Is Adriano Dead in 365 Days This Day?

In ‘365 Days: This Day,’ the sequel to the 2020 erotic thriller film ‘365 Days,’ Laura learns that her husband has a brother he never speaks about. After sex, while the two of them are still in bed, Laura reflects on how Massimo doesn’t have parents or siblings, prompting her husband to reluctantly admit that he actually has a brother. A stunned Laura wants to know more, but Massimo virtually flees from the room.

Later in the movie, she spots a man resembling her husband having sex with Anna, Massimo’s former lover. She concludes that her husband is having an affair and decides to leave him. She runs into Nacho, who claims to be their gardener but is actually the son of a mob boss sent to extract her. It later becomes apparent that who Laura thought was Massimo is Adriano Torricelli. He and Massimo are identical twins. If you are wondering whether Adriano survives in ‘365 Days: This Day,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Adriano Dead?

The first time Laura sees her husband’s brother is when she is standing on the ballroom floor while he is on the balcony. She doesn’t realize that his mannerism is radically off, likely because of the distance between them. Massimo is self-assured to a fault and walks with his head held high. But one look at Adriano, and you can glean that he is a tortured soul. Even among the Sicilian mafia, he is considered a rotten egg.

Adriano was a disappointment to his father, and his relationship with his brother isn’t any better either. It is revealed that Massimo financially takes care of him and keeps him away from his businesses. However, Adriano is almost as ambitious as the rest of his family and never had any intention to live his life on his brother’s handouts. So, he concocts a plan with the help of Anna and the other heads of the mafia to bring his brother down and replace him as the head of his family.

Realizing that his brother’s only weakness is his wife, Adriano targets Massimo through Laura. He and Anna sent one of their men to get Laura, but she ends up leaving with Nacho. Frustrated, Adriano kills the man after he returns to report his failure. Adriano and Anna eventually do manage to capture Laura. The moment Laura sees Adriano up close, she realizes that this isn’t her husband. When Nacho and Massimo show up together, Adriano decides to hold Laura at gunpoint. Laura hasn’t yet told Massimo about the miscarriage that happened during the accident, fearing that he will launch a vendetta against the people responsible. Adriano mocks his brother with the information, likely even implying that he (Adriano) had something to do with it.

When Laura tries to get to her husband, Anna shoots her and, in turn, is shot by Nacho. As Adriano raises his gun toward his brother, a reluctant Massimo shoots him in the shoulder. In the last scene, we see Adriano lying motionless. Given the location of the bullet wound, there is a serious chance that he might survive. Even if the narrative moves on and focuses on something else in the third film, he still might make an appearance.

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