Is Addison an Alien in Zombies, Explained

Image Credit: John Medland/Disney

Disney’s musical film series ‘Zombies’ centers around the pleasing relationship between Addison and Zed. Even though Zed is a zombie, Addison falls in love with him and the two of them confront several challenges that threaten them personally and their town of Seabrook. The third film of the franchise, titled ‘Zombies 3,’ depicts Zed and Addison helping a group of aliens to find the map of a planet they can inhabit. Addison and Zed’s efforts lead the former to secrets concerning her family. As Addison’s life and identity change due to the revelations, the viewers must be wondering whether she is an alien or human. Well, let’s find out, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Addison an Alien?

Addison is half-alien since her grandmother Angie is an alien. Angie was really a scout sent by the alien community of A-Lan, A-Spen, and A-Li. She arrives on the planet Earth while trying to discover a planet that can be her community’s new home. However, she got forced to stay on Earth when her spaceship ceased to operate for her to return to her community. As she started a new chapter of her life, Angie met Eli and the two of them fell in love with each other. Angie gave birth to Missy, Addison’s mother. While the three aliens watch Angie’s log, in the presence of Addison and Zed, the group realizes that Addison is part alien.

When Missy was born, Angie might have realized the need to keep her partial alien origin a secret for her safety and security. Since Seabrook is a town where words get spread faster than fire, it is no wonder Angie preferred to keep her and her daughter’s origin a secret so that her family wouldn’t end up alienated by society. After losing her powers as an alien and without any means to return to her community, Angie most likely thought that moving on from her alien origin is the better way forward for her family.

When Missy became Addison’s mother, she thought the same. She didn’t want Addison to become “different” from her peers because of her partial alien origin. Since being different paved the way for alienation in Seabrook, Missy didn’t have any trouble lying to her daughter that she is just a human being. Addison becomes aware of her alien origin when Seabrook changes altogether. The town has learned to accept zombies, werewolves, and anyone different, including the three alien visitors. Addison has the freedom to embrace her origin without worrying about acceptance like Angie and Missy did.

Image Credit: John Medland/Disney

In addition, Addison’s existence represents how aliens and humans can co-exist to create a beautiful world with beautiful people. Angie hid the map that would lead one to Utopia in Addison since her existence on Earth shows how life thrives with little conflicts and disharmonies. A-Lan, A-Spen, and A-Li realize that Addison’s home, the Earth, is the Utopia they have been searching for so that their people can live happily as Addison does while dealing with concerns and conflicts.

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