdrop of white snow in the war-torn region beyond the wall. The scene is so natural and the union of Jon Snow and Ygritte comes at a critical point in the season.

The “You Know nothing Jon Snow” quote became the talk of the town and is a recognised part of the cultural references. A scene of epic proportions, which deserves equally proportionate and epic attention. Among other meaningless sex and nude scenes, this one was exceptionally filled with romance and perhaps even love. This episode called, Kissed By Fire had one of those rare, beautifully lit love making scenes filmed in a cave near a hot spring. Could there be any other romantic setting than this one? Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are now happily married in real life. We’re not crying, but are you?

BONUS: Sure, the sex scenes in Game of Thrones are sensual. But let’s be honest. There is much more to them. The same can be said about the countless nude scenes in the show. We thought that why not list down the most significant Game of Thrones nude scenes that completely changed the course of the show. Here they are. 

Dadaenery’s Hatched Her Dragons

In season 1 finale episode, the viewers first caught a glimpse of Daenerys’ dragons. It was an emotionally tragic moment for Daenerys as she loses her husband, Khal Drogo and as she walks into Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre and hatches her dragon eggs. When she comes out of there unburnt and unharmed, everyone bows down in front of her. She had three dragons: black with red markings named Drogon, green with bronze markings named Rhaegal, and cream with gold markings called Viserion. Season seven finale marks the sad demise of Viserion, even worse, when it comes back as a dragon wight.

Jon Snow Resurrected (S6, E3)

Jon Snow’s sudden death left everyone traumatized and marking for a sensational season finale. Earlier we had seen Red Woman resurrect Beric Dondarrion, which served as a ray of hope for the viewers who were rooting for Malisandre bringing Jon back to life. The process used in this long-awaited resurrection was different than the one she used before. We see Melisandre appealing to the Lord of the Light to give back life to John. She mumbles some things in Valyrian and the Lord Commander lives again. As exciting and spine-chilling as it sounds, it was one of those rare moments when we were relieved to see our favorite character up and about.

Melisandre Revealing Her True Self  (S6, E1)

Melisandre was the seductive Red Priestess of the Red God, who appeared to be a woman of apprehensive powers and her character has proven to have far more depth than they initially lead us to believe. When Jon Snow died in the season five finale, all of us were heart-broken, shattered and dazed to our very core; Melisandre came to our rescue as she brought Jon back to life. Then, it was revealed that she had been keeping a secret with her all this while. She takes off her clothes and transforms into an elderly woman in this very episode. It made for a remarkable and visually striking ending to the episode.

Cersei’s Walk of Shame (S5, E10)

In the season five finale we witnessed a brutal punishment endured by Cersei. Cersei was made to walk down the streets of King’s landing, all naked. She was found guilty of intimately involving with her cousin, Lancel. After confessing to adultery with Lancel, she had to walk through the entire town as a walk of atonement. Cersei was defined entirely by her pride and this unusually cruel punishment directed at her was to break her pride. Although you never root for Cersei, you somehow feel a bolt of pity while you watch her walk helplessly through the crowd that hates her. Here’s a fun fact: Cersei’s grueling public shaming was based on a real-life incident.

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