6 Best Outlander Sex Scenes, Ranked

‘Outlander’ is, definitely, one of the sexiest indicates on Television. Female fans of the show reckon the main man Sam Heughan is “ridiculously sexy”, however, he’s especially attractive in person as Jamie Fraser, an 18th-century Scottish hunk who occurs to be the soul mate of a time-traveling nurse. Caitriona Balfe is another hot persona. Despite not having the kind of following Sam has, she has a raunchy sex appeal of her own. Together, Claire and Jamie make up one of the favorite TV show couples, and I’m not ashamed to confess that their sex scenes have made me blush on several occasions. In the midst of season 5 coming soon, I’ve decided to rank the best of ‘Outlander’ sex scenes. Here is the list of really good ‘Outlander’ sex scenes, selected from all the prior seasons and episodes.

6. The Finale Sex Scene (S03E13)

This episode of ‘Outlander’ disappoints with its handling of race, similar to the episode before this one brought a questionable storyline about slavery, this episode’s depicted a tribal ceremony which appeared to dip into each possible stereotype of the “savage.” For a show that receives a lot of praise in terms of the woman experience, Outlander has a whole lot of work to do when it comes to race.

Notwithstanding these screw-ups, the episode manages to redeem itself with a much-needed sex scene between Jamie and Claire. After the trials of the past few months, the Frasers are in the end able to be themselves, properly. I mean it’s the best they may get whilst on a ship inside earshot of a few dozen guys. It is a splendid scene that underscores just how essential Jamie and Claire’s dating is to the show. And the way it suffers when we do not get those beautiful, intimate moments between them.

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5. The Pregnancy Sex Scene (S02E04)

After numerous episodes of slowly re-setting up their relationship, Jamie and Claire ultimately reconnect on a darkish and stormy dawn. The intercourse is gradual and intimate, an outline of their mutual comfort for one and other. And it certainly is incredible to see the band getting returned collectively. We don’t often get to see natural pregnancy sex on TV and ‘Outlander’ did justice and showed Claire’s bump in all of its glory. The series broke taboo and they dealt with it like just another scene. To cite one of the producers Matthew “Outlander never shies away from these moments, and instead makes them natural. We do have a feminine gaze, and that gaze is that women are real people who do things everyone does.”

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4. The Mild Yet Hot Sex Scene (S02E8)

The second season is sadly mild on sex scenes, and very heavy on, shall we say cuddling? This is one of the season’s many ‘the whole thing but’ scenes, in which Jamie and Claire just make out furiously like teenagers. I’ve got given this one a better ranking than some other actual intercourse scenes because Jamie is shirtless and hence, revealing a little more skin than many cuddling scenes, despite him being semi-naked for spurious reasons by no means quite explained in the plot. Despite not being high on passionate sex, the scene offers pleasant lovemaking. The couple’s chemistry makes a normal make-out scene look hot. And I don’t need to explain the impact when they actually get going, which they will do in the next three scenes.

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3. The Knife Sex Scene (S01E09)

In this scene, Claire’s feminism leads to a rousing cheer from the fans of the show. After Jamie spanks Claire mercilessly for ‘disobeying him’, Claire uses a pivotal second to remind him that she’s okay with rough sex, but best whilst it is consensual. In Producer Matthew’s words, “Few people see this as a very S&M scene, and I don’t see it as that at all, even though that is my script”. It was a very talked about scene and producer Matthew believes a part of this is because it indicates Claire and Jamie turning into equals. There has been plenty of time spent choreographing this scene ensuring the actors felt at ease and the knife became plain enough before the scene so there can be no chance of Sam getting stabbed.

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2. The Sex Scene in the Woods (S01E11)

No one will ever overlook the scene within the woods in which Jamie abandoned his own choice for pleasure just to do something for Claire. The scene is from his perception and it is far more steamy than most of the scenes. “There were a couple of people who were like ‘Oh come on now, what man is going to do this and not simply roll over and end the job for himself? But that is not what the scene is about”, says one of the screenwriters Toni Graphia. The smile Sam gives throughout that scene is by no means written into the script and it displays his desire to do it. Matthew explains, “Sex on this season encompasses a number of unselfish sex acts. if you do each sex scene the same each time, people become bored. it’s almost like you give parts of a whole.”

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1. The Wedding Night Sex Scene (S01E07)

It’ is probably one of Outlander’s most iconic scenes, Jamie and Claire have sex for the first time on the night of their wedding. The scene is gradual and sensual however there has been a lot of effort and elaborate choreography that went into it. actually, this is Jamie’s first time. And although we realize that parts two, and 3, followed quickly and with ever-growing amounts of delight for Claire, the first time is usually the trickiest. there are lots of heavy breathing and sexy unlacing of corsets. After multiple vigorous thrusts, it is all over.

Producer Matthew says “What we normally do for intimate scenes like this is rehearse first, prior to the day. You want the actors to be relaxed with the moves they are making. You have to let them be free to open up in front of the team”. Probably, having this dedicated production team, sensible writers and utmost professional actors, the ‘Outlander’ sex scenes turn out so good.

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