Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Gossip Girl‘ on HBO Max is a reboot of the popular television series of the same name that aired from 2007 to 2012. The reboot/sequel is also loosely based on author Cecily von Ziegesar’s ‘Gossip Girl’ series of novels. The teen drama revolves around the lives of half-sisters Julien Calloway and Zoya Lott as they experience high school’s tumultuous highs and lows. Meanwhile, the titular blogger’s presence makes the lives of Julien, Zoya, and their friends miserable by leaking intimate and scandalous details about their lives.

The series’ second season picks after Julien sheds her social media influencer persona and tries to form a real sisterly bond with Zoya. However, Julien’s agreement with Gossip Girl continues to impact the lives of everyone, including Aki, Audrey, and Max, who are trying to find balance in their new relationship. Meanwhile, a new rival for Julien emerges, leading to interesting consequences. If you wish to catch up on the sizzling developments of the Upper East Siders in ‘Gossip Girl’ season 2 episode 1, here is everything you need to know about the episode’s events and ending! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The second season premiere opens moments after the aftermath of Julien’s New Year’s getaway at Aki’s dad’s house in Hudson. Obie disappears from everyone’s lives, and Zoya focuses on carving her own identity. Max, Aki, and Audrey progress their relationship and decide to become a throuple. Meanwhile, Julien gives up her Instagram fame and joins hands with Gossip Girl, providing her with tips that are a mixture of truth and fiction. Soon, the second semester starts at school, and the entire gang reassembles except for Obie.

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Julien and Zoya struggle with their new living arrangement and have trouble becoming real sisters. On the other hand, Julien’s relationship with Nick improves as he proves himself a capable caretaker for Julien. However, Zoya feels neglected and dislikes Julien and Nick’s growing bond. Julien also decides to focus on her career ambitions and wants to attend college. However, she must boost are academics and speak with Miss Kate Keller, who, unbeknownst to Julien, is the mind behind Gossip Girl. Kate meets Mike, the Russian classics teacher at the school who had been on a sabbatical. However, they start off on the wrong note after Mike claims Kate’s office.

Elsewhere, Audrey is extremely happy with her new relationship, which includes Aki and Max. While things are going smoothly, Max fears that Audrey and Aki’s feelings for him aren’t real. Therefore, he asks them to make their relationship public. However, Aki and Audrey find excuses to delay the revelation. As a result, Max becomes convinced that Aki and Audrey do not want him in the relationship. Hence, he gives them an ultimatum.

Meanwhile, Luna and Monet discuss Julien’s downfall as the “Queen Bee,” and Monet no longer wishes to help boost Julien’s public profile. She plans to attend the debutant ball organized by her family, the de Haans. Luna suggests that Julien must also participate in the ball, as it would give her followers something to talk about after Julien disappears from social media. Monet agrees to invite Julien but seemingly has another plan in her mind.

Kate tells Julien that she must focus on her extra circulars to have a chance of getting into a good college. As a result, Julien decides to attend the ball. She convinces Zoya to help her with the practice. Zoya reluctantly agrees but brings her new friend, Shan, to the practice. Nick decides to chaperone Julien at the ball, as all girls must be accompanied by their fathers. Max forces Audrey and Aki to reveal their relationship at the ball, but they feel pressured and avoid the situation. However, Max realizes his fault and decides to give Audrey and Aki time to come to terms with their unconventional relationship before they are ready to tell the world. At the ball, Monet sets her plan in motion.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1 Ending: Who Wins the Ball? Why Does Monet Fight Julien?

The debutant ball has been condemned for its regressive ideas, but the de Haan family has transformed it into a more inclusive and progressive event. However, certain ideas, like the women requiring men to escort them during the event, still have regressive undertones. The same is highlighted when one of the contestants requests to be accompanied by her girlfriend but is turned down. However, Zoya and Shan arrange for the contestant’s girlfriend to be at the event. During Julien’s introduction, her father surprisingly shows up at the event, much to her dismay. Monet introduces herself as Queer and is accompanied by her girlfriend instead of her father. However, she does not receive the desired response due to Zoya and Shan’s actions.

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Ultimately, a brawl ensues at the ball when Monet fights Julien and attacks Zoya. Monet reveals that she invited Julien’s father to undermine her friend and wanted to take the spotlight for herself. Monet wanted to attack the regressive ideas of the ball by making a bold statement and coming out as Queer during the event. However, after her plan fails, she blames Julien and Zoya. Later, Julien and Zoya clear their misunderstandings and progress as sisters.

In the episode’s final moments, Julien visits Monet and demands an explanation for her actions. Monet reveals that she no longer wants to be Julien’s underling as Julien does not respect the impact and importance of the privilege she has. As a result, Monet wants Julien’s “crown.” Julien is happy to concede it, but Moment insists that she will fight Julien and take it away. Thus, the episode ends as Monet formally announces herself as Julien’s rival, and Julien seemingly accepts the challenge.

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