HIMYF: Do Sophie and Jesse Get Back Together?

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The second season of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father’ revolves around Sophie and Jesse’s lives as they try to form a meaningful relationship individually after their separation in the first season finale. Sophie goes to meet a series of men, ranging from Oscar to Robert, only to fail to build a long-living togetherness with any of them. Jesse, on the other hand, gets back together with his ex-girlfriend Meredith and eventually ends up with his colleague Parker, which stops Sophie from expressing her true feelings for him. As the second season of the series concludes, the viewers must be wondering whether they get back together. Well, let us provide the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Sophie and Jesse Reunited

Yes, Sophie and Jesse do get back together. Soon after breaking up with Jesse in the first season finale, Sophie realizes that she should give their relationship another chance, only to witness him getting back together with Meredith. She then starts to think that she shouldn’t come in between Jesse and his new partner, which makes her hide her feelings for him. However, even when Jesse breaks up with Meredith, Sophie fails to express her feelings to the music teacher, possibly because fearing rejection. After having failed relationships one after the other, the last thing Sophie can manage must be Jesse rejecting her feelings, which explains why she chooses to hide the same.

Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/Hulu

Jesse, on the other hand, has feelings for Sophie but he doesn’t pull himself to express the same. He has told him how much he loves her once, only for her to break his heart. Jesse must be fearing the repetition of such an instance, which leads him to date others, only for him to end up with Parker. That’s when Sophie learns about the love song he has written for her. From Drew, Sophie garners the lyrics of the song and realizes that Jesse has feelings for her and that he will not reject her. Such a realization leads her to confront Jesse, only for them to express their feelings for each other during a fight.

Jesse knows that Sophie has feelings for him for a long time but he only wants them to be in a relationship if the latter is ready to accept the same. Sophie’s commitment issues have always stopped her from forming meaningful relationships with men and Jesse doesn’t want to be another guy in the long list. He is ready to give their togetherness another chance only if Sophie embraces her love for him and expresses it without fear as he does to her. In the twentieth episode of the second season, amid a hurricane in New York City, Sophie realizes that Jesse is worth being vulnerable to and tells him that she loves him.

Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/Hulu

Meanwhile, Jesse realizes that he hasn’t moved on from Sophie to run away to Parker. He must have realized that his relationship with his colleague has been nothing but his way of running away from the loneliness he has been experiencing and a distraction from witnessing Sophie hiding her feelings for him. Such a realization happens exactly when Sophie shows the courage to tell him that she loves him, which leads to their reunion as a couple. Sophie must have perceived that if there’s anyone worth taking a risk, with all her commitment issues and fears, it is the man who has been loving her for a year even when she has been hiding her love for him.

When Sophie tells Jesse that she loves him, the latter must have found the security he has been yearning for in their relationship. He seemingly values Sophie’s efforts to overcome her worst fears to be with him, which makes him reunite with her. Jesse also expresses his fear of getting hurt by Sophie but they both trust each other enough to be together rather than to reject each other due to their fears.

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