Insidious 6 Starts Filming in Toronto in September

The latest installment in the bone-chilling ‘Insidious’ franchise will head to Hollywood North! Blumhouse Productions is gearing up to start shooting ‘Insidious 6’ in Toronto, Ontario, on September 23, 2024. The narrative of the movie is expected to be a continuation of ‘Insidious: The Red Door.’ However, the additional plot details, cast, and crew of the project are under wraps. The film is scheduled to be released on August 29, 2025.

The fifth movie in the franchise, ‘Insidious: The Red Door,’ continues the story of the Lambert family as they delve deeper into The Further than ever before. Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) and his family members have tense relationships after the events of the previous film and begin to drift back toward The Further through their nightmares, astral projection, and the red door. A red-faced demon that haunted Chris’ childhood dreams emerges as a terrifying threat. Josh uncovers the secrets of his past and, with Renai’s help, rescues Dalton from The Further, where he is trapped by the red-faced demon.

As the horror movie progresses, Josh stays behind to hold the line while Dalton escapes, painting the door black and sealing it shut. However, Josh meets the spirit of his father and is guided out of The Further to reunite with his family. The narrative ends with a solid conclusion, hinting at a rekindling relationship between Josh and Renai. Yet, a post-credits scene teases the sixth installment, with the sealed door seeming to come back to life as lights flicker around it.

Blumhouse has yet to confirm whether franchise regulars Patrick Wilson (Josh Lambert), Leigh Whannell (Specs), and Angus Sampson (Tucker) will appear in the movie. If the narrative continues to revolve around the Lambert family, we can also expect Ty Simpkins (Dalton Lambert) and Rose Byrne (Renai Lambert) in the film.

Producer Jason Blum initially seemed to indicate that the film series was going on an indefinite hiatus after the fifth installment. “[The Red Door] is going to be the last we’re going to see of ‘Insidious’ for a while,” he said in an interview. “It may not be a forever rest, but it’s certainly going to be a very long rest. So, if someone comes up with some idea in 10 years, who knows? But there’s not a plan,” he added.

Nevertheless, ‘Insidious 6’ has now emerged sooner than expected, likely owing to the latest installment’s immense success. May 2023 saw the announcement of ‘Thread: An Insidious Tale,’ a spinoff film set within the ‘Insidious’ universe and connected to The Further. Mandy Moore and Kumail Nanjiani, who will portray a couple attempting to travel back in time to prevent the death of their daughter and unwittingly come upon The Further, headline the cast.

Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, is a busy filming hub that will host the production of an ‘Insidious’ movie for the first time in September. Some prominent horror movies shot in and around the region include ‘It,’ ‘Thanksgiving,’ ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ ‘Ready or Not,’ ‘Silent Hill,’ and ‘Wrong Turn.’

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