How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 13 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The thirteenth episode of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father’ season 2, titled ‘Family Business,’ follows the aftermath of Sophie’s meeting with her biological father Nick. Although she initially considers not connecting with him, Nick accidentally finds out that he has a daughter, which leads him to the former. Jesse and Charlie go to a nearby bar to meet women to deal with their “loneliness.” Even though they succeed in getting acquainted with two appealing women, Jesse’s companionship with one of them doesn’t last long. The intriguing episode ends with a startling development that affects Valentina’s life. If you are eager to know more about the same, let us share our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

‘Family Business’ begins with Nick meeting Sophie at Pemberton’s. He reveals to her that he heard her talking about him being her father through the security camera outside his hotdog restaurant. She explains that she is the daughter of Lori, whom he met during Lollapalooza three decades back. Nick remembers meeting Lori and having an intimate night with her. Nick and Sophie decide to meet the next day for lunch to bond as a father and daughter. Valentina believes that her boyfriend Swish has an affair, which gives her a reason to break up with him. To celebrate her impending breakup, she goes to an open house with Ellen.

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Valentina and Ellen realize that they are at the house of singer and fashion icon Missy Mortiz. They try on Missy’s hats, only to infuriate the singer. The duo even cherishes the harsh words Missy tells them as they get thrown out of the house. Valentina loses Swish’s grandma’s ring at Missy’s house but manages to retrieve the same from the singer. During their lunch date, Nick tells Sophie that his business is going down since the bar across from his restaurant had shut down. To save her father’s business, Sophie convinces Sid to sell Nick’s hotdogs at Pemberton’s. The father and daughter bond over an enormous sale, which makes Sophie asks the former to continue the same at the bar.

Since Jesse hasn’t dated in a while, he asks Charlie to accompany him to a nearby bar. Charlie agrees and they leave for the same to meet potential dates. Charlie impresses the women at the place with his English accent while Jesse fails to garner their attention with his lame jokes. Frustrated, Jesse starts to fake an English accent upon asking Charlie to speak in an American one. Although they meet Julia and Angelina with the same, they get forced to come clean about the accents. Julia still decides to date Charlie but Angelina reveals to Jesse that she is engaged.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 13 Ending: Will Valentina and Swish Get Married?

Swish meets Valentina to come clean about his puzzling behavior, only for the latter to tell him that she already knows about his affair. A surprised Swish reveals that he doesn’t have an affair and that the secret he has been harboring is about the surprise engagement party he has been planning for her. He reminds her that they are going to get married, forcing Valentina to find a way to break up with him. Swish and Valentina most likely will not get married since the latter doesn’t have any interest in committing to a man and the possibility of nurturing a family in the near future.

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Even when Swish proposes to her, Valentina sees the same as a joke, hoping that the former will lose interest in her in no time. She doesn’t even consider a long-term relationship with Swish since the latter has been nothing but a distraction for her after her emotionally turbulent breakup with Charlie. Therefore, Valentina doesn’t have any reason to move forward with their impending wedding. She may try her best to make Swish realize that their engagement is nothing but a long-lasted farce. Valentina hasn’t done the same yet because she doesn’t want to hurt the heart of the “kid.” However, she likely wouldn’t prolong doing the same when her future is on the line with their planned marriage.

Swish wants to get married to Valentina only because he believes that the latter loves him a lot. He is expected to call it off once he comes to know that she never had any true feelings for him. Swish wants to share his life with someone who is crazy about him and he wouldn’t want to do the same with Valentina if he comes to know that his fiancée doesn’t want to cherish a marital union with him. We may see Valentina seeking the help of her gang to find a way to “disengage” her and her fiancé most likely before their engagement party.

Do Sophie and Nick Connect?

Ever since meeting and getting to know each other, Nick and Sophie try to bond as father and daughter. Since they don’t have any common interests, Sophie realizes that she needs to be innovative to connect with her father, which leads her to find a place for Nick to sell hotdogs at Pemberton’s. Their first attempt yields impressive results as the father-daughter duo rocks the bar but Nick doesn’t want to travel all the way to the city every day to do the same. Since he doesn’t want to express the same to Sophie directly, he asks one of the latter’s cousins to pretend to be a Polish hotdog seller to stop him from selling hotdogs in his territory.

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Sophie doesn’t take long to find out the truth about the Polish hotdog seller, which affects her relationship with Nick. However, the father and daughter still find a way to connect. He tells her that he rather rely on an elaborate lie than hurt the other person with the truth, which has been nothing but the foundation of Sophie’s entire adulthood. Since Sophie can relate to relying on such elaborate lies, she connects with her father over the same. Although there aren’t many common interests between Sophie and Nick, they are expected to remain connected and cherish their relationship over trivial similarities. After living without a family for a long time, they may not want to lose each other only because they are different as individuals.

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