Is A Dead or Alive at the End of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1? Theories

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin‘ follows the Little Liars (Imogen, Tabby, Noa, Faran, and Mouse), who are forced to confront the sins committed by their mothers. As the group is targeted by serial killer A, the girls discover a connection between their mothers and a girl named Angela Waters. As the narrative professes, uncovering A’s true identity becomes pivotal to solving the mysteries that the girls face.

While the season finale finally answers the questions about A’s identity, it leaves the masked killer’s fate unknown. Hence, viewers must be wondering whether A survives or perishes in the ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ season 1 finale. If you are looking for answers about A’s fate, here are our best theories on the matter! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is A Dead at the End?

In the season finale of ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,’ titled ‘Chapter Ten: Final Girls,’ viewers learn that A is linked to Angela Waters more closely than previously hinted. The episode reveals that A is actually an identity assumed by Angela’s previously unknown twin brother, Archie Waters. With his father, Principal Clanton, Archie works to hold those responsible for Angela’s death responsible. Moreover, Archie has a deformed face which requires him to wear a mask while venturing out of his home.

However, in the episode’s final act, Archie is stabbed in the neck by Imogen. The last time viewers see Archie, aka A, his body lays cold in the bathroom of the Adams family house. Hence, Archie is likely dead, and his charade has ended. Moreover, A’s bloody quest starts with Davie Adams’ death in the very same location. Therefore, the character’s arc would conclude on a poetic note with Archie dying in the Adams family house. Lastly, Imogen appears sure that A’s chapter is firmly closed, hinting that Archie/A is actually dead.

Is A Alive at the End?

The episode’s events strongly hint at A’s death, as Imogen brutally stabs him, but the cliffhanger ending reveals a major twist. In the episode’s final moments, viewers see the mask-clad killer out for blood and revenge. A is seen killing Sheriff Beasley and Chip as the episode concludes. Hence, it is evident that A is still alive. However, since A is not an actual person but just a persona, it is likely that the person underneath the mask might not be Archie Waters.

The episode’s ending does not reveal what happened to Archie, aka A’s body after Imogen stabbed him. Moreover, the character’s fate and past are also not fully revealed in the episode. Hence, Archie is likely alive and continues tormenting Millood as the serial killer A. However, this A is likely a different person.

The twist would keep the persona of “A” alive while killing off Archie. As a result, the mystery around the character could continue in a potential second season. The twist would also be in line with the depiction of A in the original ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ wherein various characters assume the identity.

Ultimately, it is safe to say that A, as a masked serial killing persona is still alive. However, it remains to be seen who is underneath the mask. The season finale reveals that the police arrested Principal Clanton. Hence, Clanton likely escaped prison and is masquerading as A to continue his quest to avenge Angela and Archie’s death.

Similarly, Rose Waters, the mother of Angela and Archie Waters, is still alive. She is known to have mental health issues and is prone to psychotic breakdowns. Therefore, the news of her son’s death might have driven Rose over the edge. As a result, she might have donned the persona of A to avenge her children’s death. Ultimately, only time will tell who is underneath the mask, but A will continue their reign of terror on Millwood.

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