Lifetime’s Hunting Housewives: Filming Locations and Cast Explored

Under the direction of Marco Deufemia, ‘Hunting Housewives’ is a Lifetime comedy thriller that sees four affluent housewives crash into a forest, having to survive while realizing their accident may have been a setup. The narrative revolves around Karla, Carron, Joli, and Sharell Bouvier as they board a chartered flight for a spa retreat, taking a break from their busy lives, children, and husbands. Things take a turn for the worse when their jet crashes into a forest, leaving the ill-equipped housewives to fend for themselves with the minimal resources in their designer bags.

While their initial foray into the world of survival creates hilarious moments, the unlikely survivalists soon realize that they are being watched, as one of their husbands has planned their desperate scenario. As the housewives begin to take down the cameras rigged all over the forest, they must not only contend with the elements and wild animals in the area but also a mysterious figure hunting them. With the Lifetime film dropping the divas in their most aversive habitat, one may investigate where shooting for the movie actually took place.

Where Was Hunting Housewives Filmed?

‘Hunting Housewives’ was filmed across sites in the province of Ontario, particularly within the Greater Toronto Area. Principal photography was carried out between July and August of 2023. The film’s cast and crew apparently had a blast behind the scenes, with most of the actors and actresses taking to social media to express their positive experiences. Let us take a closer look at the specific shooting sites used in the creation of ‘Hunting Housewives.’

Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

The production crew utilized the forested landscapes within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to recreate the setting of a rough forest environment for the characters to survive in. One of the key advantages of filming in the forests of the GTA is the variety of terrain available. From dense woodlands to tranquil meadows and winding trails, the region offers a range of environments that can accommodate different scenes and plot developments. This diversity allowed the film crew of ‘Hunting Housewives’ to create a dynamic and visually engaging portrayal of the housewives’ survival journey.

The airport sequence of the housewives boarding the chartered plane was actually filmed at Lake Simcoe Regional Airport. The small aerodrome in Oro Station was used to mark the beginning of the characters’ ill-fated journey as they are greeted by the conspiring pilot. The airport symbolizes the housewives’ departure from their mundane lives and their entry into a world of intrigue, danger, and survival.

One of the main reasons for the production team choosing this region as a filming ground for the movie is that the company behind it, Brain Power Studio, is located nearby at 189 Main St South in Newmarket. The studio also shot another film, ‘Love in Wolf Creek,’ in the wilderness across various sites in Creemore, Orillia, and Severn within the region.

Hunting Housewives Cast

The Lifetime film features an ensemble cast led by Denise Richards as Karla Dodds, NeNe Leakes as Rebel Carron-Whitman, Kym Johnson Herjavec as Joli Symons, and Melyssa Ford as Sharell Bouvie. Denise Richards is a talented actress who first garnered attention with her performance as Carmen Ibanez in ‘Starship Troopers.’ She went on to star in productions like ‘Casper Van Dien,’ ‘Wild Things,’ ‘The World Is Not Enough,’ and ‘Scary Movie 3’ with her now ex-husband, Charlie Sheen.

NeNe Leakes is an actress known for featuring in ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ ‘Glee,’ and ‘The New Normal.’ Kym Johnson Herjavec is an Australian-born actress who can be seen in ‘Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens,’ ‘Christmas with the Knightlys,’ ‘The Wedding Planners,’ and ‘Major Minors.’ Melyssa Ford is an experienced actress who appears in ‘Think Like a Man,’ ‘Entourage,’ ‘Three Can Play That Game,’ and ‘Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee Uncensored.’ Starring opposite them is Mark Ghanimé, who steps into the role of Mark Dodds.

The Lebanese Canadian tri-lingual actor is based in Montreal and began his career with appearances in ‘Wild Roses,’ ‘Smallville,’ and ‘Supernatural.’ He has enacted doctors in ‘Emily Owens M.D.,’ and ‘Virgin River.’ You may have also seen him in ‘To All A Good Night,’ ‘Christmas in Big Sky Country,’ ‘The Bold Type,’ and ‘The Wedding Planners.’ Supporting cast members for the film include Martin Roach as Andre Bouvier, Sergio Di Zio as Jared Symons, Kip Brown as Evan Whitman, Tom Morton as Pilot McCann, and Klé McKoy as The Driver.

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