Paramount+’s Henry Danger: The Movie Starts Filming in Vancouver Early Next Year

The filming of Paramount+’s comedy film ‘Henry Danger: The Movie’ is set to commence in Vancouver, British Columbia, early next year. Based on Nickelodeon’s eponymous comedy series, the movie revolves around Henry Hart, who becomes a local hero in Dystopia after leaving behind his Swellview days. Just as the trappings of fame begin to weigh on him, a transformative twist unfolds with the introduction of Missy Martin, a dedicated superfan who unexpectedly turns his world upside down.

In the series finale of ‘Henry Danger,’ after years of superheroic adventures, Henry Hart reveals his identity as Kid Danger to his closest friends and family. The heartfelt revelation leads to a poignant and emotional farewell to his crime-fighting alter ego. With Swellview in good hands, Henry moves on to new chapters in his life, which sets up the film’s narrative.

Joe Menendez is at the helm of the film. He is known for directing multiple episodes of CBS All Access/Paramount+’s science fiction seriesStar Trek: Picard,’ The CW’s martial arts series ‘Kung Fu,’ and Robert Rodriguez’s horror series ‘From Dusk till Dawn: The Series.’ The movie is penned by ‘Henry Danger’ co-writers Chris Nowak and Jake Farrow. Dan Schneider, who co-created the original show, serves as a producer.

Jace Norman is gearing up to once again step into the shoes of Henry Hart, the youthful alter ego of the heroic Kid Danger. Norman is undoubtedly a recognizable performer for Nickelodeon audiences. Beyond his role in ‘Henry Danger,’ the actor has graced several other projects within the kids media empire. Notable among these is the well-received hour-long ‘Henry Danger’ musical. Additionally, the actor plays the lead in various TV movies for Nickelodeon, such as ‘Splitting Adam,’ ‘Rufus,’ and ‘Bixler High Private Eye.’ He also served as an executive producer for the latter.

Norman remained closely tied to Nickelodeon since the conclusion of the series. While serving as a producer of ‘Danger Force,’ he occasionally reprises his role as Kid Danger within the series. When describing his connection with the show, the actor emphasized the familial bond, stating, “It’s like my family. Going back there feels nice, just to do one episode and go in and out.”

Vancouver has been consistently serving as a prominent filming hub in the industry, giving a remarkable backdrop to numerous noteworthy projects. The latest standout among these productions is the acclaimed TV miniseries ‘The Fall of the House of Usher.’ Keep an eye out for further updates on the latest exploits of ‘Henry Danger’ as we eagerly anticipate more news concerning this movie adaptation.

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