Where Was the Hallmark’s To All A Good Night Filmed? Who’s in The Cast?

To All A Good Night, Day 13 of 15, October 26, 2023, Victoria, BC, Canada Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss

Hallmark’s ‘To All A Good Night,’ is a romantic mystery movie directed by Andy Mikita, and follows Ceci, a photographer who finds an army veteran, Sam, involved in a motorcycle accident. She stays with him until help arrives, and he is taken to the hospital. Discovering that he works for a developer, she believes he has come to Harmony Bay in order to buy out her family’s Willow Glen Property. Unwilling to sell it but facing financial distress, she involves her friend in hiding her identity when Sam comes looking for his savior.

Sam and Ceci become close nonetheless, and she professes her difficulty in funding the year’s Good Night Christmas Festival started by her father to raise money for charity. Sam confesses that he was aware of her identity as his savior all along, having caught a glimpse of her elephant pendant before passing out. He further reveals the electrifying truth about him coming to their quaint town, making her realize the gap in her knowledge of her father’s good work. As we follow Ceci and Sam around the homely town draped in holiday attire, you might wonder where filming for the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries flick took place, and which location was chosen to portray the fictional town of Harmony Bay.

To All A Good Night Filming Locations

‘To All A Good Night’ was shot entirely in the province of British Columbia of the Great White North, in and around Victoria. Principal photography for the film commenced on October 10, 2023, and was wrapped up by the end of the same month, on October 28. Let us take a closer look at the city and why it might have been chosen for the role.


Victoria, British Columbia

The provincial capital of Victoria lies at the southern tip of Vancouver and is characterized by a mild climate, affluent urban sprawls, and a stunning coastal landscape. Its Victorian architecture exhibits glimpses of its colonial past. The city features multiple bays, parks, lakes, wooded landscapes, and quieter fringe settlements, making for a diverse filming location, as was required by ‘To All A Good Night.’ Since filming was done in October, the film crew used a ton of fake snow along with abundant Christmas decor to create the winterscape seen in the movie. The rocky shores of Victoria can be observed in the film as the characters hold conversations by the tumultuous seaside, weathering the breeze. The region’s serene and mysterious aura lends itself perfectly to the intended atmosphere of the film. With its array of varying geographical features, filmmakers have been drawn to Victoria to set their scenes within its diverse picturesque landscape, leading to many prominent movies and shows being lensed here. These include, ‘The X-Files,’ ‘Godzilla,’ ‘Cold Pursuit,’ ‘Deadpool,’ and ‘Final Destination.’

To All A Good Night Cast

The film is headlined by Kimberley Sustad as Ceci and Mark Ghanimé as Sam. While Kimberley is an established Christmas movie and Hallmark star, ‘To All A Good Night’ is Sam’s first Hallmark film. Kimberley has previously featured in Hallmark titles such as, ‘The Nine Lives of Christmas,’ ‘Christmas by Starlight,’ ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby,’ ‘Wedding Every Weekend,’ ‘Lights, camera, Christmas,’ and many more. Her other works include playing the part of Caitlyn Hartley in ‘Unspeakable’ and Joanne Yates in ‘Travelers,’

An art director, producer, and actor, Mark Ghanimé is most well-known for his portrayal of Major Sergio Balleseros in ‘Helix’ and Don Carlos in ‘Reign.’ Besides these parts, he has recurring roles as a medical practitioner, acting out Dr. Cameron Hayek in ‘Virgin River,’ Dr. Douglas Miller in ‘Arrow,’ Dr. Ken Graham in ‘Private Eyes,’ and Dr. Jamie Albagetti in ‘Emily Owens M.D.’ Other cast members include Luisa d’Oliveira as Penny, Karen Kruper as Vivian, Ayla Evans as Madison, Trevor Leyenhorst as Ryan, Craig March as Sally, Remy Marthaller as Lana, and Bronwen Smith as Brenda.

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