Is Chimney Back at Station 118? Is Kenneth Choi Leaving 9-1-1?

Image Credit: Jack Zeman/FOX

In the fifth season of FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1,’ Howard Han AKA Chimney extends his support to his partner Maddie to deal with her postpartum depression. When Maddie realizes that her depression is a threat to Jee-Yun, she leaves Los Angeles to not let herself harm her daughter. Chimney departs from Station 118 to find Maddie and convince her to return home.

After considerable efforts, Chimney finds his partner and returns to LA and his station, only to get astounded seeing the changes. The developments at 118 raise concerns regarding Chimney’s future at the station and the show! Well, here’s everything we know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Chimney Back at Station 118?

After returning to LA from Boston, Chimney meets Hen, who briefs him about the changes that happened at Station 118. She tells him that he is replaced by Jonah, who joined 118 as the new paramedic due to his departure. Since Jonah is posted permanently in Chimney’s former post, one can’t be blamed for worrying about his future in the station. Furthermore, Chimney isn’t courageous enough to leave his daughter with Maddie without anyone to keep an eye on them.

Image Credit: Jack Zeman/FOX

Even when he visits 118 to meet his “family,” he barely takes his eyes off his phone as the anxiety of Maddie looking after Jee-Yun alone after months conquers him. Although Chimney goes to Station 118 to spend time with Bobby and others, they do not discuss whether he will return to the station as a first responder. As Jonah worries about his time at 118, one must be eager to know whether Chimney will gain his post back. According to co-showrunner Kristen Reidel, the viewers shouldn’t be worrying about Chimney’s future at all.

In an interview given in March 2022, Reidel confirmed that Chimney will be back at Station 118 as a firefighter/paramedic soon. As someone who has the seniority and importance to serve as the interim captain of 118, Chimney’s return can only mean that he will regain his job in no time. The current uncertainties concerning Chimney’s future at 118 succeed in alarming the viewers about Kenneth Choi’s commitment to the series. In case you are wondering whether Choi will exit the procedural show, here’s the answer!

Is Kenneth Choi Leaving 9-1-1?

Since Chimney will return to Station 118 as a first responder, Kenneth Choi is unlikely to leave ‘9-1-1’ in the near future and will continue featuring in the rest of the fifth season. In the same interview, Reidel even teased Chimney and Hen working together in an episode towards the end of the season. In addition, neither Choi nor FOX has indicated Chimney’s supposed departure, further dismissing the concerns that revolve around Choi’s suspected exit. Thus, our readers can be at ease about the actor’s future in the show.

In the upcoming episodes, we can expect Chimney to get settled at his job after a break of almost six months. He may adapt to the changes that happened in the station while taking care of his daughter Jee-Yun. The aftermath of Chimney and Maddie’s mutual decision to end their relationship may also be a pivotal storyline for the rest of the fifth season. Since Maddie is showing the courage to get over her fears concerning taking care of her daughter, Chimney may even reconsider his decision. Chimney’s return to LA and Station 118 will also pave the way for his reunion with Hen in the Station 118 squad.

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