High and Low The Worst X Ending, Explained: Why Was Suzaki Ryo Working For Kohei?

‘High & Low: The Worst X’ is a spin-off in the multimedia ‘High & Low’ franchise. Directed by Norihisa Hiranuma and Daisuke Ninomiya, ‘High & Low: The Worst X’ picks up after the events of its predecessor movie ‘High & Low The Worst,’ and follows the story of previous fan favorites Fujio, Tsukasa, and Todoroki, among others. It also introduces new characters of Kouhei, Ryo, and Raoh into the cinematic aspect of the franchise. ‘High & Low: The Worst X’ is a Japanese action flick that delivers appropriately on the action front, filled as it is with entertaining action sequences directed by Masaki Suzumura and Takahito Ôuchi.

The plot, in turn, revolves around rival high school gangs picking fights with each other at every turn while exploring themes of loyalty, friendship, and unity. The inclusion of so many new faces alongside legacy characters can make the plot a bit hard to follow at times due to the franchise’s existing enormity. If, by the end of the movie, you were left with some questions about its characters and settings, then here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘High & Low: The Worst X.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

High & Low: The Worst X Plot Synopsis

Set 3 years after the end of Oya Highschool and Housen Academy’s rivalry, ‘High & Low: The Worst X’ opens with an alliance forming between the institutes of Senomon Technical High, Kamasaka High, and Ebara High. Senomon’s leader Amagai Kohei, a rich delinquent who wants to establish power over the city of S.W.O.R.D., leads this three-school alliance into planning an attack against Oya Highschool. Meanwhile, the head of Oya High, Hanaoka Fujio, seeks out Suzuran’s Raoh, a man steeped in legends and tall tales. As Fujio goes around town, picking fights with Suzuran students and reacquainting with the Housens, his friend, Tsukasa, meets up with Todoroki to discuss their suspicions over rival power-hungry schools.

As Kohei’s power grows with the help of his affluent influence as well as the muscle aid of Suzaki Ryo, the three-school alliance eventually attacks Oya High en masse. The ambush takes the delinquents of Oya by surprise. Kohei’s gang vastly overpowers and outnumbers the Oya students, but some of them manage to retreat from the fight, including the heads of Oya High, Fujio, and Todoroki. However, after losing to Ryo, Tsukasa, on the other hand, is taken hostage by Kohei. Fujio must now face off against Kohei to rescue his friend and prove Oya High’s place as the greatest in S.W.O.R.D. city.

High & Low: The Worst X Ending: Why Was Suzaki Ryo Working For Kohei?

Ryo and Kohei make up a dynamic villainous duo and serve as the main antagonists in ‘High & Low: The Worst X.’ However, Ryo does not wholeheartedly agree with Kohei and his ways. Through forlorn glances and regretful stares, Ryo establishes himself as a character with hidden depth pretty early on in the story. Furthermore, other characters like, Sameota and Tsukasa also question his motives and reasons for working with Kohei. Ryo is a formidable fighter. He’s quick and not afraid to take a few punches. It’s pretty obvious why Kohei would want him on his side. However, throughout the story, Kohei hardly ever gives Ryo any reason to stick by him.

Kohei is a classic spoiled rich brat who treats people like pawns in his game and even admits to doing so to their faces. When he is transferred to Senomon Technical High, Ryo accompanies him to the new school. With Ryo’s help, Kohei quickly takes control over Senomon and its students. Kohei’s pursuit of establishing himself as the most powerful man in the city is also largely backed by Ryo and his fighting abilities. In fact, we rarely ever see Kohei fighting his own battles. The reason behind this power imbalance between the two is twofold.

On the surface, it’s because Ryo’s father works for Kohei’s father. Ryo’s father used to own a business, but he soon went bankrupt and was bought out by Kohei’s father. Therefore, now he works as a chauffeur for the Amagais and remains in their debt. For the same reason, when Kohei had to transfer to Senomon, Ryo followed after him. While this does provide some insight into the toxic friendship between the two, it’s still not the whole picture. Ryo hasn’t just sworn his allegiance to Kohei like others in his gang. Ryo is truly loyal to Kohei to a concerning level.

The reason behind Ryo’s unyielding loyalty to Kohei is because of their childhood friendship. As kids, Kohei had once beaten up some of Ryo’s bullies. In doing so, Kohei had proven his friendship to Ryo and made him believe the two shared a bond. As they grew up, that bond deteriorated, with Kohei becoming bitter and power-hungry. However, Kyo still stuck beside him, even when it had become obvious that Kohei no longer considered him a friend. When Kohei starts to lose his fight against Oya High, Ryo is the last man standing beside him, even after everyone else flees. In the end, the distance between the two starts to bridge, and a tentative friendship starts to blossom. After losing out to Fujio, Kohei promises to return, and Ryo— true to his character— sticks by his friend’s side.

Who is Raoh?

Raoh is a new addition to the ‘High & Low’ franchise and makes his on-screen debut in this movie. He’s the strongest student at Suzuran High. He leads his own faction consisting of only six people. There is a lot of legend surrounding Roah, and he is generally considered to be a dangerous man no one would want to mess with. Even though his faction is small, he still commands respect and control over the lawless grounds of Suzuran High. In the beginning, Fujio is curious about Raoh and wants to know more about him. His curiosity leads him to the campus of Suzuran High, where he tries to seek Raoh out but only meets his crew.

Later, with the help of Tsukasa, Fujio finds out more about Raoh and his past. Raoh’s real name is actually Misaki Mario. When he was just a baby, his parents left him at an orphanage named The Kasumi House. Initially, he had been a quiet child, but he soon realized his strength when he broke up a fight between two kids. From then on, he started to look out for his brothers and sisters, using his fists to solve their problems. A known story surrounding Raoh is that of Pub Ruby.

Raoh once, as a first-year, started a brawl at the Pub, which resulted in the bar shutting down forever. Most people assume the brawl had started because of some inconsequential thing. However, Raoh was at the Ruby Pub in the first place to confront a kid’s abusive father. Raoh had beat up the kid’s father and warned him to stay away from him. After hearing the real story behind Pub Ruby, Fujio realizes Raoh is not a monster as people often paint him to be. Instead, Fujio sees Raoh as a caring, honorable man and extends a hand of friendship to him. In the end, this friendship between Raoh and Fujio plays a big part in Fujio’s victory against Kouhei when Raoh and his crew show up as backups for the Oyas.

Does Ueda Sachio Come Back to S.W.O.R.D. City?

Ueda Sachio was one of the protagonists in the last installment of the ‘High & Low’ franchise, ‘High & Low The Worst.’ He was the head of Housen and had led the strongest generations of delinquents from the Academy. Fujio had befriended Sachio in the previous movie, and the two had left things off on friendly terms. However, in ‘High & Low: The Worst X,’ when Fujio visits Housen, Sachio isn’t there. Sachio had to move abroad because of his mother’s declining health. As the plot progresses, Fujio receives a letter from Sachio, wherein Sachio asks Fujio not to pick a fight with Raoh.

Later on, Oya High recruits the help of Housen Academy for their final battle against Kohei. Housen agrees to join them because the Alliance had put Shidaken, a Housen student, in a coma. Additionally, the head of Housen also reasons that Sachio would have wanted to help Fujio, which is why the rest of the Housens will too. It isn’t until near the end of the story that Sachio finally proves this theory right. Sachio shows up after Kohei calls up more goons for manpower. He helps out Oya High students win the fight. Sachio’s involvement in the plot is minimal, but his fans will enjoy his sudden, unpredictable appearance.

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