Is Arno Dead? Did Spenser Granese Leave FTWD?

Image Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC

The second half of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7 begins with Arno trying to capture Alicia for sacrificing several lives in search of PADRE. After a failed attempt to capture her, Arno turns his attention to seizing the control of the Tower for the sake of his followers. In the eleventh episode of season 7, Arno abducts Daniel, Luciana, and Wes to find out the coordinates of the weapons Dwight found for Alicia and Morgan’s army. Arno’s actions, however, end up threatening his own life. If you are curious about the fate of the antagonistic character and the future of Spenser Granese in the show, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Arno Dead?

Yes, Arno is dead. After declaring war against Victor for conquering the Tower, Arno seeks several means to accumulate weapons. He finds out that Dwight had found a stack of weapons in an unknown location. For the coordinates of the location, Arno commands the abduction of Daniel, Luciana, and Wes. Daniel agrees to provide the coordinates, only in return for his late daughter Ofelia. Arno lies that he has Ofelia with him to Daniel, who gives fake coordinates to the leader of the Stalkers. To take hold of the weapons, half of Arno’s troop leaves for the fake location, leaving Arno and Sage without much protection.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Daniel kills Sage after realizing that Ofelia is not on a yacht in the camp as Arno has told him. Furious, he goes to Arno, traps him in a cage, and lowers it to the walkers. The biters eat Arno’s legs, making him infected. Wes, to not let Arno reanimate as a walker, kills him and ends his suffering. Arno’s ambition to conquer the Tower and intervention in Alicia and Morgan’s affairs lead him to his death. Lying to Daniel — a father who hasn’t accepted his daughter’s death — costs Arno his life.

Although Arno’s aspiration to safeguard his community costs his life, he manages to convince Luciana that the Stalkers need a new home. Before dying, Arno reveals to Daniel, Luciana, and Wes that the walkers from the pit are a severe threat to the survival of the living. After hearing Arno’s words, Luciana decides to welcome the remaining Stalkers into Alicia and Morgan’s army since both communities want to seize the Tower. Even when death closes in on him, Arno wants his fellow Stalkers to stick together to fight for their survival and security.

Did Spenser Granese Leave FTWD?

Even though neither AMC nor Spenser Granese has released a statement regarding the actor’s departure from the show, Arno’s death does indicate that Granese had most likely left ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ The character’s death seemingly completes the leader of the Stalkers’ story arc, without leaving much scope for the actor’s reappearance. The only possible way to see Granese’s Arno in the upcoming episodes of the show must be through the dreams of Alicia, limiting the actor’s part in the series to a few potential guest appearances in the future.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Ever since Arno’s introduction in the first half of the seventh season, the character turns out to be an antagonistic-yet-significant presence in Alicia’s life. The character’s death and Granese’s possible departure indicate that the rest of the seventh season most likely will chiefly revolve around the war between Victor and Alicia, without an individual storyline for the Stalkers. Granese’s portrayal of Arno is one of the commendable performances in the seventh season of the show. We can expect the actor to astound us with another brilliant performance in Katie Holmes’ ‘Alone Together.’

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