Is A Mother’s Fury Based on a True Story?

‘A Mother’s Fury’ (originally titled ‘Snatched from Mommy’) is a thriller film from the stables of the Lifetime Movie Network. It follows a loving couple who have just become parents and live a seemingly idyllic life. However, when Elizabeth decides to start documenting her experiences with parenthood on a blog, the outcome is ominous. As anonymous online threats begin to flood in, the mother starts to question her decision and is shattered when her child is kidnapped. The film’s harrowing narrative makes for an intriguing watch as a movie, but did something this appalling happen in real life? Let’s take a look at whether the film is based on a true story or not.

Is A Mother’s Fury Based on a True Story?

No, ‘A Mother’s Fury’ is not based on a true story. Directed by David Langlois, the film is based on a story by Rebeca Hughes with a script penned by Lee Gorlitz. Whereas the film follows general themes of online crime and kidnapping, it is not based on a specific real-life incident. Therefore, the characters and plot are a work of fiction by Hughes and Gorlitz.

Both Hughes and Gorlitz come with substantial experience in penning thriller and mystery stories. The former is credited as the story writer for multiple thrillers, including ‘Picture Perfect Lies,’ ‘A Deadly Lullaby,’ and ‘A Killer in My Home.’ At the same time, Gorlitz has also previously worked on films of a similar genre and is credited as a writer for ‘Cheer for Your Life‘ and ‘College Professor Obsession.’ Interestingly, all the abovementioned movies are Lifetime productions. Like several films previously penned by the two writers, ‘A Mother’s Fury’ is also set in an idyllic world that is suddenly turned upside down, with horrific outcomes.

The movie’s overall theme of a loving mother’s search for her child gives it a weighty emotional angle, making the rest of the storyline feel all the more authentic. The kidnapping of Elizabeth’s son gives the narrative a strong central plot, and the possibility that the crime is connected to her online blog makes things even more intriguing. The film effectively balances the emotional aspects of the story with the cat-and-mouse chase of the mother trying to track down her son’s kidnapper.

‘A Mother’s Fury’ thus makes use of well-known thriller genre tropes to energize its narrative despite its heavy and emotional premise. The idyllic setting, loving family, and sudden turn of events for the worse are plot points that the film’s writers have worked with before, and this time around have also added the angle of cyber intrigue into the mix. Even though its tragic central kidnapping gives it a feeling of real-life authenticity, the events in ‘A Mother’s Fury’ are essentially fictional.

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